Awesome Beauty Products You Probably Already Have

Last week I stumbled across an easy, inexpensive way to whiten teeth at home via Pinterest.  I became obsessed with swishing with peroxide for a few days and seriously…..I have new teeth.

Random beauty tips via


There are a few more I’ve found since and I wanted to share them all with you!  Happy teeth-whitening-leg-shaving-no-more-cracked-heels-or-greasy-hair-faceblotting day!

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Random Beauty Tip: 50 uses for vaseline via

From makeup remover to shoe shine! The uses for Vaseline are endless. Start with these 50 ideas from Christina Loves.



Any tips you’d like to share? I’ll try anything….once.






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  1. 1
    Michelle says:

    I hate to be a buzz kill (or sound like a fanatic) but I would highly suggest finding something other than vaseline to use on any part of your body. There are lots of natural oils that can be substituted for vaseline, which has the same properties and ingredients of mineral oil.

    Here’s an excerpt from an article:

    MINERAL OIL: Would you put gasoline on your child? According to Environmental Working Group, 40% of all baby lotions and oils contain petroleum, a non-renewable hydrocarbon made from crude oil. This oil coats your baby’s skin in a non-breathable toxic film. According to Australia’s National Occupational Health and Safety Commissions (NOHSC), “Prolonged contact with mineral oil has the associated risk of developing skin conditions such as oil folliculitis, eczematous dermatitis, melanosis of the face and plantar warts.” Petroleum also disrupts hormones and diminishes the skin’s ability to detoxify. It is the 2nd most likely cause of premature skin aging following excessive sun exposure. Mineral oil based sunscreens are now being implicated in promoting skin, colon and breast cancer and in fact, are found in most breast cancer tissue. Petroleum is a known carcinogen, known to adversely effect health, yet still approved as safe by the FDA.

    Learn more:

    But I’m totally going to try some of the other more “natural” remedies, especially the vinegar for cracked heels!


    • 2
      Ashley says:

      Thanks Michelle! That’s great information. We use vaseline all the time….I’m going to look into other oils :)

      • 3
        Michelle says:

        The Environmental Working Group is a great resource if you are concerned about what’s in your beauty and skin care products. They also publish the sunscreen guide every year. They are a member supported non-profit and they don’t produce products, only evaluate them.

        Coconut oil has some wonderful properties, too.

        • 4
          Michelle says:

          Last post on this, I promise, otherwise I will be the fanatic I was referring to earlier…

          • 5
            Tera says:

            oH WOW! Please advise a better oil to use other than coconut. What would you use on a newborn? This spoke volumes to me!

        • 6
          Cathy says:

          I second EWP…I love that they rate sunscreens and demonstrate that the popular and/or more expensive brands aren’t the best. You need to purchase based on the ingredients, not the label, price or availability,.

          My sun beauty tip – wear sunscreen on your face, neck and arms every single day during daylight savings, even if your inside most of the day. A dermatologist recommended this to me around 1983/84 and I can see the difference between myself and my friends 30 years later. Always wearing a hat has helped too.

          My other beauty trick/tip is that cedar oil is great for soothing blemishes overnight. It really takes down the inflammation and smells good.

      • 7
        Kash says:

        I just had a surgeon tell me to use nothing but Vaseline on some sutures and it healed beautifully!

  2. 8
    Jennifer3 says:

    Not a beauty tip, but I keep a big bottle of baby powder in the back of the car to get sticky sand off of everyone after a trip to the beach. Shake it on and the sand brushes right off. I figure I never used it on an actual baby, so I might as well use it now!

  3. 9
    Erica says:

    I use baby oil when I shave (I figure it’s the same concept as the olive oil but I smell like a baby rather than cooking) and sometimes I add sugar to it for a nice exfoliation and even smoother legs

  4. 10
    Carolyn says:

    Is that a bottle of RUM I see…

  5. 11
    Nancy Babb says:

    So glad you tried the peroxide first! I pinned it as well but gotta say I have a gag reflex that I’m afraid would get triggered! But, since you recommend, maybe I’ll give it a go.

