Felt Cookies and Pastry Labels | A Free Printable

Felt Cookie Play Food and Free Sweet Treat Baked Good Printable Download via lilblueboo.com

I made these cute little felt cookies for Boo’s play kitchen and grocery store. Stephanie Corfee made the cute little “sweet treat” printables for baked goods and I used for the label!

Felt Cookie Play Food and Free Sweet Treat Baked Good Printable Download via lilblueboo.com

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An Infinite Loop

You all crack me up. I loved all your comments from yesterday on the Email Love post.

A few of my favorites:

Melissa: Ok, If I have to be the first one to be negative, so be it. This is out of control…how do you expect the chickens of the world to be individuals with their OWN needs and desires if they are ALL CALLED LISA???????

Meghan: I love the saying: Dear haters, I have so much more for you to be mad at. Just be patient.

Pamela: I don’t have any chickens, but I will name the next egg I cook after you…. and lisa if it’s a two egg omelet.

And how ironic that everyone is on pins and needles for my inbox to fill up with complaints and insults. That made me laugh out loud a few times.


It annoys me that so many of you get hater mail too.  Just forward them on to me.  It’s like Christmas. Don’t let them get to you…..maybe the person on the other end is just having a really bad day:

How I deal with Haterzzzz via lilblueboo.com


If you get more than one from the same person, then you can start a “cuckoo” folder. I have a few of those. I heart them. They must read my blog several times a day so they are actually being kind of supportive, right?

P.S. I encourage you to take this “How to tell if you are a Troll” quiz over at the Bloggess. (eff word alert) I love her (in kind of a creepy stalker way)…..and her book is hysterical. I could never be an Internet troll…..I’m too lazy….and can never get my comments to post…..because I can never remember my passwords.


P.P.S. And I’m seriously contemplating the next dress being “Beer Delivery Girl”….

How I deal with Haterzzzz via lilblueboo.com

Inspiring Bedrooms for Girls

12 Girl's bedroom ideas to inspire your decor via lilblueboo.com

So I’m getting ready to start a huge project soon: Boo’s room. It hasn’t had much attention in the past year or so……so I’m brainstorming. The transition from baby girl’s room to a big girl’s room is a big milestone! Getting ready to make the transition  yourself? Here are 12 girl’s bedroom ideas to get you inspired!

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Artistic Process

I love seeing the process of things being made. Here are a few videos I’ve stumbled across that I think you’ll like.  It takes just about 20 seconds for the videos to load……

The art of making a beet cake. Beauty in the mundane.

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Email Love: Volume 2 Updated



The second installment of email love. (click here if you missed the first one)

I love getting email from everyone…..and especially look forward to these:


I’m sure you’ll just delete this email but I’m concerned about you letting your daughter sell beer. Seriously, what kind of message is this sending?
-Thank you for the concern. Full disclosure: I’ve received several emails on this issue since my last email love installment. Just to clarify, I draw the line when she tries to distribute alcohol to other children.  I love her entrepreneurial spirit….and honestly there’s just more demand for beer than lemonade these days.  She even tries to sell beer to Lisa during office hours:

I guess I should just get everything out in the open right now:
:: Boo has a TV in her room.
:: Boo has a TV in her playroom.
:: Boo watches PG-13 movies.
:: Boo’s only required to take a shower every 3 days.
:: Boo gets a haircut….when I chop off the end of her ponytail.
:: Boo eats popcorn for dinner a few days a week. So do I.
:: When Mr. LBB is out of town, Boo has no bedtime.
:: Boo drives a Bobcat:

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Easy Finger Crochet Friendship Bracelets

Easy Finger Crochet Bracelet DIY via lilblueboo.com


My grandmother taught me to crochet with my fingers when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I used basic twine to make bracelet after bracelet when I was at her house.  This is a fun easy craft to teach younger kids and to make easy layering bracelets for yourself. I like using baker’s twine, leather lacing and colorful string:

Easy Finger Crochet Bracelet DIY materials needed via lilblueboo.com

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Wow! So many amazing photos on Instagram  last week! Thank you for sharing your photos and stories on how you Choose Joy. You inspire me! Every photo is a little pick me up each day. Keep ’em coming!


You choosing joy on Instagram #choosejoy via lilblueboo.com

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Want to add effects to your photos? Read the post on Instagram and Smartphone photo effects!

To keep them in, right?

Random words I used in conversation today (and then had to look up later to make sure I used them correctly):


Movies I watched recently and recommend…both revolved around a key:

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – I loved this movie. I can’t believe it got bad reviews. I thought it was so well written. I totally related to this kid too….his thoughts would go off in complete tangents and I loved that he handed out cards that listed him as: inventor, jewelry designer, jewelry fabricator, amateur entomologist, Francophile, vegan, origamist, pacifist, percussionist, amateur astronomer, computer consultant, amateur archeologist, collector.

Sarah’s Key – I read the book first. I have a hard time learning about history unless it’s through photos or movies. This was my lesson of the Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup in 1942.

Boo watched this movie with us.  We had to read most of the subtitles.  While most people wouldn’t let their 5 year old watch a PG-13 movie about the Holocaust, I would rather Boo watch realistic historical movies than scary Disney movies.  Why sugarcoat things? A teacher the other day commented that she overheard Boo saying: Did you know some people are really poor? They have no money. And some kids have no parents. They are called orphans. It’s really sad. It made me swell up hearing that. Above all, I want her to grow up having empathy and humility.



There’s a scene in Sarah’s Key where children in one of the concentration camps are being fed by women across a barbed wire fence….and one of the guards lets Sarah and her friend secretly escape:

Boo: He let her escape. (very emotional) He could get in big trouble, right?
Me: Yes, he could.
Boo: But hopefully no one was looking.  He hurt his hand too. What is that called?
Me: Barbed wire.
Boo: To keep them in, right?
Me: Yes. I would have let those kids go too…..even if it meant getting into trouble.
Boo: Me too.

Boo: What does Jewish mean?
Me: Well, for starters, Jesus was a Jew….
Boo: ….then we are Jewish.
Me: Actually we are Christian. But they are very close…..
Boo: No….we are Jewish.

Every time I tried to explain this….I lost.

So until further notice, Boo is Jewish…..because Jesus was.