Email Love: Volume 2 Updated



The second installment of email love. (click here if you missed the first one)

I love getting email from everyone…..and especially look forward to these:


I’m sure you’ll just delete this email but I’m concerned about you letting your daughter sell beer. Seriously, what kind of message is this sending?
-Thank you for the concern. Full disclosure: I’ve received several emails on this issue since my last email love installment. Just to clarify, I draw the line when she tries to distribute alcohol to other children.Β  I love her entrepreneurial spirit….and honestly there’s just more demand for beer than lemonade these days.Β  She even tries to sell beer to Lisa during office hours:

I guess I should just get everything out in the open right now:
:: Boo has a TV in her room.
:: Boo has a TV in her playroom.
:: Boo watches PG-13 movies.
:: Boo’s only required to take a shower every 3 days.
:: Boo gets a haircut….when I chop off the end of her ponytail.
:: Boo eats popcorn for dinner a few days a week. So do I.
:: When Mr. LBB is out of town, Boo has no bedtime.
:: Boo drives a Bobcat:

I’m sure I’m forgetting something….



[The dress] is darling, and I have no intention of returning it. But, I also have no intention of being a repeat customer or following the lilblueboo blog anymore. Luckily, neither one of those things is really that big of a deal for any of us and life will go on.

-From a customer whose dress was delayed at the Post Office. She won’t read this because she doesn’t read Lil Blue Boo anymore. This email was 6 paragraphs long. She also accused Lisa of lying….and using too many smiley faces in her emails. (Lisa, the smiley faces were the last straw….you :) are fired :) :))





and a wink πŸ˜‰


You purposely tried to make it sound like, “oh of course, it’s been on it’s way to you forever” rather than “it’s been bumping around the floor of my car for a week now.”
I should probably note here that I am a big time shopper for my children, borderline shopping problem, and in the past 14 years I can think of one other time I emailed somebody to complain.
It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when I have to try reverse psychology to get a straight answer from a place of business.

-You’re probably thinking these came from another customer. Nope, from the previous one. It was the longest email I’ve ever received. We really screwed up on that one. Apparently she used reverse psychology on Lisa (which is AWESOME by the way….maybe next time hypnosis?). Lesson learned: never print a shipping label right before a post office holiday.



You are terrified. You HAVE to be….no matter what you put out there to the world.
It irritates me that I care about you because I was content to keep on abhorring you. Damn it.

-Finally, someone who knows me better than me? I love that she was content to keep on abhorring me….and I’ve never met her. This friendship was doomed from the start.



Mis-matching fabric does not make you an original designer.

-I love a good critique.



Wow. Thanks so much for releasing a pattern for a copy of my original design.

-From someone who thought I copied their “original” camera design for an applique. Maybe they were from Nikon headquarters? I’m going to be screwed with Nikon AND Willy Wonka coming after me.



Your mama’s a snowblower.

-OMG! I loved Short Circuit! Wait, what were we talking about?



Way too many special effects in this movie.
-A comment left on the video Rite of Passage.Β  Funny because we didn’t use any special effects….we just didn’t know how to use the video camera.

These weren’t emails, but Google searches that brought people to Lil Blue Boo:

ashley hackshaw bad
has ashley hackshaw been arrested
i hate ashley lil blue boo
i hate ashley lilblueboo*

*(if you don’t succeed the first time, change your spelling right?!)

-Sorry to disappoint, but I have never been arrested…..unless getting caught underage drinking by dorm counselor counts. If I ever do get arrested I hope it’s for something awesome that ends up on the front page of Daily (Fail) Mail…like stealing a bag of Doritos from a toddler or swiping toilet paper from McDonalds.


(if you missed the last installment of Google searches you can find it here.)


As a business grows, customer service can become overwhelming and a full time job. It’s more than a full time job here because we have more than one person dedicated to responding to inquiries, emails, etc. The girls do an amazing job and try to respond to people as quickly as possible….and we’ve learned it’s not always possible to make everyone happy 100% of the time. Also I’ve learned, the more I put myself out there….the more people love to hate. It comes with the territory. But as I always say, for everyone 1 hater…..there are gazillions of well intentioned people.


Here’s an all time favorite, a recent email from a customer after Lisa helped her track down a lost package:

You guys rock!!! We just got new chickens, I will name one after you. 5 minutes later this photo landed in Lisa’s inbox:

She wasn’t kidding. She wrote: Lisa (the chicken) has issues. She doesn’t lay eggs. We have had her for two weeks and … nada … you better send some egg-laying vibes over to your god-chicken! Lisa (the human) was actually teary when she showed me the picture of Lisa (the chicken).

This is what I’ll strive for…..having a chicken named after me.


A parting thought:

Do not disappoint your haters this week. Keep rocking extremely hard!
-Rev Run


Update: I just looked up a few movies we watched recently: Boo watches R rated movies.

Update 2: I now have a god-chicken and a god-hydrangea named after me!Β  Holla! I love you gals!

Update 3: Boo’s “beer stand” is limited to foot traffic only. We do not condone drinking and driving.

Update 4: Comment of the day #154: Dear haters, I have so much more for you to be mad at. Just be patient……

Update 5: ……like maybe the “beer delivery girl” dress?

Beer Delivery Girl Dress via



  1. Erin H. says

    Oh how I laughed. Keep up the good work ladies, cheering you on from Germany with love.

  2. says

    Haters gonna hate! And make us all laugh. Thanks for sharing the funnies. I hope Lisa {the chicken} has laid some eggs now.

  3. Zoe says

    I love it when you post these emails! It’s true… no matter what you do… there will be haters… Personally, I think you and Lisa ROCK! πŸ˜€

  4. Melissa says

    LOVE it! Love your bluntness and creativity. You do have a gift, not everyone can make mismatched fabrics look great together :) I’ve followed your blog for quite some time and will continue to do so. Sharing posts like these crack me up, please continue :) Darn it, I tend to over use smiley faces too!

  5. Zoe says

    Oh… p.s. sometimes I let my daughter eat pretzels AND marshmallows for breakfast! Shhhhh!!!! πŸ˜‰

  6. Jeanine says

    Keep up the good work. What ever happened to “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say it at all?” If we lived closer, I’d let Boo have a sleepover with my 6 & 7 year old girls. They could watch PG-13 movies in their bedroom with popcorn for dinner and she can sell me a beer.

  7. Katie 'Condit' Rogers says

    I’ll name my chicken after you Ashley!! She’s been in need of a name anyways!! :)

    • Let it be. says

      UUUGGHHHH! I must chime in here, because YOU just committed the same crime of the English language that Ashley commits often. The ord is ANYWAY, not ANYWAYS.

  8. says

    I don’t comment very often but I have to tell you these are potentially my favorite posts you have done besides the Elf on a shelf ones that I practically peed myself over. I love that you are real. I love that Boo has a TV in her room and I would totally buy a beer from her! Keep on rocking lilblueboo. Haters are always gonna hate. Love them for it.

  9. Heather says

    Love that you share these….love even more how you keep it light hearted, laugh about it and don’t take any of it personal!

  10. Leslie says

    Oh. My. Gosh.
    I can’t believe how mean people can be. You take it much better than I would. I really enjoy your blog. I admire your courage and joy as you continue your journey in life.

    • Abby says

      I agree with this. I hope one day I can be as light hearted as you and not take things personally. Honestly these people are probably jealous of the awesome person you are!

