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Are you guilty of throwing your fancy DSLR camera into your purse or bag, totally unprotected? I’ve done it! In fact, I did it all of the time before I had a Camera Coat.

camera coats via

A Camera Coat is this amazing cover that slips right over your digital slr camera. It comes in a variety of styles, fabrics and sizes. No need for a bulky bag to carry around! The Camera Coat will protect your DSLR from rain, sun, sand, snow, and kids with sticky fingers. Ashley and I both own Camera Coats and love them! We are proud to have them as a blog sponsor! You can learn more about Camera Coats here.


camera coats cover via

camera coats cover via

camera coats cover via

camera coats cover via

camera coats cover via


Use the LBB Exclusive Discount Code LBBROCKS and take 30% off your order! *Not good with any other deals/offers. Expires 8/15/12*


We are giving away a $20 gift certificate to TWO lucky Lil Blue Boo readers!



Simply take a look around Camera Coats, then come back here and let us know what Camera Coat you love the most!

This giveaway is now closed.

Please email Lisa (at) lilblueboo (dot) com to claim your prize.



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:: Winner will be announced at this post on August 2nd, 2012.


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  1. 1
    Melissa says:

    I love these! Have never seen them before. I would love to get the Bohemian Summer one!

  2. 2

    The Nautical chevron camera coat is amazing! I love it!

  3. 3
    Marla Kress says:

    I love love love Ti Amo…and obviously so do a lot of other people as it’s sold out! But seriously, all are cute and I’m totally guilty of throwing my camera in my bag.

  4. 4
    Susan Duffey says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these! I can’t pick one thing that I love the most about these… except maybe the ingenuity!!!! Great designs and colors, too!

  5. 5

    I would love love love to have a camera coat! I just got a new camera lens for my slr and would be glad to pimp my case and be CUTE !!

  6. 6

    Love the corduroy ones!

  7. 7

    I love the concept! Way cool. I like the Lime Delight or the Black Slick.

  8. 8

    “Like” Camera Coats on FaceBook :)

  9. 9
    Lee Wolfe says:

    I’m a guy soooo… I’m going with the plain old “Black Slicky Vest”. What a great way to protect your investment when you don’t want to carry around the whole bag!

  10. 10

    following CameraCoats on Twitter :)

  11. 11

    of course I “like” Lil Blue Boo on FaceBook

  12. 12

    and wouldn’t think of not subscribing to the blog :)

  13. 13
    Veronika says:

    I loved Mr Strioe design

  14. 14

    I <3 the amour Waterproof one. It would have been a life saver when I was in Alaska. Often I had my camera out in less than great weather. Would have been a lot easier to use a Camera Coat

  15. 15
    Jennifer says:

    I love the Polka Dot Party one! What a great idea! Thanks!

  16. 16
    Jennifer says:

    I like Camera Coats on FB!

  17. 17

    May Flowers Gray

  18. 18
    Jennifer says:

    I like LBB on FB!

  19. 19
    Jennifer says:

    I subscribe to LBB’s blog :) Thanks for all the great chances to win!

  20. 20
    Jessica Long says:

    Urban Garden is perfect for a mom of two little boys…who needs her camera to be a little girlie! Love it!

  21. 21
    Jessica Long says:

    I liked LBB on FB!

  22. 22
    Brandie says:

    Glimmer of Paris Black, please ;)
    These look awsome! Thanks for the great give away!!

  23. 23
    Jessica Long says:

    I liked Camera Coats on FB!

  24. 24
    Michele N. says:

    These are too cool! Hard to choose one favorite, I narrowed it down to Bohemian Summer & Urban Garden. Thanks for the chance!


  25. 25
    Michele N. says:

    I like LBB on facebook :o)

  26. 26
    Stephanie G says:

    Love these! My favorite is urban garden, std size. I liked camera coats on fb, LBB on fb, and subscribe to LBB blog emails!!

  27. 27

    Bohemian Summer or Brown Damask are my favorites.

  28. 28

    I currently carry my camera in a hair dryer bag!
    Black slicky vest looks classy.

  29. 29

    i like lbb on fb

  30. 30

    i am a happy subscriber of lbb.