    • 12
      Heather T. says:

      Try brushing the peroxide instead of swishing you taste it less, lessen the chance of swallowing, and still whiten your teeth

  6. 13
    Dusty says:

    I am completely OBSESSED with organic coconut oil. Yes, the kind you find in the baking section of your local grocery. We use it for everything – from body lotion, eye make – up remover, face moisturizer…. I even use it on our infant instead of baby oil/ lotion. It was recommended to us by our oh- so- smart pediatrician to use on our 5 year old daughter who has terrible eczema – cleared her skin almost overnight- no kidding! I even have friends who use it as a deep conditioning hair mask- haven’t tried that one yet but as soon as I get 15 free minutes I’m there;). I love it because it’s not as heavy as olive oil – It’s a must in our home! Can’t wait to try some of your great tips- watch out beautiful here I come;)

    • 14
      Joy says:

      I agree that Coconut oil is awesome and has many uses!!! I don’t want to offend anyone but one use is as a personal lubricant (like KY) It is awesome and less personal to have a little container of white cream on your night stand when guests come over or you travel :-)

    • 15
      Jacqueline says:

      I leave coconut oil in my hair overnight. It works great”

  7. 16
    Amy says:

    I read that the toilet seat covers are good blotting papers as well – and convenient! You’re in the bathroom, look in the mirror to see the oil slick on your face, run back in the stall and grab what was soon to be under someone’s cheeks, on your face! I bet the seat cover would kiss you if it could!

  8. 17
    Erica says:

    Eek about mineral oil!! Won’t be using baby oil to shave anymore!!! Guess I’ll smell like olive oil instead…beats the alternative!

  9. 19
    lisa says:

    I want to try the peroxide but it freaks me out for some reason!

  10. 20
    carolyn says:

    OMG! You people need a life out side your kids…baby oil is great for rolling around in. Lay a plastic sheet down on your bed and get the slip and slide going… Sure it’s great for a lot of things….

  11. 22
    amy says:

    I too love coconut oil as a beauty product. it’s great for a hair moisturizer (i live in CO=my hair is very dry), cuticle oil, cracked heels, shaving. oh and it’s great in my granola too :) . if you google “coconut oil” there is a website (delicious obsessions, i think) that has lists all of the great uses for coconut oil.

    i’ve been heating up my eye lash curler for years and it’s does work.

    ashley, thank you for trying the peroxide first. i saw it on pinterest the other day too and i wanted to try it but i’m afraid i’ll puke. however, if it works, i will try it. thanks for being the guineau pig :) .

    don’t y’all just love pinterest?!! i can spend hours pinning crap that i know i will never make or bake but it’s such a fun break from reality.

    hope everyone is doing well tonight.


  12. 23
    Carolyn says:

    How many did you have before looking in the mirror and thinking you have an oily face. Put baby powder on your face before the make up. It will help. And stay out of the toilet. Haha you are a hot mess!!!!

  13. 25
    Susan Lewis says:

    Ok, I’m sorry, but it’s heels on your feet. Thqnks for all the good tips.

  14. 27
    Kelli says:

    I’ve been totally doing the peroxide thing too after seeing it on pinterest!! It’s awesome!! I was going to do a similar post on my blog too! haha! Great post!! thanks for sharing!!

  15. 28

    Awesome list. Now I want to try this coconut oil. I’ll have to pick some up.

  16. 29
    Amy Westmoreland says:

    Not really a beauty tip, but any type of oil (cooking, baby (not motor)) will take off adhesive and anything sticky. Unsightly bandaid marks, first-aid tape, Tegaderm and even bubble gum on your clothes!!!

  17. 30
    Allison says:

    FYI: baby powder isn’t safe anymore either, it’s on the website someone mentioned above (environmental working group). My nephews doctor told my SIL to not use baby powder. You can find out which ones are safe on the website, I think burts bees is one!

    • 31
      Claudia says:

      My doc told me that all the little particles from the powder gets into the babies lungs.

  18. 32
    Kiki says:

    I really like using Corn Starch for a dry shampoo. It’s fantastic!

  19. 33
    sesame says:

    Thanks for the link love Ashley! Another dry shampoo alternative is a mix of rice powder, corn flour & baking soda. Some do not like the baking soda and can substitute with something else like kaolin clay. If the hair isn’t too greasy, rice powder and/or corn flour should work quite well too.

    • 34
      Heather T. says:

      This mis sounds better than baby powder ( which I sadly know from experience ) will turn slightly greasy hair into a hot mess and it cakes on making the grease harder to thoroughly wash out later

  20. 35
    Amie says:

    A natural alternative to Vaseline is something called Waxelene! It is great and all natural/safe ingredients!! You can find it on Amazon and Abe’s Market!

  21. 37
    Schoen says:

    There is a brand by Autumn Harp called “UN-Petroleum Jelly”
    I got it at Whole Foods.
    Or I found this website to make your own: Tres Moi: Adventures in DIY

  22. 38
    Kalle says:

    Regarding the coconut oil… there’s a company called Basa Body ( which seems to be doing some good things for women in Kenya, as well as offering some good product. I have tried several (soaps and body stick are my favorites) and they were great!

