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Share your Instagram Photos with @lilblueboo using the #choosejoy tag!  via

In the comments of your Instagram photo use the hashtag #choosejoy then write @lilblueboo so I can find you (it will show up in my feed)!  If you don’t already have this free photo app you can download it here.  Is your Instagram account private? No problem! You can also post your photos to twitter and still use the hashtag #choose joy and tag @lilblueboo. I will share some of my favorites here on the blog periodically!  I look forward to seeing all of your amazing photos!

Make sure to check out my post on adding photo effects like: collages, bokeh, light leaks and text!

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  1. Angela says

    Ahhhh…I would love to send a Choose Joy picture. Since I have no idea what “hash tag” or “instagram” is and barely know what twitter is, I guess I will stay out of this one!

  2. says

    Does it matter what kind of photos we tag to you? would normal everyday stuff be okay? I’m always afraid of flooding someones feed. Thanks. (just found your blog today and loving it already!)

  3. says

    I have recently come across your site and in such a timely manner as I am in my own process of choosing joy. As Ann Voskamp writer of 1000 gifts quotes from another author, “God asks me to give thanks in all things because he knows that the feeling of joy begins is the action of thanksgiving.” It’s an amazing book that God is using to change my perspective of my life. And it fits right in with your idea of choosing joy. Amazing how God knits together all I am reading and doing. Check out the book. Somehow I think you and Ann could be good friends…..

  4. Riley says

    Lil Blue Boo,

    A little more than 9 months ago, a friend of mine was killed. Her name was Kelli Joy O’laughlin. She was 14 years old and had a whole life ahead of her. She was and still is my definition of joy. Since her death most people that knew her say to choose joy. It’s become her saying. And when I stumbled across this page it was nice to know that even though you never knew kelli or her story, that you are encouraging people to choose joy too. It’s these crazy connections that make me certain that Kelli is still watching over all of us.

    Thank you,