RIP Frida

My kid is definitely not missing a sensitivity chip. In fact, I think she got a few extra of them….so if anyone needs an extra let me know.  The first sign: she cries at the end of every. single. movie……even Hancock.  The more emotional the music, the more emotional she gets. Don’t even get me started on how she reacts at the end of Armageddon…..the whole 10 minutes at the end where everyone is reuniting and Harry dies? Wow. She even cries at those touching ESPN stories.

I get it. I cry at them too. Legends of the Fall. Secretariat. Joy Luck Club. Lifetime Movies. Pixar’s UP. Undercover Bosses when the CEOs surprise the workers at the end. And it used to be every Oprah episode.

Yesterday she saw her friend Elle (Lisa’s daughter) at school for the first time in a few days. She ran up to Elle and hugged her tight. She didn’t let go for a long time.  It got kind of awkward so Lisa said she peeked around to see if Boo was joking……but Boo was bawling. Boo, struggling through sobs, said: I missed you Elle……and I’m so sorry your fish died.

I’d forgotten that I told her that Elle’s fish Frida died. I just said it in passing…..not thinking it was something she’d remember. It wasn’t our fish. Poor fish….but it was actually Elle’s second fish Frida….Lisa quickly replaced the first one when it died. It wasn’t even the original Frida. [Read more…]

July Sponsor Giveaway!

I want to win the July Sponsor Giveaway at


Thank you so much to all of our amazing sponsors that donated to our July Giveaway. One lucky Lil Blue Boo reader is going to walk away with it all!


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Lisbeth Saaaahl-Laaaahnder

In college I went 4 months straight eating a mixture of 1 part plain yogurt with 1 part Grapenuts cereal. And it had to be the right ratio. And the Grapenuts had to be added periodically because I have a standard of deviation for sogginess.  After 4 months I never ate it again. Ever. I eat other cereals though and I still pay attention to sogginess.  I’ll pour a bowl of milk and then add a few Apple Jacks at a time.  I’m such a creature of habit. Excess habit. That’s a nicer way of saying OCD. If I find something I like I’ll eat it over and over and over until one day something new comes along.

One thing that I will never eat willfully: plain sandwich bread.  I’m not talking about dinner bread…..I’m talking like a loaf of sandwich bread.  Unless it’s covered in peanut butter and jelly.  But now I can’t eat peanut butter because my mom says it’s full of bacteria. Yesterday the refrigerator was down to a bare minimum and I was so desperate that I ate some Soybutter.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It only took me 2 years to try it. (This is why I can’t make Boo try stuff she insists she doesn’t like…..because I won’t.) Oh yeah, back to the sandwich bread…..just the smell of it makes me nauseous. It smells like fish bait to me. Probably because when I was little we used to ball up little pieces of sandwich bread to catch fish.  It reminds me of ducks too…..for the same reason. Not that we tried to catch ducks with hooks.  Who would want to catch a duck? And in conclusion, the bread also reminds me of investment banking because everyone knows that if you split a loaf of bread apart you can sell the slices for more than the entire loaf but you have to factor in the costs of separation too. 

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What’s Your Focal Length?

All About Photography Focal Length and Lenses from @Gayle Vehar via

Don’t let the fact that I am going to write a whole post here about focal length fool you. Focal length seems like it could be a little boring. It is probably the fact that it is measured in millimeters and sounds all “mathy!” But knowing a little about it can help you use and choose your lenses wisely.

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Awesome Beauty Products You Probably Already Have

Last week I stumbled across an easy, inexpensive way to whiten teeth at home via Pinterest.  I became obsessed with swishing with peroxide for a few days and seriously…..I have new teeth.

Random beauty tips via


There are a few more I’ve found since and I wanted to share them all with you!  Happy teeth-whitening-leg-shaving-no-more-cracked-heels-or-greasy-hair-faceblotting day!