  31. 31

    just liked cc on fb

  32. 32

    I love the Ti amo! :)

  33. 33

    I have 2 favorites. There are so many fun choices. They are: Shabby Nautical Chevron Cotton Coat & Touch of Glitter/Black {Waterproof}.

  34. 34

    I “liked” Camera Coats on FB! :)

  35. 35

    I love Happy Days

  36. 36

    I am a happy subscriber to lbb :D

  37. 37

    I liked them on fbook

  38. 38

    I liked LBB on fbook

  39. 39

    I subscribe to LBB in my reader

  40. 40
    Megan dutton says:

    Love love love the shabby nautical chevron cotton coat !! These are great!!

  41. 41
    Jeanne J. says:

    I like the Black Slicky Vest.

  42. 42
    Jeanne J. says:

    I follow LBB on fbook.

  43. 43
    Nancy S says:

    I subscribe to LBB!!

  44. 44
    Nancy S says:

    I already LIKE Camera Coats on FB!

  45. 45
    Nancy S says:

    I like LBB on FB!

  46. 47
    Jeanne J. says:

    I follow
    LBB’s blog

  47. 48
    Heather says:

    Just threw my camera in my diaper bag yesterday and thought there has to be something I can put over my camera to protect it. What a great idea and love the Urban Garden!

  48. 49
    Nancy S says:

    I like the Ti Amo camera Coat…and I like how many of the coats are waterproof!

  49. 50

    Red shabby chevron would match my bag so well! Adorable!

  50. 51
    Marla S says:

    Love them all and I’m quite guilty of throwing my camera in a bag unprotected so certainly something I probably need times two. :-))

  51. 52
    Marla S says:

    Twitter follower @wicked01

  52. 53
    Marla S says:

    Facebook fan of LBB

  53. 54
    Marla S says:

    FB fan of

  54. 55
    Heather C. says:

    I love the waterproof Brown Damask! What a neat idea!

  55. 56
    Heather C. says:

    I subscribe to LBB!

  56. 57

    I love these! I think the pro-sized Happy Days one would look quite spiffy on my d7000!

  57. 58
    jan schrock says:

    i love all of them but would choose the may flowers waterproof if i had a choice….it would be for my daughter who has just started a photography business…these are really cool and different, thanks for the chance!

  58. 59
    jan schrock says:

    oh…and i already like lbb on facebook and now like camera coats too!

  59. 60

    Touch of Glitter… White or black. Today, I’ll say white. :).
    Thanks – This is a super idea!

  60. 61
    Jennifer Tejada says:

    Great giveaway! So tough to choose just one, but for me it would be the Glimmer of Paris/Black {Waterproof}. THANKS!

  61. 62
    Jennifer Tejada says:

    I already like LBB on FB. (=

  62. 63
    Jennifer Tejada says:

    I already subscribe to the LBB blog. (=

  63. 64
    Jennifer Tejada says:

    I like Camera Coats on Facebook.

  64. 65

    I really like the Glimmer of Paris and love that it’s waterproof.

  65. 66

    Liked the Camera Coats FB page :)

  66. 67

    Already a fan of LBB on fb.

  67. 68

    Wow, great idea! I could really use one of these. Every time I used my camera strap; the lens cap would pop off, so I took my strap off and now I am guilty of just throwing my camera into my purse or diaper bag. My fav. style is Vintage Summer!

  68. 69

    Subscribing to LBB.

  69. 70

    Following Camera Coats on Twitter @SnapsByM

  70. 71

    Subscribed to LBB blog

  71. 72

    What a neat idea! My favorite is Brown Damask.

  72. 73

    Subscribed to LBB blog.

  73. 74
    Melissa M. says:

    Love these! I have been trying to figure out a way to make something similar myself but don’t really have the sewing skills. I would love the polka dot party.

  74. 75
    Melissa M. says:

    already a fan of LLB on facebook.

  75. 76
    Melissa M. says:

    I liked camera coats on Facebook.

  76. 77

    Love this idea!
    I have a nice camera bag but never use it for day to day stuff. This would be perfect! I would choose Black Slicky Vest {Water Resistant}.

  77. 78
    Heather says:

    I “liked” camera coats on Facebook!!

  78. 79
    Heather says:

    These are neat. I like the shabby chevron in red and nautical.

