Make A Chalkboard Inspiration Wall

How to make a chalkboard inspiration wall via

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now…..paint an entire wall with chalkboard paint and let it be a collection place for quotes, memories and inspiration.  This wall in our breakfast area was just the place to do it….right next to the magnetic chalkboard I did back in 2009. We are getting ready to repaint our interior wall and I wanted to find another way to preserve Boo’s growth chart too.


Before wall via


I used regular black chalkboard paint in the can:

Chalkboard Paint via


I painted a few coats and let it sit for 3 days to cure:

Let chalkboard wall cure for 3 days via

This is my favorite part: Chalk Ink. These are chalk markers like the restaurants and coffee shops use to make their awesome signs. It creates a clean look without all the dust and mess and can be removed with windex. It won’t smear either.  I used the Artista Pro Earthy Set for the wall:

Chalk ink via


I used the Chalk Ink to add a few of my favorite quotes:


Chalkboard quote via

I moved over Boo’s growth chart and made it a little more whimsical:

Chalkboard Growth Chart via


I added some artwork:

Non Smear Chalkboard Art via


It’s going to be a work in progress for a while…..but it will look so cool once the entire wall is finished.

Non-Messy Chalkboard Ink Wall via


Inspiration Quote Chalkboard Wall via


Source info:  You can purchase Chalk Ink markers from Chalk Ink directly here.



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  1. 1
    Meredith Klobucnik says:

    Yea that rocks, can you come over and help me make one? ;) Love!

  2. 2
    Melissa says:

    I have done chalkboards, too, in our home. I love yours. I drew penguins in our. I have our chalkboards in my blog.

  3. 3

    If only my stuffy husband would let me!

    • 4
      Karen says:

      Do you have a basement? Maybe he would allow it down there. Or you could do like we did at my house and paint the size of a large frame and frame it. Then it would just be one “picture” rather than a whole wall. Good luck!

  4. 5
    deb says:

    Love it….can’t wait to see future post with all your creative additions. Have a super day!

  5. 6
    Marshall says:

    Gorgeous!! I’ve been wanting to do something like this.

  6. 7
    merry says:

    I like that you did an entire wall. Looks great.

  7. 8

    Have you tried wiping off the marker yet? I was going to use those for some wood I had painted with chalkboard paint and was too scared because it says to only use on hard surfaces like metal. Just curious if you had any issues with it not coming off of the wall??? I’d love to use them on the chalkboards I painted.

    • 9
      Ashley says:

      Yep! I messed up a few times on some of the artwork. I used Windex and it came right off without any effect to my chalkboard paint. I’m not sure what happens when I leave it on for a few months….I guess I’ll see then. I talked to Chalk Ink and they recommended Glidden brand chalkboard paint for the best results but I couldn’t find it. The one I used seemed to work fine. Hope that helps!

    • 11
      Amber says:

      Hey ladies! Thought I would stop by and share…just tried to wipe of chalk markers off my chalkboard wall and they do leave a “ghost” image! I used Rustoleum chalkboard paint as well and after a little bit of searching I found a couple other ladies who had come across the same thing. It seems like they only come off clean on surfaces with a sheen. Just just shared my chalkboard wall including my failed run in with the markers. I’d love for you to stop by sometime!


      • 12
        Ashley says:

        Wipe the ghost image lightly with a magic eraser…it comes right off :)

        • 13
          Melinda says:

          I just painted a wall in my kitchen with chalkboard paint, we put down an oil based primer first. I’m hesitant to use the chalk ink after reading about it leaving a ghost image. Do the magic erasers really take that off? I just don’t want to have to repaint.

  8. 14
    Nancy Babb says:

    Love it! But, since you used the Chalk Ink Markers I think you could have gone with any color wall, and just used eggshell finish “regular” paint, (that can be washed with a wet rag) …. I don’t think chalkboard paint is necessary if you aren’t using real chalk. The markers will write on most anything that you can wash with a wet rag. And for folks that don’t want a whole wall they can just use the glass of a large frame to write on….frame some solid wrapping paper if the picture is larger than 12×12. THOSE MARKERS ARE WONDERFUL!!! You could even write your affirmations on your mirror to see every time you wake up and start your day!

    • 15
      ak says:

      I’ve tried using eggshell paint with chalk markers.

      After a few months, it didn’t all come off.

      I had to repaint my walls!

      Go for chalkboard wlall paint. They make chalkboard wall paint in multiple colors.

      Glass works… IF you don’t leave the chalk markers on there too very long. I learned the hard one on that one too. Eeck.

  9. 16

    Love it!

  10. 17

    I have a friend who painted her cupboards with chalkboard paint and then drew cute little renditions of the dishes and things that were behind the doors. So. Cute.

  11. 18
    Barbara says:

    This looks so great! Chalkboard markers…what a great idea.

  12. 19
    Tara Boulter says:

    This look awesome!

  13. 20
    Jessica says:

    Can I hire you to come decorate my home? That looks wonderful! And I’m definitely going to buy those chalkboard markers!

  14. 21
    Charity says:

    It already does look cool! I want a wall like this. =)

  15. 22
    Diane says:

    I manage a group home and we’ve been planning to paint a door in the kitchen with chalkboard paint to post menu, chores, etc. Went to Lowe’s last week to get the paint, but they didn’t have any, so thanks for the tip about the Glidden chalkboard paint. I’m glad to find out about the chalkboard markers- they look nice!

  16. 23
    Victoria says:

    Wow! I love this idea! I hope I can do this one day when I have my own place :)

  17. 24
    Cheryl says:

    Love the wall! Love your handwriting too and creativity. I am thankful to hear about the chalkboard markers too!

    Thanks for sharing!

  18. 25
    Erin says:

    Was your wall originally a flat surface?? I want to do this but our walls are textured and I’m not handy enough to do the drywall to flatten it out :(

  19. 26
    lisacng says:

    So THAT’s how they get such clean drawings, chalk ink!! GENIUS! TKS!

  20. 27
    Morgan says:

    LOVE!!!! I didn’t know about the ChalkInk because I’m not cool like that but we will definitely be getting some. We have a big chalkboard along a wall in our playroom.

  21. 28
    Joy says:

    I love it ! You are such a talented girl :)

  22. 29
    lisarenata says:

    I love the way it turned out. Now if only I had the perfect wall to do it.

  23. 30
    Anne says:

    I might have to reconsider ChalkInk. I really wanted to use it on my chalkboard wall, as well, but read that there are issues with “ghosting” on more porous surfaces like walls. Please keep us updated!

  24. 31
    Karen says:

    chalk ink. I love it! I was looking at the photo of Boo earlier and wondering how her chalk looked so bright and not dusty. We have chalkboards painted at home too. We have a bright wall with random squares of chalkboard paint and picture frames around them. We also have a small wall painted with chalkboard paint too, but I think the ink would make it more fun.

  25. 32
    Julie says:


    I have had my chalkboard wall for 5 years and still love it!

    I just wanted to let you know that I use the Chalk ink Markers and paid shipping on them for years…I recently found out that Michaels has them (they keep them behind the registers with the sharpies)

    Love your blog :)

  26. 33
    Kat says:

    I have a prayer garden in my back yard and one side of it is a wall that I would like to turn into an inspirational message center :) How do you think this would do outside? You mentioned that the chalk ink comes off with windex….do you think it could withstand weather?

    • 34
      Lisa says:

      I would think it might fade after a while, especially if you live in a rainy climate. Such a nice idea though :-)


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