Click “continue reading” below to see the gallery and links:

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Why I’ll Never Tell You How to Parent

Over the weekend, on Facebook and a few blogs, I “overheard”some heated exchanges over a sign on a tupperware box.  Of course, I’ll admit that I get myself lost in reading the drama late at night sometimes…’s like a train wreck you can’t turn away from.  The original photo has now disappeared from Pinterest and blogs….I’m not sure why…..maybe because someone was tired of being attacked? I don’t blame them. I felt bad for them. Here they thought they had a great idea and then all the attacks and rebuttals started……over……a tupperware box. I can’t even find the original source now:

Toy Ransom Box via

My first reaction was: who cares.

My second reaction was: if you don’t like the idea of a tupperware box holding your kid’s toys for ransom….then don’t make one.

My third reaction was: wow, you have to have a thick skin to put yourself out there on the Internet.

Of course I didn’t write any of these comments because you can’t suck me in to the bottomless pit of mommy wars……

Nothing makes me run faster in the opposite direction than: [Read more…]

If a Tree Falls in the Forest….

The back of my head is bruised…so is my chin, lip and shoulder:


I have this pinched nerve in my upper back and last night about 2am I went to get some ice water in the kitchen. The last thing I remember is leaning on the counter to catch my breath (because it’s really hard work walking from the bedroom to the kitchen, right?)…….and next thing I knew I woke up on the floor.

What the heck? I decided to sleep on the floor? When was that a good idea…..

And….. for a second….. I thought about just going back to sleep…… on the floor. Then I spent 10 minutes trying to get OFF the floor…..because a pinched nerve automatically makes you an invalid. Then I went back to bed like nothing happened.

Mr. LBB woke up around 6:30am and said “Want to go to Keedy’s for breakfast?”

Me: Sure. But could you tell me how bad I look right now?
Mr. LBB: What?!
Me: I think I fell face first into the kitchen counter last night.
Mr. LBB: Do you think you have a concussion?
Me: No. But I wish we had security cameras…..that video would be classic.

……..and I feel like I’m missing another 5 minutes from my life. I wish I’d at least had a few drinks… would have made a better story.

In other news….Lisa (the chicken) laid an egg!

I feel like a proud parent.

And this…..

…….is how the universe keeps in balance.


What’s in my bag?

When my friend Gussy asked me to be a part of her “What’s in your bag?” series I was so excited to show off my perfect purse life:

What's in my Gussy Sew's Market Tote via

I rock!

Except that……



Ok, maybe I didn’t really “LIE” but I might have left a few things out. Actually, I did lie about the house key. We don’t have any house keys. We lost them all….so we have combination keypads now. Those were Lisa’s keys in the photo.  Now let me break out the “SAW III” font for this next image……



What ELSE is in my Gussy Sew's Market Tote via


*Just a note: Boo’s “fine china” isn’t always itchy. I don’t want her to be embarrassed later in life about this. When it’s 115 degrees here in the desert sometimes she gets a rash.  I carry it with me so I’m not caught without it.

At school for a while she would be itchy at nap and wouldn’t tell the teacher how bad it was… I decided to call the school and mention it each afternoon so they’d ask her.

The first time I called, the woman who answers the phone yelled loud enough for the entire desert to pick up on: “WHO has a YEAST infection?”

My first reaction was all gangsta: “ME biaaaatchhh. I’m calling JUST to let you know that I have a yeast infection. What’s UP.”

Oh, I imagined that first reaction….nevermind, what I actually said was:

“Boo does…..could you just discretely check with her to see if I should pick her up? Thanks!”


Geez….I can never stay on track. This was supposed to just be a post about my friend Gussy’s awesome market tote.…but of course I had to go on a tangent.  And now this post includes itchy fine china, rubber chickens, the movie SAW III, menopause, leaky pens, and yeast infections.  I’m SO sorry!


Social Media Icons | A Free Download (Updated)

Note: These icons have been updated. I didn’t realize that Twitter had recently rebranded to the bird instead of the lowercase “t” so these icons reflect their new guidelines. -Ashley

Social media icons - free download - via

Ashley had the great idea that I should offer some fun and colorful social media icons for use on your blogs or websites. So, I made a Scribble Set and a Sketchy Set in bright, happy colors.

Social media icons / buttons - free download - via


Click HERE to download the Scribble Set.

Click HERE to download the Sketchy Set.

Have a great weekend!

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