Make Sure Your Heart Notifies Your Face

I’ve been wanting to repaint the main living area in our house for a while now. I distressed all the walls a few years ago and I’m kind of over the glazed look.  I’ve been adding paint colors to a few walls and last week I picked out a new greyish-beige color I thought would be a great change…..only to discover….. as Boo painted it on the wall…… that it’s: almost. the. exact. same. color. as the original beige color.  Basically I went from beige……to beige. Risky!

Painting beige.....over beige. via

It was a very productive weekend.  I narrowed down 3 shades of grey tones.  I like a very neutral, monochromatic living space.  Mr. LBB would love color….but he knows where to pick his battles. He’ll be happy if I just finally pick a color and stop painting patches randomly on walls around the house. He had to work again all weekend.  Boo loves to go to work with him and he took her with him for a few hours on Saturday.  Around lunchtime, I heard the truck drive up the driveway. I looked out the kitchen window and saw: Boo standing in her underwear, crying hysterically, and Mr. LBB frantically scooping strawberry milkshake out of the side of his truck in the 102 degree humidity. So what did I do? I kept eating my veggies and dip…..watching……with a tiny bit of amusement.

I’ve created a little mini me by the way. She is constantly working on projects…..and she leaves them everywhere.

Me: Why does she always have to start a new project right before bedtime?
Mr. LBB: Maybe because she’s your daughter…..look in the mirror.

A trail of clutter via

Forget the tupperware box…..I started threatening to throw anything that was left on the floor away without warning.

Cleaning up after my kid via

Since last Thursday I’ve had a total of 4 doctor’s appointments.  I’m doctored out…..but they were all just making sure things were okay.  My new GynOnc Dr. H is monitoring my ovaries and making sure the cyst that was causing so much discomfort is just that…..a cyst. I had an ECHO today to make sure my heart is okay after all that chemo and because Dr. Y thought my heart murmur sounded more pronounced…..but everything looks totally normal. Despite 23 rounds of chemotherapy, my ticker is still going strong with no signs of muscle weakness. Maybe I’ll go run a marathon now. I also had a gazillion vials of blood drawn to check everything else since I “lost time” (that’s a Primal Fear movie reference in case you missed it). I guess I’m about the only person that thought randomly passing out didn’t seem like a big deal.

I spent some of the weekend working on a new Choose Joy necklace design.  It’s my first real venture into jewelry.  The reason I’m so excited about it? Because I’m taking a trip up to Northern California to document the process of it being made. I know you all love behind the scenes as much as I do……so I’m making kind of a mini-documentary of it…..a “How it’s Made.” I know it seems so far away……but they will be available around mid-August.

Oh, and speaking of joy…..I heard the following in church yesterday:

Make sure your heart notifies your face via

So true. Choose joy…..but make sure your heart and face are communicating. That’s the only way to spread it.

P.S. A few ways to keep that joy while cleaning up after your kid.



  1. says

    Aaahh! Primal Fear FA-REAKED me out. Thank you for bringing that up again. 😛

    In other news, I’m with you on the tossing out of stuff left on the floor. I made a similar threat to my 5 year old the other day as well!

    Glad you are a-ok and the ticker is tocking the way it should. :)

  2. tisha says

    Ashley, I almost said something about the “lost time” but did not want to alarm you.. Anytime we have anyone check into our ER and they have lost conciousness they are rushed right back.. I did not realize it was such a big deal either, but guess it is.. Not normal for sure. You really never know how much time you have lost unless someone else is there with you. Hope all is just fine..

  3. shari says

    I’ve “lost time” twice this year….no idea why! So let me know what they say about you :) Miss you lady. When are you guys coming?? You would LOVE it here!!!
    Oh, and I cannot blv you picked the same beige, HA!

  4. Kari Clarke says

    I am painting too! It’s so therapeutic! My new kitchen color is Ashley Grey by BM – thought you’d like that one. It’s a “muddy-grey” or “dirty-grey”. My house is becoming its own 50 Shades of Grey. Can’t wait to see when you are done.

    Did I miss your update on Boos room?

  5. says

    We experienced your 102 degree heat with high humidity. My daughter had a dance competition in Rancho Mirage and it was pretty miserable. Of course it would have been the same if we would have stayed at home in our own desert this weekend. It is so much nicer out there than where we live.

    We are also picking out paint colors to redo our bathrooms and bedroom. I’m not sure what I was thinking 9 years ago when I picked out these colors!

  6. Mary says

    I “lost time” changing a bandage on my arm. I just got laughed at though. It turns out I can’t handle my own blood. I didn’t know that until I had to deal with my own blood.

    • Heather says

      So I’m not the only one who “lost time” to seeing their own blood?! Haha… Wait… Mine wasn’t even blood… It was red ink. 😛

  7. Kelli says

    We’re in Northern California and I would LOVE to buy a Choose Joy necklace from you in person! Who is making them?

    Pack a jacket…the coldest winter Mark Twain spent was a summer in San Francisco!

    P.S. I’ve “lost time” so many times since losing my first tooth at age 5 that I can’t even keep count! My most recent two were at Urgent Care for my 4 year old’s stitches to the eyebrow (BEFORE they even started working on her) and two weeks later at Urgent Care with my 2 year old for stitches to the finger (again, flat out on the floor before the actual procedure). I’m not allowed to donate blood anymore for their liability purposes! 😉

  8. cher says

    Hi, I just wanted to find out what font you’ve used to write that little sign above;
    if God has placed joy in your heart etc….
    Thanks for sharing

  9. Karin says

    I threatened and even followed through! But now a few years later (she’s 12 now!) she still leaves her stuff all over the place and I am tired of replacing things that I have thrown out. I guess we all have to choose our battles in parenting. Now I have a big bin with her name on it. I walk through the house at night and toss everything in there. She cleans that one out regularly though without me having to threaten to toss it! :-)

  10. Kim Barlow says

    I am a stair stacker, I stack it at the bottom of the stairs if it needs to go up and I stack it at the top of the stairs if it needs to go down. Then I call for a runner. After playing the “not it” game. The loser aka The runner…runs it up or runs it down and THAT….is how we roll!