  79. 80
    ginger lambert says:

    I love the Glimmer of Paris camera coat… have been there twice and brings back fun memories! the glimmer reminds me of the Eiffle Tower at night when the lights ‘sparke’ so incredible to see!

  80. 81
    ginger lambert says:

    I liked camera coats in facebook as well!

  81. 82
    ginger lambert says:

    I am following on Twitter… allready a subsricber and follower of Lil Blue Boo!

    thanks for ALL the fun you bring our way Ashley!

  82. 83

    Nautical chevron Is really cute!!

  83. 84

    I follow LBB!!

  84. 85

    I love the glimmer of paris in black! Classy and waterproof, and stylish to boot!

  85. 86

    Love the brown cord shabby/chevron pink. So cute.

  86. 87

    I like camera coats on facebook!

  87. 88

    I like Lil Blue Boo on facebook!

  88. 89
    SharonKC says:

    I’m lovin’ the Bohemian Summer. Except for those days when I should probably have some water resistant (on the boat?!) when I should definitely have the Black Slicky Vest!

  89. 90
    Whitney says:

    Urban Garden for sure. So cute & such a great idea!

  90. 91
    Amber L says:

    My fave is the rosarita red waterproof! LOVE these!! I so need one!

  91. 92
    Amber L says:

    I liked camera coats on facebook :)

  92. 93
    Amber L says:

    I already like LBB on facebook!

  93. 94

    I am in LOVE with the Pro size waterproof Glimmer of Paris. I’m obsessed with black/white damask and living in FL – I NEED me some waterproof. :)

  94. 95

    I love the mustard flower one!! Hope it comes back into stock in the pro size soon, so adorable!!

  95. 96

    I follow LBB!!

  96. 97

    I like LBB on Facebook now too. :) Thanks for pointing out these beauties!!

  97. 98

    I can’t even begin to pick one that I like – they are all FAB!! I am leaning toward the waterproof ones though.

  98. 99

    I’m following camera coats on FB

  99. 100

    and follow LBB on FB too!

  100. 101

    I want the “glimmer of paris” coat.. love it!

  101. 102

    I “liked” on Facebook

  102. 103

    I’ve been a “fan” of Lil Blue Boo on Facebook for a long time

  103. 104

    I’ve been a subscriber for a while too :)

  104. 105

    I love the waterproof Urban Garden camera coats. I’m already subscribed to LBB!

  105. 106
    Heather says:

    Oh my I am in love!!! Crossing my fingers to win:)

  106. 107
    Sherry Loutchaninoff says:

    Love my pro waterproof happy days!!

  107. 108

    I’ve had my eye on these forever…such a great idea!! I love the Rosarita Blue!

  108. 109

    I like them on facebook!

  109. 110

    I follow them on twitter!

  110. 111

    I like you on FB!

  111. 112

    Oh what a great idea! Love love LOVE! I really like Bohemian Summer.

  112. 113

    I liked them on Facebook

  113. 114

    Oh my gosh these are so cute!! I love the Sweet Mustard Flowerettes

  114. 115
    Nikki M says:

    I like the Urban Garden camera coat.

  115. 116
    Nikki M says:

    I like LBB on Facebook.

  116. 117
    Nikki M says:

    I like Camera Coats on Facebook.

  117. 118
    Nikki M says:

    I subscribe to LBB.

  118. 119

    Very nifty! I really like the idea of the oilcloth, so Urban Garden would be my pick! Thanks for the giveaway!

  119. 120

    Hi I just became a fan of Camera Coats on FB yay!!

  120. 121

    Have been of fan on FB of LBB! Woo Hoo!

  121. 122

    I like Camera Coats on Facebook!

  122. 123

    I already liked Lil Blue Boo on facebook. Check and check!

  123. 124
    cathy burritt says:

    I love love the Shappy Nautical Chevron Cotton Coat!

  124. 125
    cathy burritt says:

    I “liked” Camera Coats on FB.

  125. 126
    cathy burritt says:

    I’m subscribed to your blog!

  126. 127

    I like rosarita red

  127. 128

    I follow lbb on fbook

  128. 129
    cathy burritt says:

    I “liked” Lil Blue Boo on FB.

  129. 130

    I subscribe to lbb

  130. 131

    Liked camera coats on fbook

  131. 132
    Robin Ann Apicella says:

    I love all the Shabby camera coats and I subscribe to CameraCoats and am their friend on facebook

    Does this count at 3?