  11. JOYce says

    I especially love the one “You are terrified, you have to be………….”
    I too am not terrified. I too trust that God has me in the palm of His hands:)

    Going for a shot of Neulasta and Chemo tomorrow:)

  12. says

    OMG I am LOLing over here!!!!!!! The chicken one was hilarious!! I too hate people who can’t be pleased…I am a one woman show & some people are just NEVER happy!

    Thanks for the humor!

  13. Dyan Rose says

    Fantastic post. So much so that I shared it. Thanks for the smiles and giggles this lovely morning. From a gal who’s been told several times to lay off the happy faces. But hey, whatever it takes to convey the proper tone, right? =)

  14. says

    Hilarious, as usual.

    I just *love* when people get pissy about something that defies logic…like the Right of Passage video. Who gets angry about that? Man, I can’t believe you added explosions, velociraptors, and freeze frames to what was supposed to just be a plain ol’ video. Some nerve, I tell ya. :)

  15. says

    you are too funny. Thanks for making me laugh this morning and remember that for all the people who bring me down, there are so many more who bring me up! I think I will have to name something after you, Ashley. I don’t have chickens, so how about a hydrangea?

  16. says

    I’ve gotten a few emails like those…my fav so far is “the 2 looks like a curved 7!!!”…..why yes it does thanks so much for pointing that out. πŸ˜‰

  17. Launda says

    Like we say in the south, ‘Bless their heart!’. Gotta love the haters, gives us sometging to laugh about.

  18. says

    What the hell? People send you this stuff?? Maybe I don’t mind being a wee-little blog after all. No hate mail, yet…

    And I hope one day I get a chicken or goat named after me. That would rock.

  19. denise p says

    Wow! Did you really receive that email from a customer? I think people that can write nasty, negative comments like that either have too much time on their hands or are just downright depressed in life. I love that you can laugh about such a ridiculous email. Keep doing what you are doing. I love following your blog!

  20. says

    You are the best Mom. Ever. Period. If I needed a Mom, I would want you to be my Mom. I love my Mom. She’s kind of amazing. So, I’m good for now!

  21. says

    Ha ha ha. I’m more concerned with the type of beer you’ve got boo selling! I live in the PNW and coors light isn’t even considered beer here:-) sorry, I wish I could make a real smiley face! Oh, love the chicken…we have them in backyards all over the city here!

    • The Iowa Expat says

      LOVE! I was totally thinking the same. I’d buy beer from Boo, but Coors Light is not real beer in my book. Keep rocking, girls!! :-)

  22. Leah S says

    Wow, obviously these people did not choose joy! It is clear that these people were either have really bad days or they have nothing in their life that makes them happy, so they feel the need to be mean to people. It makes me feel really sad for them. Can you imagine how they would act to real problems! And I think, what a bunch of Aholes to be writing things like this to a woman that has just overcome a long year of cancer. I guess that why you overcame it though, because you have a positive attitude!

    • cen says

      So funny! That’s what I was thinking… They sure didn’t “Choose Joy”. And to Ashley, thanks for letting us all have a laugh today. Bet these people didn’t know they were helping to spread laughter.

  23. says

    Ashley- Shame Shame on you for making me laugh during naptime. πŸ˜‰ Gotta make sure I get the winks in there… I should add some smiles too… :) :) :) … That was probably the funniest post I have ever seen. I think the all time funniest post. That’s what you should call it for future references… That is just too funny. Yep. Beer… Next think you know Boo will be fined and deemed a public menace, corrupting the young minds of America. People will always hate what they don’t understand. Much love to you, and I just think that was hilarious.
    P.S. Lisa- hope your homely little god-chicken starts to lay some eggs… Good grief. :)

  24. says

    Great post, hope to someday have as many haters as you do! Means you are doing something right?! My new motto is to give the haters something to hate today. Already checked that one off the list today….won a silhouette cameo from LMM.

  25. says

    This whole post just made me laugh! Whenever my husband isn’t going to be home for dinner the kids eat pancakes. The love “breakfast dinner”! Thanks for making me laugh! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  26. crystal powe says

    LOL Thank you for the laugh! These remind me of my days as a customer service rep laughing at the Yo Yo’s that would call in! I wish that people would take a step back and realize that the person on the other end is in fact a person! We need to treat others the way we want to be treated! BTW I love your mismatched fabrics, that camera was awesome!! and putting those kinds of things together does make you a designer so keep it up!

    Lots of love!

  27. says

    I grew up driving forklifts, so Boo’s in good company. She will grow up to be a well-adjusted, good-at-a-lot-of-things but not-perfect-at-any-one-thing.

    Yes, I can tell all of this just because she drives a bobcat.
    Hooray for Boo!

  28. says

    being Norwegian, I just HAVE to point out the little guy screaming at the You got mail thing – Scream was painted in 1910 by Edvard Munch (pronounced munk) – in case you wondered :)

    I love these email posts, I can’t believe people care about how you raise your daughter???!!!???

  29. Aimee McCoy says

    You rock Ashley! You are so strong and amazing. People hate what they are jealous of. I’m so inspired by you and all you do. You make me laugh and give me a reason to continue working with cancer patients. Keep it up!

  30. says

    You need to stop writing posts like this. For the simple reason that I’m usually reading at work and when I start laughing at hysterical things I either shake quietly and tear up or snort intrusively. Both make me look insane when I’m supposed to be proofing policy documents. Thank you.
    Oh— and :) :) :) :) :) :)

  31. says

    I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to laugh and cry at the same time so much! I can’t believe someone would Google “I hate Ashley Hackshaw”. What a sad life that person must have!

    Just to make up for it, I’m going to go Google “I adore Ashley Hackshaw”. Twice. :o)

  32. Carrie @DreamGreenDIY says

    You are hysterical…I need to take a cue from you and learn to let the little stuff (and nasty comments) slide. Thanks for sharing!

  33. says

    i can’t believe people take time out of their day to hate! i guess the saying stands true, “haters gonna hate”.
    this post was hilarious by the way! and it made me love this blog even more!!!
    we should be friends πŸ˜‰ :) :) :) those smileys are probably going to annoy someone :)

  34. Tleshia Farrar says

    I love these posts!!! I have no idea what the people are talking about that say you guys have bad service. I think you guys are wonderful!!!!! Lisa has always gone above and beyond to help me out, even when she did not have to. Ashley you are completely right, the more you put yourself out there the more you have to deal with this stuff. When my husband was a pastor, that is what happened. The people who did not understand me, hated on me. I just thought it was funny. After we left the church, because we felt like God was telling us it was time for a change….we heard through the grapevine that a rumor had been started that Brent had ran off to CA to recover from the fact that I left him because I love vampires, LOL!!! He went to CA to take a 6 month class on cross cultural communication and I guess since I read the twilight books and saw the movies, I now love vampires and believe they are real…………………Keep on keepin on, you guys rock!!!!!!! Oh and Lisa if I had a chicken, I would totally name her after you :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  35. Cherry says

    I about wet my pants reading all of these. I love that a lot of people have nothing better to do than complain. Obviously they haven’t all learned how to Choose Joy! :)

  36. colleen from alabama says

    I am simply amazed that people have that much time on their hands and that much empty/negative space in their brains! What a waste! Pathetic. YOUR child, YOUR blog, Your life… Between you and Jesus! Mercy! So glad you are you ashley! FIDO! (forget it and drive on… if you’re boo drive on in your bobcat!)

