Our Dream House….

….apparently we already live in it. Boo drew a picture of it on the chalkboard today. We have a fancy pink Barbie chandelier and we eat pink-cotton-candy-potted-flowers at our table.



Now I just have to convince Boo that Barbie washes her hair more than once a week. Although, she did take a shower last night…..she just insisted on wearing a shower cap. (I’m just glad the phase of wearing a scuba diving mask at the same time is over…..what’s the point of a shower then.) After her shower, she got out and declared: THAT was SUCH a great shower. It made me giggle.

My friend Dan does serious critiques of kid’s artwork on his blog “What My Kid’s Art Says.” Here are just a few favorites but you have to go and read them all…..they are hilarious:



Dan included Boo in his new book: Is that a Picasso on Your Fridge? If you buy a copy and want it signed by Boo she says she’ll have to charge you. It’s already gone to her head.


Boo is always drawing. I scratch my head over a few of them. You guys are funny…..any caption ideas for this one?






  1. Trisha says

    I love her interview! Love her! The picture she drew is very obvious. It’s a half headed hippy…see the brown leather jacket and blue jeans. The little guy down below is it’s friend. LOL… too obvious? Yah I don’t think I’m as “outside the box” as she might be…then again, she’s YOUR daughter, so we all don’t expect anything less! :)

  2. says

    Bah-hahaha! “I’d loose a nickel…” she is hilARious! Reminds me a little of my Paige, actually. They both seem to be so sure of themselves. :O)

  3. Melissa K Johnson says

    If its a chicken, is it named Lisa?

    Im guessing its a human platypus. Evidently God is frugal as well as tireless with animals AND people. Hes not about to waste any spare body parts just laying about. And Boo, well……..she knows this. She also must have known that the heads are always the first to be backordered.

  4. says

    ummmm…its totally upside down? This is a cross of Boo’s 2 favorite movies, Mary Poppins and Tom & Jerry. If you turn it right-side-up this is obviously Tom after getting stuck in the water duct pipe (water “duck”pipes are pipes that are shaped like ducks) , Both of Toms paws are coming out of the 2 cylinder chimney pipes with his claws spread (just like “steppin time” with the chimney sweepers in Mary Poppins…..just then, Jerry shoots out of the pipe, just out of reach of Tom’s claws! Boo and I think alike!

  5. Leslie says

    It’s you- doing the mother ‘teapot’ stance, slightly scary due to toes, but not absolutely furious as slash of lippy is not too thin-lipped. Apparently wearing skinnies- and a rye bun. But WHERE is the rest of your head… Is there a lost folio of Boo?
    Could be worse- I know a four year-old who drew his teacher, “Rosalie as an alien pig”. he he he

  6. mom says

    Sienna is awesome…much like her mother!!! I wish you could put all of your precocious artwork on the blog to see what you were doing soo young, too! I am blest to see the nurturing of her obvious talents! I love you all…your adoring mom