  132. 133

    I love the one called “A touch of glitter/white” How neat is that!? I am always slinging my camera over my shoulder like a purse and trying to hope it doesn’t bump anything while I am also keeping up with a one and a three year old at the same time! Yeah…..It always bumps something! (wink)

  133. 134
    Cynthia says:

    I need this!!! I throw my camera in my diaper bag every day! It needs a coat!

  134. 135

    I like Glimmer of Paris/Black.

  135. 136

    I liked camera coats of FB

  136. 137

    I subscribe to lbb

  137. 138

    I like May Flowers and Rosarita/Blue.. super cute!

  138. 139

    Urban Garden FUN or Mr law navy cord PRACTICAL

  139. 140

    Camera Coats is a great idea! I would love to have the Glimmer of Paris in Black, it is tres chic! Thanks for offering the gift certificates!

  140. 141

    Happy Days! I love it & it might get my hubby to stop trying all the buttons on my camera!

  141. 142

    I like them on facebook, Camera Coats that is :P

  142. 143

    I like Camera Coats on fb.

  143. 144

    I like LBB on facebook, of course!

  144. 145

    I subascribe to the LBB blog as well!

  145. 146

    I love these!!!! My fave are PRO Amour and Urban Garden!!! I might just have to get 2!!!

    Like Camera Coats on FB!

  146. 147

    Follow Camera Coats on Twitter!

  147. 148

    Like LBB on FB – for sure!

  148. 149

    Subscribe to LBB Blog, as well!

  149. 150
    Ronnie-Lyn Mogensen says:

    I love the Shabby Navy Cord!

  150. 151
    Ronnie-Lyn Mogensen says:

    I already liked Camera Coats on facebook!

  151. 152
    Ronnie-Lyn Mogensen says:

    Already like Lil Blue Boo on facebook! :)

  152. 153
    Sarah K says:

    I love all the floral prints! I also love the amour one too!!!

  153. 154

    Sweet mustard flowerettes! I’ve been eyeing these for a long time. What a great idea!

  154. 155

    I’m in love with Urban garden!

  155. 156

    I like Camera Coats on Facebook.

  156. 157

    I liked Camera Coats on FB.

  157. 158

    I’ve liked LBB for a long time on FB

  158. 159

    I follow Camera Coats on twitter.

  159. 160

    I subscribe to Lil Blue Boo blog. That’s how I knew of this giveaway. Thanks.

  160. 161
    Sarah K says:

    I follow LBB blog!

  161. 162

    I like Lil Blue Boo of Facebook.

  162. 163

    I liked LBB

  163. 164
    Jennifer says:

    Like the brown damask waterproof. such a cool idea!

  164. 165
    Jennifer says:

    Subscribed.. no longer just a stalker..

  165. 166
    Jennifer says:

    Liked lil blue boo on facebook…

  166. 167
    Jennifer says:

    liked camera coats on facebook..

  167. 168
    Tara Boulter says:

    I love the rosarita blue water proof! Thank you :)

  168. 169
    Tara Boulter says:

    I subscribe to LBB blog ;)

  169. 170
    Jennifer says:

    wow..on twitter now…amazing.. following camera coats. I super duper wanna!

  170. 171
    Tara Boulter says:

    I follow LBB on Facebook.

  171. 172
    Cindy Prince says:

    Love the ‘new’ Country Chic!!!!!

  172. 173
    Cindy Prince says:

    “Liked” Camera Coats on Facebook!

  173. 174
    Melissa Mahoney says:

    I LOVE this idea!! How cute!!! I am totally in LOVE with the Polka Dot Party camera coat!! LOVE IT!!! : ) I can’t believe I haven’t seen these before, I TOTALLY need one!!! : )

  174. 175

    I’m so bad with my camera. These are such a great idea! I would get the black slicky. It’s waterproof (and I seem to always get caught in the rain and panicking), and I know my husband wouldn’t mind wearing it too :)

  175. 176

    I love the bohemian one!

  176. 177

    I follow camera coats on FB now!

  177. 178

    I subscribe to LBB on FB!

  178. 179

    Glimmer of Paris

  179. 180

    I subscribe to LBB!