  37. Deborah says

    1. Really funny post.
    2. I think I now want a chicken named after me.
    3. I’ve been blogging for 2 years now and I’ve never gotten a “hater” email.
    What am I doing wrong?

    If I new how to make a smiley face I would. Thanks for putting a smile on my face today.

  38. says

    I love these. Mean people make for good entertainment. That lady who wrote the 6 paragraph email probably yells at a funeral line because they are not moving fast enough.

    I think you are awesome!

  39. Jacqui Tomyn says

    These posts crack me up! Some people are crazy. By the way, my kids (2 and 4) had Fun Dips for breakfast…

  40. says

    OMG, you crack me up! This can’t possibly be made up. I let my 4 year old kid watch PG 13 and I think an R movie slipped by at some point, too.

  41. maggie says

    Ha!! I love that you put these out there! I’m so tired of pointless negativity on the internet, at least people might think twice about sending you nastygrams from now on!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ <<— and that's TWO opened mouth smileys!!

  42. cambria says

    I think we’d be great friends! I love this post!

    And my four year-old has a TV in her room too. I lie to the pediatrician when I fill out that form that asks if she has a TV in her room. And has seen PG movies and bathes in soap – at best – twice a week. I count getting wet in a pool or splash pad a bath.

    • Katie 'Condit' Rogers says

      Totally agree!! If my kids play in the sprinkler I count that good for at least 2 days :)

  43. gina says

    LOVE IT! U are the best! Screw all the Moms that think their s**t doesn’t stink! The only reason people have time to put others down is because they are unhappy with themselves! Get a life to all you HATERS!!! Let go and enjoy LIFE!!

  44. Erin A says

    Yes!!! This is awesome and exactly why I come here so often. My daughter caps my husband’s beer when he’s bottling a home brew. Good times!

    Sorry though, our chickens are named Peanut Butter and Jelly :)

    • Michelle says

      Both of my kids are homebrew cappers, too! For a few seconds I thought, “I wonder what their friends’ parents would think if they told them this?” but I got over it quickly. Now I think it’s hysterical!

  45. Alida says

    I’m going to tell you a little something that my 8-year-old son says to haters:

    “Talk to the face, talk to the butt, talk to the man from Pizza Hut!”

  46. says

    My husband just asked a dozen times what the heck I was gigling so much at. I hope that if I ever get hate mail I have the same humor as you dealing with it. I’m almost sad that my blog is too small to be noticed much.
    Please continue doing these posts…all your blogs are a joy to read, but these really bring a smile to my face.

  47. Michele C. says

    omg this post was just what I needed today. Where do people come from???? I know, it takes all kinds to make the world go ’round, but wow. I do love that you have a god-chicken and a god-hydrangea though – that’s awesome!
    And dang it, I would totally buy a beer from Boo! πŸ˜‰

  48. Nancy L. says

    Wish I had a chicken named after me. You crack me up. My kids ate popcorn for dinner Monday night. Would that be enough to get a chicken named after me? :-)

  49. says

    Love it. There will always be haters. You just don’t let them get to you (as you don’t!). Keep it up! And I agree on Boo’s beer stand. :) Hey a girl’s gotta earn a living somehow!

  50. Lacey says

    As Kat Williams says, haters gone hate. You gotta watch out for your star MFing player. haha

    I love that you keep it real. Boyfriend got to watch R rated movies when he was a kid too. His dad just took the time to explain the scary parts as special effects, and they you know TALKED about the stuff he was watching.

  51. cheryl says

    Love you and your blog and sweet family!!!
    my kids eat in front of the tv every meal because I am too lazy to clear off the kitchen table.

    love ya!! you make me laugh almost every time my Google reader throws me to your site. thank you!!!!

  52. says

    People can be so uptight about the right/wrong way to raise kids. My brother and I used to be the “beer brats” running beer to all the grownups. And at the end of the night we would finish off what was left in the bottles. (Which is totally disgusting now that I think of it as an adult.) So at least Boo only sells beer and doesn’t drink it. πŸ˜‰

  53. says

    OMG this is freaking hysterical! Seriously – a six paragraph email? I am literally crying right now from laughing…someone was concerned Boo was supporting drinking and driving by sellingbeer to her dad’s friends!? Awe-some. LOVE the chicken story … and so glad you got ‘your own’ :) :) :) LOTS of smileys for you and Lisa! :)

  54. says

    I always know where to come for a good laugh. You guys crack me up!! I’m thinking about moving to CA just so I can work at LBB ;). Keep ’em comin!!! <3

  55. MarΓ­a says

    I am very sorry for all those little haters, it has to be very tired to live that way.
    Anyways, you girls rock! And Boo selling beer, too!
    Hugs from Spain!

  56. says

    hilarious, thanks for sharing these!
    I love that Boo sells beer to her dad’s friends, she’s a smart girl.
    i used to let my daughter (2 y.o.) watch Chelsea Lately and Law & Order: SVU with me. I had to stop now that she’s old enough to pick up on some of the language.

  57. says

    Its cheered me up reading this i had a mean comment the other day saying i had copied someone which i hadnt xxx some people have taken it apon them selfs to be blog police lol

  58. Bellen says

    Love your blog, love that you share your e-mails, love that let Boo be herself. You let Boo stuff that will make her an awesome adult and she’s an awesome kid. Love that you bring as many tears and laughs to my day. And – I want a chicken named after me.

    At a conference for small business owners a speaker recounted a story about a difficult customer. After the umpteenth time complaining the customer said they would never, ever shop there again. Owner asked “Promise?”

  59. says

    I am dying laughing over here. You’re hilarious! I used to run my MIL’s website (she’s a christian author) and would get emails all the time of people correcting really minor grammar and punctuation typos. They’re everywhere!!!

  60. says

    Thank you for posting this and reminding me that it’s not the end of the world when a customer doesn’t like you. I have LITERALLY had a panic attack following a nastygram email from an unreasonable customer who didn’t like that we enforced a policy that is clearly stated on our website. Though the negative comments are rare, I have a hard time not letting them get to me. Your approach is much healthier. I’m going to aim to shrug these things off whenever possible. Keep rockin’!

  61. Liisa Sanchez says

    OMG, you are a crazy freak magnet!!! Keep laughing Ashley and tell Boo to save me a six pack…..mwah!

  62. Dena says

    Hi Ashley! I love your candor, honesty, humor, strength, courage, the trust you have in God, and the love you have for yourself and those close to you.
    The LilBlueBoo LOVERS thank all you HATERS out there for making us laugh and for helping us to love ourselves a little bit more because we are NOT like you!
    Ashley, I have officially named my laptop after you, now. Every time I pick her up, I **have** to check email and facebook to see if you have posted anything new, so it only seems fitting that I name her after you.
    Keep posting…..all of it….Please!

  63. Michelle says

    I love that you let Boo sell beer (my husband loves it, too) and that she only has to take a shower every 3 days (I don’t get it when parents make young kids shower or bathe daily) and that she has popcorn for dinner (we had nachos for lunch, and some days we skip lunch altogether if we feel like it) and that she doesn’t have a bedtime (we are very flexible about bedtime, too). Thanks for your honesty!

