Make A Chalkboard Inspiration Wall

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I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now…..paint an entire wall with chalkboard paint and let it be a collection place for quotes, memories and inspiration.  This wall in our breakfast area was just the place to do it….right next to the magnetic chalkboard I did back in 2009. We are getting ready to repaint our interior wall and I wanted to find another way to preserve Boo’s growth chart too.


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I used regular black chalkboard paint in the can:

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I painted a few coats and let it sit for 3 days to cure:

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This is my favorite part: Chalk Ink. These are chalk markers like the restaurants and coffee shops use to make their awesome signs. It creates a clean look without all the dust and mess and can be removed with windex. It won’t smear either.  I used the Artista Pro Earthy Set for the wall:

Chalk ink via


I used the Chalk Ink to add a few of my favorite quotes:


Chalkboard quote via

I moved over Boo’s growth chart and made it a little more whimsical:

Chalkboard Growth Chart via


I added some artwork:

Non Smear Chalkboard Art via


It’s going to be a work in progress for a while…..but it will look so cool once the entire wall is finished.

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Source info:  You can purchase Chalk Ink markers from Chalk Ink directly here.



I’m just getting back into the swing of things since getting back from vacation. Oh, and Lisa’s computer was dying a slow and painful death… we just spent all day installing software, trying to set up a wireless printer, transferring files between computers.  8 hours gone…..just like that.



In boredom, I decided to rename my WiFi for my neighbors:


At first I wanted to use a Star Wars reference…..and then I learned that Lisa has never seen Star Wars. What?! My second choice was: IGAINEDNINEPOUNDSTODAY…..because I did…..and I was kind of pissed so I wanted to tell everyone. (actually, it was 9 pounds over the last two weeks…..apparently I ate a lot on vacation).

So, let’s make this fun and interactive: What do YOU think I should name it? (and keep in mind we have kids for neighbors)



Boo’s Daily Work

Today was Boo’s first day of her new daily “curriculum” and she was so excited. She saw her cousins doing this in Seattle and I made mental notes of everything their parents had set up for them and adjusted it to work for Boo.

First, we made a contract. It stipulates that she must have a good attitude to get credit for her tasks. It also states the reward system: $1.00 a day if she completes her sheet, 25 cents for extra credit items, and after she completes 30 days she gets a larger reward.

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Then I made a daily worksheet. Every morning she has to write the day and date (that she figures out from a calendar I printed off for her). Then she has a few basic tasks she has to finish by the end of the day. She has a chance for extra credit items as well.  I’m sure we’ll tweak this sheet as time goes along but it’s a good start:

Notebook and Daily Worksheets via


All of her daily worksheets and subject worksheets are kept in her notebook. I made a few extra credit items to start off with: learning our phone numbers, home address, and learning currency.  At the front of her notebook is a picture of a reward she is working towards: a princess skateboard. [Read more…]

This Ain’t No Garden Party

Well, I was working on a longer post for today….but then this photo trumped it all. Yep, that’s Ric Flair…..wearing a Choose Joy bracelet. I don’t even know what else to say except:

Thank you Mr. Flair. You are the man.

My dad would have loved this photo……

This ain’t no garden party, brother, this is wrestling…..
……where only the strongest survive.
-Ric Flair

……I mean, he’s only the greatest pro wrestler of ALL TIME.


A big thank you Janet and Sally for conspiring to get this photo after my 10 Ric Flairs post! You rock!

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I love to see how how you Choose Joy! Here are some of my recent favorites…

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3 Tips for Pretty Background Blur

3 Tips for Pretty Background Blur by @gayle vehar via #photography

I love to blur the background of photos.  I am guessing it wouldn’t take too much time on my site to figure that out.  There is just something beautiful about a creamy smooth background or one with nice circle bokeh.

A nice blur to the background also helps set your subject off from the background.

Today I want to share 3 tips for getting better blur in your backgrounds.

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