  23. 39

    I’m not gonna lie…. when I looked at the olive oil tip for shaving and saw where it came from, I saw “The BUSH”, and nearly peed myself…
    In other news, I LOVE coconut oil, too! I’ve switched to it for my baby bump and now use it all over! It’s wonderful, and it doesn’t have any odor, which is lovely since the smell of oil on my towels and whatnot makes me want to hurl now!
    Now, off to swish with peroxide!

  24. 40
    Carolyn says:

    THE BUSH ?? I’m not using that stuff on my bush. Bumps or not… But coconut.. Yum…

  25. 41
    Heather D. says:

    I saw something somewhere about using Vicks VapoRub on your feet to make them soft. I remember it saying to use it at night then putting on socks, the heat warms it up. BUT, I can’t stand wearing socks at night so I use it during the day. I should say I only us it during the day if I’m wearing socks.

    • 42
      Trisha says:

      don’t know if this works, but I heard that tip was used to help stop a cough..dont know if I’m mistaken or not…but worth a try anyways….

      • 43
        Lyn says:

        I do this everytime my dd has a cough. I gently rub the vicks on both of her feet, somewhere in the middle (on the center curve of the feet) and she never coughs at night. It works like magic :)

        • 44
          Rose says:

          Wow am gonna try that tonight I just hope it works with adults
          Too. I have been coughing non- stop. Thanks for sharing!

  26. 45
    Tessa says:

    Yikes. I know this is going to freak some out, but here goes anyways. I learned in dental hygiene school swishing with peroxide too much leads to a condition called hairy black tongue. You are suppose to dilute peroxide with 5 parts water if swishing with it, and don’t use it on a regular basis or an extended period of time. I also reccomend coconut oil. I use it for everything. I even use it in my deodorant I make. I have been using the baby powder trick as dry shampoo since I was pretty young. Only I don’t use the talc version, there is a cornstarch version. I also wouldnt touch Vaseline, baby oil, or any other mineral oil with a ten foot pole. Or Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo. Whew. That was a very opinionated paragraph. Sorry! While I’m at it should I add that it’s difficult to click through these slide shows when viewing on a phone? No? Okay, I’ll keep my mouth shut then. Just add me to the crazy file, I suppose! Ha.

  27. 46
    Zoe says:

    Vicks VapoRub on the bottoms of your feet TOTALLY works for a cough! Last winter I was so desperate to find something that would really help my daughter that I would have tried anything. We had the “baby” version… that has Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Lavender. I have also heard that you can just use eucalyptus oil on the feet too.

  28. 47
    Andrea johnson says:

    DON’T USE VAPOR RUB ON YOUR FEET PLEASE! My friend is a pharmacist and said they putting in on your kids feet is dangerous because of the ingredients, the age of children and the different absorption rates for different people.

  29. 48
    Kelly says:

    Use toilet seat covers to blot the oil off your face. It’s the same thing they sell in the store, but for free instead of $15. I’ve been doing it for years. I used to work under a ton of lights and it was my life saver. Never had a shiny face thanks to this trick!

  30. 49

    I love this article so much…..Im posting about it tomorrow. I will be sure to link!

  31. 50
    Ana lopez says:

    After reading this i am very concern, i has really bad nose bleeds and my doctor told me it was because my nose gets dry, so he told me to put vaseline insise my nostrils. And it really helps alot, but after reading this comments on how bad vaseline can be, im thinking this might not be a good thing to do anymore, so if PLEASE any body can tell me of something else i can use to help my dry nose! I have tried nose sprays but the dont help alot :) THANKS ALOOT!!!!

  32. 52
    keely says:

    I wouldnt put baby powder in your greasy hair because it blocks the hair pores and stops your hair from growing

  33. 53
    Rose says:

    I am an avid user of organic coconut oil. I have a long hair and I keep it soft and silky with coconut oil. People who are close to me knows I am obsessed with it. I lived in the tropics so we have coconut trees everywhere.
    I would highly recommend that you try it on you hair on weekends and you’ll feel the difference.

  34. 54
    Gianna says:

    Seriously…you’re all freaking out about baby oil and baby powder. Pretty sure most of your parents used them when you were little. Are you dead because of it? Calm down. Hippies.

  35. 55
    Rhenda says:

    Everyone is talking about coconut oi and read several things I would like to try went to Wal-mart to buy some and it is with the Crisco and looked like Crisco. Is it not a liquid oil form like olive oil? If so where can I buy some? thanks for the help

  36. 56
    Bethanni says:

    I use coconut oil for lots of stuff too. To get the best benefit from it you have to use organic Virgin coconut oil. Theres a difference in it and regular organic kind. Virgin smells so good like coconut regular doesnt have a smell. You can also whip it up and it turns to a smooth lotion that stays soft. Because it will turn to oil if it gets warm. Love it. Im so happy I found it.


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