  64. says

    Honestly it was the BEST day to read this blog. I run my own company ( where ppl can blog and save their memories (photos videos etc) where it is safe and because it’s a family run business. We lived overseas and it made me want somewhere else to keep my memories without letting Facebook OWN them..yep…they own them once they are posted…anyways, I ALSO have to deal with those same customers that you have. Honestly for the first few years they brought me to tears when I read such nasty things. My other partners said I need a thicker skin but I honestly don’t understand how one person can be so nasty to another when they a) don’t know them and b) when they seem to be bored. It’s those ppl that make life a lot harder on THEMSELVES!!!

    Keep blogging, I think you are incredible! I think your blogs are incredible! I think Lisa is a incredible! and from one company to another…you’re amazing. God bless you and your little boo.

    And know that you will never get one of those from this neck of the woods in Canada :)

  65. says

    Thanks for the laughs! Always funny to read these!
    Kinda makes me think I might be overreacting a bit in my own world….two things that I got really annoyed with this week 1. a photographer family member putting full on make up on my girls (ages 9 and 11) to photograph them (think head shots from toddlers and tiaras) and the same person letting my 11 year old drink coffee with her this morning…only she didnt like the coffee so she let her put cream and hot chocolate in it. I am over-reacting right?? I am. I need to be more LBB! Thanks for the enlightenment! :) :) Keep up the good work.

  66. Becky says

    haHA HAAAAAAAAAA! i just cannot stop laughing…and i cant laugh out loud. the hubs watching the footie and the kids asleep…..still laughing, the chicken, the beer, the delayed post….loooooong email. gotta go wipe the tears (of laughter)…
    gosh its taken so much effort to write that..i keep messing it up with hahahhasss…
    go girl…just keep bugging themmmm, we all get a good face massage with all this laughter…
    hugs to you all

  67. says

    I loved this! I know you girls work ridiculously hard and love your response to negativity. On a side note, I ordered my daughter pirate pants one week before leaving on vacation to Disneyland. I hoped they would arrive before we left but knew it was more realistic to expect to see them when we came home. Guess who is wearing her new pants to Disneyland tomorrow…AMAZING customer service and super fast processing!! Thank you!

  68. says

    Oh my gosh, how could anybody hate you?!? I don’t know you, but I totally wish we were friends! Funny post, thanks for sharing!!

  69. Trisha says

    you’re hilarious….love it…!!! It’s summer and dare I say, I let my kids stay up until pretty much whenever they want….sue me… ugh…

  70. Ali says

    You are too much! Hilarious! If I had a chicken, I would SOOO name it for you. (But only if it was a live chicken…naming nuggets after you somehow seems wrong).
    Whatcha gonna do??? Haters gonna Hate.


  71. says

    OY! Unfortunately the general public simply sucks!! But yes, there are lots of well intentioned people…good for you for putting it all out there, laughing about it and ignoring the rest!

    Keep on keeping on!!

    Crafty Hugs!

  72. says

    I have to say that while Boo may do all these things at such a young age, she seems to not have any issues. In fact I’m willing to bet she grows up happier and healthier then a lot of other children.


    P.S. I watched horror movies starting at the age of 4, and from the age of 7 -14 I helped my mom at the convenient (I hate spelling that word >.<) store she worked at by stocking and selling beer and cigarettes. I'm happily married and am a well rounded individual. πŸ˜€

  73. Heidi reeder says

    You are awesome, and i love your blog! My daughter doesnt sell beer, which i think is a good idea, but she does also have a tv in her room. Keep being yourself! We love it!

  74. says

    I love the honesty! You guys are great. We have a neighbor that like to put his nose in other business. It’s sucks lol. At least you don’t have these emailers living next door πŸ˜‰ lol keep up the great work!

  75. MKW says

    Heeeelarious! I’m a mom of 3 and I really appreciated this email! I’ve never posted before, but I love your attitude…on life, motherhood, business, cuisine, and even haters. Keep up the good work! Cheers!

  76. Barb Solano says

    Tell Lisa (the human) to tell the owner of her god chicken to add a little cayenne pepper to the chicken feed. My dad taught me that when his chickens didn’t lay eggs….!!!! As for Volume 2…hilarious…!!! There’s always gonna be somebody out there bit@#ing about something…!!!! Who better to bit#$ at than you guys??? Keep pushing that beer Boo girl…nothing like a cold one on a hot day…scr$# the lemonade…!!!!

  77. says

    I wonder if those that leave “hate mail” every stop to leave anyone a kind thought or a word of encouragement…mmmmm….just wondering out loud.

    Keep up the good work. Love your blog, love your designs and I love the way to don’t apologize for being you.

  78. says

    Atleast you do bedtimes some of the time. In Edmonton during the summer, day light hours last forever! So I don’t even bother with bedtimes anymore. Maybe I’ll start again in the fall…we’ll see!

  79. Karen Crosby says

    Your email love pages help me keep my cool when I get horrendous service! They remind me how pointless it is to go into attack mode for something that is not life or death. I still have a box waiting for a return label in my tiny living room from a major lumberyard whose possibly only employee on returns was on vacation last week. It’s been a month but he is sending a return pickup label. They had sent someone’s cell blinds to me and not the metal threshold I had hoped for. It still has not arrived. I did not complain.
    I myself don’t watch R movies but most people do as far as I know. Sometimes I go weeks without watching any kind of video, but a rarely miss your blog. You are interesting and entertaining and inspiring…. and human. Thanks!

  80. Susan says

    Thank you for starting my day with a smile. I couldn’t help but giggle the entire post. Some people need to learn to chill.

  81. Laur says

    My daughter is six and has been in the room and sometimes watched every episode of X-Files and Fringe. She will also be attending a Christian Elementary School. I am sure we will be called in when she begins to discuss the alternate universe. I may have to come to you for your wit. I love your blog!

  82. Becks says

    That little hen is ADORABLE! Right on Lisa. I am sending out egg laying vibes and will do a chicken dance for her. Seriously that should help. For the meanies who have nothing better to do than spew caustic and spread their misery, I got nothing. No dance. No silliness, just the reaffirmed knowledge that some people obviously did not get enough hugs growing up. When people are so negative and whackadoody for no reason I just wonder do they put the colander on their heads during a rain storm or a thunder storm. I always forget which one brings em out of their little tiny boxes.

    You girls RULE!

  83. Kerri J says

    This was a fabulous post! Totally funny and real, not to mention exactly what I needs as someone that just launched an online store this month and am dreading my first inevitable negative feedback. It’s nice to know I’ll at least be in good company. Keep up the great work and posts, you are very inspiring in so many ways!

  84. KAREN says

    Ashley – give us more!!!!! Your emails must put you on the floor somedays!! They are hilarious!1

    Yes, that chicken rocks! She is almost as cute as my chicken named Lucy (as named by a class of kindergartners). Lucy and Lisa could be sisters – they are so much alike! Lucy is a great layer and her eggs are huge and rich. Maybe Lisa, the chicken, just needs time to settle into her new digs. She’ll start laying soon.

    Hug Boo and watch a good movie!! Eat popcorn any time you want to. I had it for supper one night last week and it was delicious!!

  85. says

    Oh my gosh I’m laughing out loud! I love it and I love that you are able to find humor in dealing with rude people! So true that haters will hate!

  86. Connie says

    You sound like a wonderful Mother. When are people going to learn its not about movies or food or tv’s or breastfeeding, its about love. That’s what our kids remember! If they felt loved or not. You are definitely loving Boo and that’s what matters. Keep up the good work! You rock!!!!

