Industrial Fabric Rotary Cutters

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I got a ton of questions about the electronic fabric cutter featured in the Evolution of a Dress video yesterday….I figured it would be easier just to write a post about it! So here’s the 411….

I love the small rotary industrial cutters. They are easy to use and pretty darn quiet.  They can cut through about an inch of stacked fabric. You can purchase the smaller industrial cutter that I have for under $100 here. I own several different brands including the Yamata.

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I love that it is self sharpening….just push the button and the little grinder sharpens your blade. Just be careful of the sparks around fabric!

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If you are really brave and doing a ton of production there are much larger cutters these two range from 4″ of cutting height to 8″ of cutting height (and now might be time to update your liability insurance if you have employees!):

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If you have a dedicated space for cutting I recommend putting your plug outlets on the ceiling.  We’ve cut through a few cords accidentally in the last few years……it’s scary enough to make you pee your pants!

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If those cutters look too intimidating, we use this one too (you can see it used in the video).  I got mine from Dharma Trading. It’s basically a pair of electronic scissors.

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A few tips for maintaining  your cutter:
1. Clean and oil your cutter regularly.

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There are tiny holes for the oil:

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2. If cutter starts fraying your fabric, your blade probably needs to be replaced:

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Important: Make sure to UNPLUG your cutter before removing the blade!

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To remove the blade, insert a safety pin or a small hex wrench into one of the blade holes…..this will keep your blade from turning.

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Then use a screwdriver to remove the large screw:

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Carefully remove the blade:

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Use an air duster to remove all the dust:

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Replace your blade and you are ready to cut again!









  1. says

    Oh dear – I never even knew there was such a thing. This will go on my list of must haves that I never knew I wanted! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kristy says

    I was HOPING you would post on them. And the fact that I could get one less than a 100 dollars double bonus. Guess now that I have all the machines I want I can try to convince hubby I need this.

  3. says

    How often is often as far as oiling goes?

    A sewing machine care tutorial would be so helpful! :) I’ve never really known how to properly oil and maintain my machine, and I’m sure a lot of people are the same :)

  4. Katie says

    I’ve used the 8″ cutter for upholstery foam but had never seen the electric rotary cutter. I totally want one now!

  5. says

    i remember you mentioning this or seeing a photo of this in one of your old posts and being totally fascinated with the heavy duty cutter! :) i have to admit, while i was loving the evolution of a dress video, i was so enthralled with that cutter1 eeeps! thaks for the post! :)

  6. says

    Thank you! I have been thinking about getting one of these, but didn’t know if I should take the plunge or not…you’ve totally got me convinced!!

  7. Mindy says

    Great gift idea for the retired mom with the fancy sewing machine that does not sew but is great at it! I’m sure she’ll sit it by the fancy sewing machine – but I’ll have done my part.

  8. Karen says

    Thanks for the info Ashley on the cutting tools, but I am also wondering about what you were using for the pattern weight?

  9. says

    eeer, me and my french friends (to whom I shared your awesome video) also had a question about the terrific ink you use for your the butterfly… 😉

  10. Sandy says

    Does the cutter work for left handed people? I know the olfa regular cutters work both ways, just have to put the blade the opposite way.

    Thank you, you are awesome!

    • says

      You can purchase rotary cutters specifically made for left hand use. Google rotary cutter for left hand :-) Thanks!

  11. Isabelle says

    I would really appreciate to if you could Share your experience on cutting several layers of fabric. Do you use fabric clamps to tighten the fabric? And what Tricks can you use to make sure all stripes are straight and placed on each other? Do you always use trickmarker or is it just a simple pen?

    I would so Love to Know :)
    Best wishes,

  12. says

    I have always used a regular rotary cutter when cutting patterns, I never thought about an electric one! I liked how your cutter traced the pattern then cut it. I have always cut around my paper pattern. I am going to trace them from now on, that way I don’t accidentally cut my pattern.

  13. Janet says

    THANK YOU! I recently purchased a cutter at a yard sale for $2.00! I love it; however, Black & Decker has discontinued them and no longer offers a replacement blade. It works great for now but I’m sure I will need to replace it with a much heavier duty one….so THANK YOU for posting this.

  14. says

    Awesome info! I’m not sure if I will ever venture into using those gadgets. But if I do, I will be back to this post as reference! Thanks!

  15. Claire from HandamdebyClaireBear says

    Oh wow, I was given a pair of these cordless electronic scissors just like yours, only the other day! Now I’ve seen them in action.