  180. 181

    I subscribe to lbb

  181. 182
    Hailey A says:

    I LOVE the Glimmer of Paris/Black Camera Coat! This is a must have for me! I am a mom to 3 very active & young boys & my camera is always thrown in my bag. This is a lifesaver….genius!!!!

    I also like LBB on Facebook, like Camera Coats on Facebook, am signed up for LBB’s newsletter, & started following Camera Coats on Twitter.

    I am a big fan….thanks so much for this awesome giveaway!

  182. 183

    What a great thing for moms on the go! I love the Urban Garden one!

  183. 184
    Jane Patterson says:

    Love the Glimmer of Paris/Black {Waterproof}! Would make me more comfortable lugging around the better camera when I don’t want to carry it’s case.

  184. 185

    I would love to carry my camera around in the black/white nautical chevron.

  185. 186

    I LOVE the yellow glitter, but might have to actually go with something more manly, in case da husband wants to hold it. ;)

  186. 187

    I liked Camera Coats on Facebook!

  187. 188

    I’m a LBB ‘liker’ on Facebook.

  188. 189

    And, of course, I’m a subscriber to LBB too. LOVE it!

  189. 190

    Love the black slicky and totally love the new PRO size!!

  190. 191

    I follow on FB too!

  191. 192

    I love these…my favorite is Mr. Stripe

  192. 193

    So many cute options! But I think my fave is Bohemian Summer. :-)

  193. 194

    already a fan of camera coats! I’ve been eyeing them for awhile. Now I know I HAVE to get one for those family trips. :-) (& on shoots, lol)

  194. 195

    Already an LBB fan! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this blog! (& the clothes)

  195. 196

    already a subscriber to the LBB blog! Love my nightly emails. :-)

  196. 197
    Dorothy says:

    The Amour Camera Coat is adorable!

  197. 198
    Dorothy says:

    I like Camera Coats on FB!

  198. 199
    Dorothy says:

    I am a subscriber to LBB!

  199. 200

    Urban garden is my fave!

  200. 201

    I subscribe to this blog via google reader. LOVE IT!

  201. 202

    Love the Sweet Mustard Flowerettes! What a great idea!

  202. 203

    I follow LLB on Reader

  203. 204

    I “Like” LLB on Facebook

  204. 205

    I “Like” CC on FB

  205. 206

    I follow CC on Twitter

  206. 207

    This is exactly what my camera needs!! I love the

  207. 208

    urban garden is very pretty

  208. 209

    I like the Vintage Summer one!

  209. 210

    I love the Urban Garden camera coat……..

  210. 211

    I stalk, I mean follow you on FB

  211. 212

    I have been a stalker,er, follower of LBB for quite awhile ;)’
    Love it !!!!

  212. 213

    I liked CC on FB,too.

  213. 214

    Thanks to your discount I ordered the Navy corduroy camera coat, I know I’ll love it! I’d also love to win one for my friend! I love “Glimmer of Paris”!

  214. 215

    I liked Camera Coats on FB.

  215. 216

    I’m a follower of LBB.

  216. 217

    I’m also a follower of LBB on Facebook. :)

  217. 218

    I LOVE these! What a great idea. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I think maybe it’s the May Flowers Gray. Thanks.

  218. 219

    I liked Camera Coats on FB.

  219. 220

    I already “like” lil blue boo on FB.

  220. 221

    I love the sweet mustard flowerettes and also the amour. too hard to choose one favorite!

  221. 222

    I would get one of those rain slickies! SO cute!

  222. 223

    Like Camera Coats on Facebook!

  223. 224

    Like Little Blue Boo on Facebook

  224. 225

    Follow your blog!

  225. 226
    ira lee henson says:

    i like either the black and white chevron or the moroccan one. two totally diff styles there, right?! lol

  226. 227
    Chrichelle Fernandez says:

    LOVE these! And LOVE the Touch of Glitter/Black {Waterproof}!

  227. 228
    Chrichelle Fernandez says:

    Following @CameraCoats on Twitter!

  228. 229
    Chrichelle Fernandez says:

    “Liked” Camera Coats on Facebook. =)

  229. 230
    Chrichelle Fernandez says:

    And of course…have always “Liked” Lil Blue Boo on Facebook! =)

  230. 231
    Adie F. says:

    I love the Happy Days Waterproof camera coat it is so cute!!