  87. says

    I love you Ashley! I’m cracking up right now at the rude e-mails! So glad you can take them for what they are; unhappy people who need someone else to blame. Too bad they can’t just choose joy eh.
    I’m right there with you on the tv, movies, popcorn for dinner, bedtime, etc. She seems to be an awesome kid with a free spirit. Bravo to you! Besides, it’s your business what you do with your kid.
    And Lisa, the chicken, is almost as adorable as your Lisa.
    You all Rock!!! :) :) :) :)

  88. Maree says

    All I can say is LOVE IT!!!!! Some people have nothing better to do but to complain, but without them we would have nothing to laugh and smile about. Good work LBB team!

  89. KerryQ says

    Ok- I’m off to find a rock to hide under. I’m never having a blog, and now I’m fearful that those emailers are out here walking among us.

  90. says

    oh my gosh – sometimes it is really hard to decide weather you should love or start to dry.
    Some people shouldn’t write emails, but go see a therapist. You should charge them for therapy, actually.


  91. says

    not love, laugh! but love isn’t bad either.
    Just send them an email saying : I still love you – they will go really mad *hahaha*

  92. Melinda says

    You can steal doritos from my 4-year-old any time LOL! It’s amazing all the things we can do to screw up our kids, yet they still turn out perfectly normal. My parents always let us sip on their alcoholic drinks growing up (I attribute this to my mom’s european upbringing) and let us watch whatever happened to be on TV (and let me tell you, they didn’t censor movies & tv shows in the 80s like they do now) and yet somehow I managed to grow up to be a non-alcoholic, professionally-employed, happily married (and maybe a little boring even!) adult .

  93. says

    You’re making my sides hurt. In a good way, othewise I’d have to write an email to you complaing about my aching sides and perhaps suing you for the bodily harm you have caused me.

    I don’t have any chickens, but I will name the next egg I cook after you…. and lisa if it’s a two egg omelet.

  94. Kathy O'berry says

    We don’t have chickens but do have a turtle in the fish pond my son names Tom Brady. When he’s not around I will call good ole Tom B…Ashley.
    Kathy O’

  95. Meagen Wyganowski says

    OMG! I can’t stop laughing!!!! Some people really need to get a life and maybe CHOOSE JOY!!!!

  96. Misty says

    LMAO. You neglectful parent. Poor Boo. She probably will know how to take care of herself when she joins the real world. What will you do when you do not need to helicopter parent her because she is smart enough to figure things out? Oh my.

    My kidlets are also very self sufficient, are allowed a great deal of freedom and have learned to use that freedom in a responsible manner. I was a HS teacher for a few years and it was eye opening to see what some 13-16 year olds were not allowed to do. Sheltered!

  97. says

    How funny…but not at the same time. Those emails are insane…people are so nasty sometimes! Loved the post and it made me laugh. Hope you can laugh at them to!

  98. Allison says

    Why have I never thought of popcorn for breakfast? I mean it is awhile grain after all!

  99. Sydney says

    Wow, a lot of people with way too much time on their hands and plenty of judgment to pass out!! They’re definitely not taking your advice and choosing joy….too bad for them. Keep up the excellent blog and clothing shop. BTW, I’ve ordered several dresses from you and never thought they came late. Maybe you just like me better. πŸ˜‰

  100. says

    Bahahaha! Those are awesome, though I wish I would have come up with the “yo momma was a snowblower” comment ~ I love Short Circuit. I probably make too many movie line references in my everyday conversation with the hubs. Glad he tolerates me. I wish I had something awesome to name after you, because that would be fun. But I am totally lacking in the ownership of anything awesome at the moment. Oh, we have hermit crabs, but their names are limited to “H” names… so, I guess I will trump the big kid, and the next hermit crab will be “Hackshaw” :) Thanks for brightening my day ~ hope yours is great!

  101. Feryal de Belin says

    Hello beautiful ladies!

    I cannot believe the garbage these people have been dishing out to you guys!
    I live in Australia and have purchased many dresses, pants etc and every oneof them have arrived here within a week of recieving confirmation it has been posted !!
    I have written to you before regarding the exceptional quality of the workmanship on your garments.
    To those who contribute to any site dedicated “hating Ashley et al” you need to take a long hard look at yourselves and get a life.

    Love you Ashley, Lisa and all at lil blue boo!!

  102. Cheryl-Ann says

    OMGosh you made my day, I laughed so hard! Please keep ’em coming and I LOVE your blog. πŸ˜‰

  103. Angie says

    I wish Boo would sell me beer during my office hours, that CRACKED me up!
    You’re awesome Ashley, I love your blog!

  104. lm says

    You should expand the beer sales nationwide.

    Maybe a “Boo Beer” brand beer?


  105. Alison says

    Here’s another vote from an Oakland CA gal with GREAT intentions! I have no small children to buy clothing for, but I love the blog and visit every day. No seriously, every day. If I didn’t think Ashley was awesome I obviously would have more of a life. I think it’s your voice…how it just pops off the screen, and sounds so sane. BRILLIANT IDEA: YOU SHOULD WRITE A NOVEL. Me so smart. I will expect royalties. Anyway. Keep it up!! Because you’re awesome, and I for one certainly think so.

  106. Joy Eballar says

    Reminds me of what Ellen Degeneres always says when dealing with her
    haters……..something like: “My haters are my motivators”!!!
    I love her attitude and YOURS!!
    PS: Here in Seattle “Mac n Jac” is a favorite beer…at least thats what my son tells me!! hahaha :)

  107. Meghan says

    I love the saying,

    Dear haters,
    I have so much more for you to be mad at.
    Just be patient.

  108. says

    I love the full disclosure of Boo! TY for being real! I don’t want to believe such haters exist and they take time to compose actual emails. But I know it must happen. Good for all of you to see the silver lining –one bad comment, 100 great comments.

  109. Angi says

    I love your post!! I don”t know you but you seem like a wonderful mother! Just remember “Haters gonna Hate” lol

  110. kandi says

    Would it be out of line to produce a dress with beer labels on it? Kinda like the Willy Wonka and Nikon deal? I think it would be awesome! Boo could wear it on the days she sells beer! I’d buy three for my girls to wear on the days they sell beer :)

  111. says

    Few things; 1. Love that quote, super inspired me for this week. 2. I want to name something after you guys now but I’m drawing a blank since we are naming all our pets after the cast of Big Bang Theory. I’ll think about it and get back to you. 3. You are awesome, don’t change.

  112. says

    This *might* be my favorite LBB post ever!! Off to check out the first installment now….

    PS – Boo is the cutest beer delivery girl I’ve ever seen! Her and Leila should hang out – Leila was opening everyone’s beer bottles last fourth of july!

  113. Nicole says

    Most definitely the funniest post I have ever read!
    Please sell the beer delivery girl dress… My hubby would be in heaven:)
    You are awesome!

  114. says

    you are so funny. i have the same rules for my kids. it started when my husband was traveiling for work 3 days a week. i was tired of all the rules. and guess what? they go to bed when they are tired. and the best part of a tv in their rooms is that they actually go to bed earlier just to watch it. they still get good grades, love their family and friends, have manners, respect others, etc. who decided these rules anyway?

  115. Sarah Waldrep says

    Ashley, please just keep on keeping on! Life is too short to be taken so seriously.

  116. Jessica R says

    I loved reading every bit of it! What’s wrong with those people!! My goodness!

