Process: Making of a Choose Joy Necklace

When Erin of The Vintage Pearl decided to make the first Choose Joy Necklace…..I was ecstatic……she’s good people. I told Erin that I wanted to try my own design from start to finish with her blessing…..and I finally finished it.  I started with a sketch, had the master made, and then made the long trek up to Northern California to meet the team that would make it for me.  You see…..when something has this much meaning for me…’s important who has a hand in making it. (I want honest, positive, hardworking energy going into these pieces.) Robert Snell and his team at Snell Casting opened their doors wide open for me…..and I soon knew that they were good people too. I spent the day at Snell Casting as Robert walked me through each and every step in the process to make my Choose Joy design.  We made little changes as we went until it was just as I imagined.

Choose Joy via

So you can see my finished piece at the end of the video……perfectly imperfect. I wanted it to be a distressed and worn piece…..accepted flaws….just like life. Handmade by hardworking employees in the U.S.A.

And now you can watch the process from start to finish….because you know I had to film it so I could share it with you. I spent most of yesterday editing the video and adding the perfect music. Enjoy!



The finished piece measures is around 7/8″ and they are available in the shop. Thank you so much for supporting handmade.

P.S. If any of you are interested in having something cast, please consider Snell Casting.  Robert has an amazing team of artisans…..and he and his team are good people. When you call…tell Frankie I said hi.


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  1. MEmro Creations says

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing. Great music choice as well. Looking forward to pre-ordering… Will just the charms be available?

  2. Trisha says

    it’s beautiful!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on one!! My purple bracelet rarely leaves my arm, and my TVP necklace is worn quite often!!! Can’t wait to add to my collection! Choose Joy!!! xoxo

  3. says

    What a cool process. Every night before my kids go to sleep, I tell them that no matter what has happened during the day, they need to go to sleep with joy in their hearts. You should seriously do a boys line. My 13 year old loves a rubber bracelet look. Also, will there be different fonts available?

  4. Wren says

    Ashley – Super cute!

    PS – I popped over to Erin’s website. Fell for the Love My State necklace that she has in her shop! Now I have two new necklaces on my wish list!

    Best, Wren

  5. says

    I love it – it has the right amount of cute and a little more rough.

    I biught the “Fear will not rule” t-shirt from the auction – I teach highschool for grown ups – there’s always a reason why they haven’t done it before… a lot of them suffer from anxiety. Today we had a teambuilding day with the students, and I proudly wore my t-shirt, feeling so good to tell them that they should not let fear their dreams of getting their education! Thank you!

  6. Tleshia Farrar says

    Love the fact that we get to see how it is made! Thanks for sharing and always caring to look into the company and where it is made. It is really cool!

  7. says

    this is so great. I was actually in tears just over the simple fact that I am so proud of this generation of women who are rising up and using their hands to make such beautiful things. My husband serves in the military and we are so proud of all the opportunity in this country and I am just in such awe of the talent. This inspires me even more to keep making my art and supporting hand made, in the USA. Thanks for just devoting your time and heart to all your tutorials and projects too…your such an inspiration!

  8. Melissa says

    Hey Ashley,

    They look great!! I was born and raised in Grass Valley. It’s a small world — when you stop and think about it! You are such an inspiration, I love Lil Blue Boo!

    I can’t wait to buy one of your necklaces! They’re perfect.

  9. Liz says

    That was fascinating and now I want one even more! I’ve been patiently waiting for these to come back, and I’m so glad I did. It’s fabulous!

  10. says

    Great Christmas gifts y’all. And I’m about to shop early! I sent one of your Choose Joy bracelets to my niece Madeleine Sheils who is on the pro am golf tour. She promised to have her photo taken wearing it while golfing. I will mail it to you as soon as she does.

  11. Suzanne says

    Love it! Also the music, my grandmother goes Irish dancing all the time (every Sunday) and down the Cape all the time. She just found out today that her ongoing bladder cancer will be taking one of her kidneys Sept 12. And all she wanted to know was if she can still dance. She will be 80 in July next year, and will probably out live all of us!

  12. Lori says

    Love the necklace and the music! My son made me play the video over and over, so he could hear the music. It brought him joy! Can you tell me the name of the music?

  13. jan schrock says

    that was so interesting……always wondered about the process…..thanks for sharing, can’t wait to buy one!

  14. Adriana M says

    Beautiful necklace! And thanks for sharing the video of how it was made. So neat to see! :)

  15. Brandi says

    I have been waiting for these necklaces to come back since I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of July. I’ve been trying really hard to focus on the joy in my life and not the fear. Hope I get one, they are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the process too, I enjoyed the video.

  16. says

    LOVE the new necklace/bracelet. Can’t wait to be off my spending freeze (boo!) so I can order one. Love the choice of music too.

  17. Brenda L.W. says

    I love the necklace and the craftsmanship that went into it. The music had me chair dancing and smiling !

  18. Ashley says

    That is a beautiful piece. I can’t wait to get one. We are all battling different things. My husband was just recently diagnosed with MS and we all need a reminder to choose joy. :) Thank you for being such an inspiration of hope to all of us.

  19. Brenda says

    I’m so glad there is another “Choose Joy” Necklace coming. My daughter was very unhappy with me when I only ordered one (for myself) necklace during the last go around. She’ll be glad to hear she’ll be getting one of her very own. Beautiful, just beautiful!

  20. Rachel says

    I think I just heard Etta break into song: “At laaaaaaast…”:) So excited to get one of these beauties!