1. MichelleElaine says

    I have a sister-in-law who “passes” out every once in a while. No rhyme or reason to it, no medical explanation…. She will wake up in strange places, thank God these places have always been in her home. But, she has had to get stiches a couple of times.

  2. Karen C says

    This post made me smile. I like little toys and this was great fun to see! thank you!

  3. Chelleigh says

    Very the hippo necklace holder!what no Sid creations from toy story? Love ya,

  4. ira lee says

    that really neat! i love the lamp the best i think. but the LAST thing i need is another ‘project’!!

  5. mel says

    Cute idea! You could probably make a lamp out of all the toys that don’t get earned back from the “ransom bin”. 😉