  117. says

    I print out all my hate emails from teachers at work–I’m the school librarian. Maybe my blog needs a post like this–except they would all know who wrote them even without names. ;). Thank you for all the giggles and smiles I got reading this entry!

  118. Jessica R says

    It deleted the rest of my comment… :( TFS & btw, u STILL ROCK!! God bless u, your beer selling sweetie, the fam, Lisa, & the CHICKENS! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  119. says

    Oh dear lord! This post was hilarious even the second time around! Tears!! I have tears from laughing!!! Haahahaahaha OMG. Seriously. And I want a beer delivery girl dress!! LOL or maybe a “Wine tasting woman” dress. ;-D

  120. Ashley B says

    I love reading these!! They crack me up!
    I also must add that I feel better as a parent now knowing I’m not the only one who makes their kids chicken nuggets for breakfast, or split pea soup (which she asked for the other day). My 4 year old also watches rated R movies with me. Probably a little too much. I can’t help that she thinks the zombies in The Walking Dead are hilarious! :)
    Thanks for being awesome Ashley and Lisa!!!!!!

  121. sophiensamsmomma says

    Ok, I already liked you after perusing your blog, but now I pretty much love you! Keep on being an awesome Mom, Wife and blog writer. I appreciate you!

  122. says

    Aside from that being fun to read-

    1) That dress on Boo is so awesome.

    2) You are ROCKIN’ the short hair! I know it’s growing back in but dang, you can really pull that look off!! Not many people can look good with that length!

  123. Tyler says

    You rock! Love it all! I envy how positive you are no matter what people throw at you. And funny!!!! Hahaha. I will always read this blog. Reverse psychology? Because her dress wasn’t prompt? All I can say is I’m glad I’m not the one for whom she was buying the dress! (-: (-: (-: Too many smilies? Maybe. Love your stuff!

  124. Ashley Williams says

    Never. Stop. Posting. These.

    I look forward to, “Email Love: Installment 100,” then the “Email Love: Best Of.”

  125. says

    This was so encouraging to me! I had someone accuse me of ripping off one of her patterns (she doesn’t even sell patterns and it is a common, simple style that I do my very own way,) but either way, I took it really hard! I had to pray constantly that God would continue to lead me and to keep those negative people far away. I admire people who aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in, and who can accept negativity as a part of life and choose not to let it rule their emotions. You are amazing and I am so thankful that there is You to encourage all of us out here! And you are right… there are SOOO many more positive and grateful people out there, and one hater every now and then is only to be expected :) Don’t give the power to one person to bring down your spirit, trust that the Lord is much bigger than them and He is who you choose to follow! :) :) :) Keep up those smiley faces!!

  126. Karyn G. says

    We NEED a beer delivery girl dress!! My daughter has been delivering beer to her daddy since the time she could walk! I would need to customize it to say “Sierra Nevada Deliver Girl” though. Hilarious post, thank you for making me smile and CHOOSE JOY!

  127. Michele A says

    Ashley, this is awesome haha I can’t believe people take the time out of their days to write things like this. I think the people who complain about what you let Boo do, don’t have children. I don’t yet, but I know for a fact mine would be doing all of this stuff lol. Boo seems like a great child and she’s absolutely beautiful! Keep doing what you’re doing girl and let your haters hate πŸ˜‰

  128. Laurie says

    Ashley, your humor is great!! Thanks for sharing the crazy emails! Lilblueboo is my daily go-to site. I always have a smile after I read your posts. Never let the crazies get you down!!!

  129. Ellie says

    LOL!! If everyone was happy and nice all the time, we would have a PERFECT world, wouldn’t we!! <3

  130. Mackenzie Rana says

    We love the LBB team and you Ashley so much more because this post! My husband I both had to read it and laughed. Beer delivery girl is the perfect camping dress!!! Think I will use your original pattern more mismatched fabric because it makes me a DESIGNER and include that on front! Thanks for a good laugh!

  131. Judy says

    Oh geez!!! Some people have too much time on their hands! Too bad their isn’t a crazy block on email πŸ˜‰

    My girl would FREAK for a dress like that! She is daddy’s beer delivery girl and takes great pride in it lol


  132. Holly says

    There are some crazy women out there. I have watched the show snapped! i saw a woman at the Gap store crying her eyes out in the store because they marked their t shirts to 1.99 the day before and she didn’t know about the sale. I was in awww that a woman would act like this over a shirt . These people crack me up . Good entertainment for your log at least.

  133. Toni says

    Well let me be another one of the “gazillions of well intentioned people”. Honestly though, you are awesome to not let this really get you down and keep going. Well power to you girl! Keep it up. There’s always someone who will grumble and I’m just in awe that you keep your chin up. You are an inspiration!

    Oh and please keep these chuckles coming too!

    Sorry I don’t have a chicken (or a hydrangea) to name after you. But I do think letting kids sell beer is fine… as long as its not slave labour πŸ˜‰ I’d be more worried if she was stealing it before selling it!

  134. says

    Thanks for these big laughs I just had, reading everything till the end…I don’t know what is surprising me the most…the time people lose writing “nasty and stupid” things about people they don’t know or the fact that they even dare doing it…I just love your blog, your sense of humor and everything you do ! Just keep on doing what you like !!

  135. says

    Love the dress, love the movie choices too, and during summer bedtimes and meals are pretty wonky around here too. Keep on keeping on Miss Ashley! You rock!

  136. says

    HA! I love the beer delivery girl dress! And really? people can be so uptight…Thanks so much for sharing this wonderfulness with us, I actually laughed out loud this morning! πŸ˜€ :)

  137. Morgan says

    I love reading your blog, you make me LAUGH out loud!! I can’t believe the things people email you about. They CLEARLY have nothing better to do with their time. Although it sure does make for some really funny blog posts!

  138. Jodi says

    I love how real you are. People love to judge and feel superior. You have a precious family. If they can’t see that, it’s their problem. I hate that some people are so uptight. I do love your snarky attitude. You keep me laughing.

  139. says

    I love this post! It is so funny! Some people can be so mean. Well I LOVE lil blue boo and if I had a daughter she would totally sport the beer delivery girl dress…lol Love it!! Your rock!!!

  140. K G Palmer says

    You challenge us to live honestly! None of us are perfect and each family has it’s dynamic! Thank You for being you ~ for Entertaining, Inspiring, Educating, Sharing and the Laughs! Many Blessing – K

  141. Amie says

    These are my favorite posts!! I really cannot believe the audacity of people!

    ROCK ON Ashley, Lisa…..god-chicken Lisa…..god-chicken Ashley…….Beer Delivery girl…….

  142. Meredith M. says

    I honestly don’t know how you do all the cool and amazing things you do while fighting cancer and with your business being run out of your home. I am stay-at-home mom of two and I can barely keep myself together. I have no other occupation. Keep up the good work! I love your designs and tutorials! The maxi skirt tutorial was why I first started following your blog. I am totally impressed with your designs. So there haters. And I am sure Boo will grow up to be an amazing woman like her momma. Beer is awesome!

  143. Andrea says

    So what you’re sayin’ is- The chicken crossed the road to go to the post office? Or get egglaying help? Both? BAH HA HA HA… (ba dum dum)

  144. Chandra says

    I’m a first time poster….long time reader, and I LOVE the beer delivery girl dress. Hysterical!!