  231. 232
    Adie F. says:

    I like camera coats on Facebook!!

  232. 233
    Adie F. says:

    I follow lil blue boo on facebook!!!

  233. 234
    Adie F. says:

    I follow camera coats on twitter!!

  234. 235
    Adie F. says:

    I am subscribed to lil blue boos newsletter!! :)

  235. 236

    I love them all but am really fond of the Shabby Nautical Chevron print.

  236. 237

    I like Camera Coats on FB

  237. 238

    I like LBB on FB

  238. 239

    I LOVE the Shabby Nautical Chevron coat!!

  239. 240

    I Like Camera Coats on FB!

  240. 241

    Clearly i already like LLB on fb!

  241. 242

    I follow camera coats on twitter!!!

  242. 243

    I LOVE the Glimmer of Paris/Black Camera Coat, but I could be happy with any of them! I may need to start a collection so I can match all my purses!

  243. 244

    I love the plain black one

  244. 245

    I like Camera Coats on Facebook

  245. 246

    I follow Camera Coats on Twitter

  246. 247

    I like Lil Blue Boo on Facebook

  247. 248

    I am subscribed to the Lil Blue Boo blog

  248. 249

    Heart the Glimmer of Paris/Black {Waterproof}! So Glam!

  249. 250

    I love the brown damask but…

    am I the only one who sees underpants when I look at these?

    Just me then? Okay, skulking off redfaced now…

  250. 252

    I love the Glimmer of Paris/Black one!

  251. 253

    Urban Garden or a Touch of Glitter/White. This would make a great gift for my sister!

  252. 254

    I have always liked you on Facebook :) Thanks for the chance and a great gift idea!

  253. 255
    lbreid25 says:

    I love the Glimmer of Paris! Such a cute idea/product!

  254. 256

    I’d love a waterproof one so that spills won’t affect it (too much). My fav is Glimmer of Paris/Black

  255. 257

    I liked camera coats on FB

  256. 258

    I follow Emily at camera coats on Twitter

  257. 259

    I liked LBB on FB!

  258. 260

    I subscribe to the LBB blog via RSS

  259. 261

    Nautical chevron camera coat with the yellow flowers….ohhhh I wish they had it in!!!!

  260. 262

    i have been wanting to get one of these! i love the waterproof rosarita one!

  261. 263

    i like CameraCoats on FB

  262. 264

    i follow the lbb blog

  263. 265

    I LOVE the rain slickers!

  264. 266

    i like lbb on fb

  265. 267

    I follow LLB on facebook!

  266. 268

    I also follow Camera Coats on FB!

  267. 269

    I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE the Shabby Nautical Chevron Cotton Coat!!!!! Guilty of throwing mine in my bag as well—totally unprotected!

  268. 270

    Love Glimmer of Paris/Black!! Camera Coat! & LOVE LBB!!

  269. 271

    i follow you on google. these camera coats are so cute. they look like a big gun holster too. lol that makes them even cuter.

  270. 272
    Anneliese says:

    LOVE the water proof (any) but may flowers are super cute! I liked on FB too! What a cleaver idea!!!

  271. 273
    allie burns says:

    Love this idea! fabulous as I am also guilty of throwing it in! I love the lime delight and happy days!

  272. 274
    allie burns says:

    liked Camera Coats on Facebook

  273. 275
    Katie 'Condit' Rogers says:

    Love the Shabby coat with the crochet flowers!

  274. 276
    allie burns says:

    subscribed to LBB

  275. 277
    Katie 'Condit' Rogers says:

    I like Lil Blue Boo on Facebook

  276. 278

    I love these! so hard to pick my favorite, but i love the
    Bohemian Summer the best. for now. that could change…very cute!

  277. 279
    Courtney says:

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    Katia needs one of this because she is getting a camera soon. It would be the perfect accesorie.
    Any design is gretly appreciated.

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    ooooh! I’m at the beach right now and would love to have had one of those with me all week! Better late than never, right?

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    Also, an awesome idea! I was looking for a sleeve insert for my purse and the pickings were slim, this is a great way to accomplish that + extra features!

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    My sister in law has one and I love the concept. I like the waterproof one, Bohemian Summer.

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