  145. Linda B says

    Holy cow! I can’t help but think that someone has never had to deal with anything very big, if this is worth the time and effort. Life is too short and precious to sweat the small stuff, and then to pass on all the crap.
    I love your blog, your creativity, and your passion. You rock.
    We are getting chickens this summer, and I can’t wait to name one Lisa.

  146. Nick says

    You are an amazine woman, a beautiful family! :) Love your Thinking and attitude.. :) All the best! :)

  147. Amy Carlson says

    What on earth is wrong with some people? Wonderful post. You are awesome, Ashley. If I had chickens, I’d name them after you and Lisa, too. And they’d be the coolest chickens ever. :)

  148. merry says

    I think popcorn is a great dinner in fact I had it just last night. Your positive attitude to is a great blessing. Made me smile today!

  149. Mary says

    I love that you have such a great sense of humor about people’s comments. People are crazy! Keep it up Ashley! I think you and your cute family are awesome!

  150. amy says

    Bitches be crazy! I love your list of what Boo does, we obviously have the same parenting philosophy :)

  151. Janet says

    And this is just more proof of why I am choosing joy by following your blog, Ashley! A great post followed by lots of hilarious, joyful, supporting comments. Boo lives in a loving, nurturing environment…she’ll turn out great…especially since she’s already driving heavy equipment. πŸ˜‰

    Much love and a beautiful day to you and that great Lil Blue Boo Crew.

  152. chellleigh says

    love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! opps is that an exessive amount of ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. Wendy says

    I have been reading your blog for awhile now….. have always been inspired by your attitude …… plus I have my own Boo (mine is 11). I look forward to reading each new entry.
    I tend to take things too serious…hard!?! I have decided to try and let things go more, I know it is healthier. So next time I feel myself getting upset about something silly … Like negative comments ….. I am going to remind myself to respond like Ashley ….. Thank you for being you!

  154. Melissa K Johnson says

    Ok, If I have to be the first one to be negative, so be it. This is out of control…how do you expect the chickens of the world to be individuals with their OWN needs and desires if they are ALL CALLED LISA???????
    Glad I got that off my chest……or should I say breast?

  155. Bonnie says

    Been reading for awhile, but this is my first post. I have a shop too and I’ve learned that some people just aren’t happy unless they’re unhappy. I LOVE that you post their CRAZY comments online LOL! My most recent RAVING LOON was upset that I had discontinued a certain product and proceeded to have a crying hissy fit in the shop. She followed this with a full-page, single-spaced letter sent by registered mail. I was considering how to answer her when she began calling…and calling. She wanted to tell me that all of her friends agreed with her about how mean I was. She refused to stop calling until I told her I was going to report her to the police. After years of “difficult” customers, I’ve learned to laugh it off. But I later found out this one is a registered pharmacist…kinda scary!!!

    On a lighter note, I now understand why my 2 yr old seems less than completely entertained with kicking a ball around the yard, blowing bubbles, riding her bike, etc. Would you mind posting a more specific age-related list of activities you’ve done with Boo through the years???

  156. Jannelle says

    Oh my goodness! Ditto what everyone else has said! Just FYI 4 of my 6 kids (so far) have paid their way through college selling beer and they all started at Boo’s age. Those tips come in handy! Thanks for being so open and making the day brighter for all of us. Now we need to turn that positive energy towards JOYce. I’ll be praying for you! (and Lisa’s chicken!) lol

  157. Charlotte says

    YouΒ΄re the BEST. IΒ΄m a BIG fan -popcorn, beer sale and everything, you inspire me all the time :))) Lots of love from Denmark

  158. Lara says

    I feel sorry for ppl who have nothing better to do with their time!!! :) :) πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    LOVE YOUR BLOG! :) :) πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  159. Elizabeth B says

    Let the haters hate….they are just jealous anyway. You and your team/family are doing an amazing job. Especially with everything you’ve been through. Keep up the work and PLEASE post more of these. I was laughing the whole time I was reading. :)

    Love from Mississippi Y’all (in my southern accent)

  160. Karen says

    Reading those comments made me laugh and made me shocked at how blatantly rude and judgemental people can be that don’t even know you! Wow. I enjoyed reading them, snarkey as they were, though. I think you and Lisa and Boo and Mr LBB are wonderful folks! Keep on keepin’ on. You inspire me, chicca! I’m afraid for my lil’ blog to grow because of the very reason that it will open the door to rude people. Everyone’s a critic. I went to a movie premier last night for a friend and it was his first ever movie to produce. I was so impressed and proud of him. But not the folks who sat behind me and nit picked ever single imperfect thing. Could they edit and produce a movie on the big screen? Nope. But they sure enjoyed bashing his hard working efforts. Sometime people make me so mad. The end. LOL πŸ˜‰

  161. says

    I think movie ratings are overrated. I swear what used to be PG is now rated R. And I love Boo’s dress. I think we should get Lola one. (We are from Wisconsin, they have a different attitude towards beer…).

  162. Cyndi B says

    OMG!!!! LOVE IT ALL!!!

    There is always someone out there having a bad day that wants to vomit all over someone else to make them feel better. A real shame.

    LOVE your blog, all of the silliness, all of the fun & all of the REAL!

    Keep up the Super work! ;o)

  163. Jackie k says

    Thanks for the laughs! I needed that today. I appreciate your bluntness and honesty- it’s refreshing. And way to let that crazy stuff roll off your back!
    P.s. my daughter watches movies that i am sure many a mom would not approve of and doesn’t always eat 3 balanced meals every day. It’s called surviving motherhood. Most of the time it seems that those who judge have never gone through those same things themselves.

  164. Andrea Austin says

    PML Miss Ashley!! You FOREVER have my heart. P.S. Dear haters, Be patient. We ALL got some stuff you could hate!!! Love ya sista! Continuing to pray for your ongoing remission!!

  165. says

    Oh. my. These are great! I’ve managed to avoid a ton of hateful comments (though I should probably Mod Podge some beer bottles to get some). But on my “why you shouldn’t make your own Mod Podge” post, people got mad. Someone called me a dirty liar. Hahaha!

    Oh, one time a girl took project images from my blog over to hers and made fun of them. I sent her Mod Podge and said “go for it.” She apologized and later guest posted for me!

  166. noel says

    i just had to tell you, that you are so awesome its ridiculous.Seriously. I cracked up when reading this. And your daughter is going to grow up to be one cool gal, although I’m sure she already is. Love your attitude. keep. it. UP! :)

  167. Stephanie says

    If you ever need a sitter send Boo over to my house. I’m laying here watching a chick flick, playing online, drinking a PBR, and feeding my daughter (dog-Atari) the crunchy ends of crab cheese wontons! I’ve tried to get Atari to get me a beer or to get a job for the past 12 years with now luck. Oh well, she is our first child and I hear you always mess up on the first one.

    p.s. If I knew how to make those smiley faces, I’d put at least 20 right here.

    p.p.s. I just named the moth flying around the living room Lisa. Your welcome. (Insert smiley face.)

  168. Michelle says

    I want a chicken named after me. That is awesome! And, I have to say a beer stand instead of a lemonaide stand – very creative. Thanks for always making me smile!

  169. ira lee says

    hahahah!!!! you are just awesome! perhaps the best smart ass ive ever had the chance to blog stalk. maybe i should have these kind of responses to negativity in my life, maybe i could be as cool as you!!!!!!
    p.s. i want a beer delivery girl dress!!!!!
    p.s.s. i would NEVER stop following your blog!

  170. Stacy says

    Hilarious! I LOVE starting my day with a big smile (insert smiley face here) {since I don’t know how to} and another here! Choose Joy!

  171. Jen says

    My husbands greatest day was when our son was strong enough to open the beer he had just fetched! I don’t think he would look as good in the dress though!

  172. says

    This post is a reminder of why i love your blog!! Your realness is so refreshing…and hilarious!!! Thank you for the laughs! I love Boo’s dress! Can’t even imagine the comments you’ll get for that! Haha! I hope you’re feeling well & getting better every day! You are still in my prayers. :)

  173. says

    I have never not smiled after reading your blog…well, maybe when you were in the thick of your cancer treatments, but what I am trying to say is that you are awesome.

  174. Rachel @ Polka Dots and Lemonade says

    I LOVE this! Oh, how I wish we lived closer – I’m pretty sure we would get along FABulously! Oh well, there’s always next year’s Elevate Conference, right?!

  175. Amanda says

    Good golly, this is another reason why I continue to read. I had someone make a complain on ebay because of how long it took for the post office to deliver something. I cannon control any deliveries once they have left my hand…no matter how hard I may try. :) Reading my spam is always a treat, although I haven’t received anything overly thrilling lately. :( And the beer delivery girl dress, sorry but, brahahahaha! GREAT!

  176. Tracy says

    I love beer and lilblue boo! You crack me up…maybe when Lisa starts getting layed..I mean start laying eggs… can get cracked up as well!!!

    Haters gonna hate..hey are jealous!!

  177. says

    Ha!! The dress and chicken are supercool. Personally, I would rather have a parrot named after me, something that spouts sassy and ill-timed comments is more my speed, but I’d be happy with a chicken too.

  178. Krystle says

    Long time follower. Love your dedication and creations. I agree when you put yourself out there its harder to please everyone. I have dealt with this. I have 3 girls all 13 months apart and have been a single mom (YES SAME DAD). I have a lot of people say I inspire them to be a better parent and then I have parents who have 1 child and find that overwelming and try and cause problems for me. I always say that there is a positive in everything. I love this post! Kind of putting people in their place, but also showing you have nothing to hide.

  179. says

    Seriously, love you! Just found your blog today and love you! If I still had my chickens, I would name one after you too… but they went on to a larger farm, our yard was just too small for the girls to properly host tea parties with their friends.
    If you are ever in Oceanside, please look me up, I am just sure we’d have such fun crafting and junking! xo

  180. Amandabeen nada says

    We let our son watch The Terminator AND Zombieland and probably a few others That aren’t recommended for 3 1/2 year olds.

    I love how you are able to laugh off your haters. Being a business owner myself, I get my fair share of stupid emails but they bother me more than they amuse me.

  181. aimee says

    I have to start by saying that I LOVE YA’LL!!! Your response to these people that apparently take themselves way too seriously is wonderfully awesome and I’m always a fan of sarcasm so, even though I’ve been following you forever, I may now be your number one fan! (By the way, I NEVER comment. EVER. But I had to today.)

  182. Kelley says

    I was on vacation for two weeks with no computer access – the thing I really missed was reading your posts! This one was hysterical and I am so glad you made the Beer Delivery Girl Dress!! Maybe you could have Boo sell some Hateraid at her stand too??!

  183. Kristin says

    1. My kids swim everyday and it usually counts as a bath.
    2. I have given my kids ice cream for dinner…popcorn would be a step up.

    Honesty rules.

  184. Shannon says

    Thanks for the laugh this morning…. I hate to say it, but I hope you continue to receive “bad” emails….it is soooo funny!!! Love your sense of humor and the Boo’s new dress:)

  185. Monique says

    I too hope you continue to get hate mail! I am laughing so hard over here. I have a confession my 5 year old eats ice cream and drinks soda for breakfast. Not every day :) just when she wants :) :)

  186. Tracie says

    I’m a little behind but this was the BEST BLOG EVER!!!! Some people need to get a damn life!

  187. says

    Your blog needs to come with a warning – ‘wear a tena pad as you’ll pee yourself laughing’!!!!! Too funny – imagine those haters out there huffing and raging at blog posts. Pretty sad state of affairs but keeps them off the road I guess?! L

    I love your blog – and love Boo’s spirit – maybe cider as well for summer sipping? And what about some Pimms? A great girls drink for summer strolling past the stall. Hope she’s making a mint of pinga – lemonade is for softies!

  188. Phares says

    Omg your awesome. I literally laughed out loud and I may be a little emotional lately bc I cried a little too?! Thank you for being strong enough for it seems like a combination of 50 women. If I had as much strength as you I wouldn’t be cussing in my car by myself about that stupid woman who &$*]%]#%[…

  189. Paula says

    I love you! Think you can do an adult size Beer delivery girl….LOL seriously, beat thing to do is laugh about the haters!

  190. says

    We have a video on you tube of my husband slamming the door to pull out our then five year old’s tooth. I did a bad edit because it makes us look like horrible parents. She really wanted us to do it, and I am a loving mother I swear. We are up to 122,000 hits which my now eight year old loves to tell people. The comments on the video however are Horrible! we are called names, totally hated on, it is sad how people can get so angry without even understanding. Look her up if you must type in slam door pull tooth She’s there, cute little girl crying in a heart dress.

    Ps. I apparently am not a troll, I wear pants. and when I don’t agree with some of your parenting techniques I call my friend who also follows you and talk about you behind your back. We act like we know you. haha. Truth be told, we think we do know you. and another Truth be told. I sometimes cringe at your parenting ideas but at the same time I say, She must be doing something right, that little girl seems amazing.

    PPS. hate mail is rude, but fun to read, keep it coming!! :)

  191. Wendee Gabby says

    People are so rude! I have had my share of “email love” too. Last year an order was delayed due to the unexpected death of my grandfather. The lady called me a liar, and asked if I couldn’t be more creative with an excuse!! I emailed her the obituary to shut her up. She still didn’t back down…. Seriously don’t people have something better to do with their time and energy?? :)

  192. Kim m says

    Oh my! YOu may be my long lost sister! What is up with people having so much time and anger that they try to tear others down. I have filled you for a while and I think you are amazing! You are raising a loved, and creative child and to me that is what is important! Your journey has been inspiring any I think it is awesome that you allow Boo to be …Boo. I am going to send you an email picture o my 10 year old and what she does for fun!

  193. Samantha Shepard says

    I got a DM over twitter the other day calling me “pathetic” for telling a customer I would send her samples to thank her for supporting my business.

    PATHETIC?? OMG I wasted an entire day trying to get over that.

    It seriously makes me feel a lot better knowing that these people are everywhere and frankly if they are giving YOU a hard time… entrepreneurial, successful, cancer survivor, still positive even though you’ve been through hell!!! Then I suppose there’s no getting away from them.

    Hmm, is there some kind of lesson I’m supposed to learn here? Oh yes, forgive, forgive, forgive… release the anger.

    I still want to track the DM girl down and give her a good slap on the face. Or depants her like the 5th grade. Either one would make me feel better.

    Have a good day! You’re awesome and inspiring!

  194. says

    After receiving a few hater mails accusing me of bad parenting and cruelty to animals…all for trapping and keeping a darn box turtle, I needed to re-read these! My husband and I have tears of laughter streaming down our face. Thank you a million times over! I LOVE your ‘comment’ posts!