Things I Wanted to Tell You

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A pretty straight forward title…because sharing is caring…..


My friend Becki of Whippy Cake put together a thorough list of tips for composing Instagram Photos:

Instagram Composition via


I recently found Amber Rae and she never fails to inspire me:

I do not seek I find from Amber Rae via


I love stuff like this….recycled and amazing art. This artist uses scraps of denim…..

Denim art by Denimu via


Yes. Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.

Found via my Unicorn-Obsessed-Friend-Daily-Blarg-Stephanie, photo from Smartpak.

Always be a Unicorn via



Yummy Projects I Stumbled Across:

Yummy Tutorial Projects via lilblueboo.com1. DIY Pendant Lamp made from an exercise ball. Via Made By Girl.
2. Family Year Books. Awesome. Via eighteen25.
3. Built in Gift Card Holder. Via Martha Stewart.




Lil Blue Boo Tutorial Flashback:

Tutorial Flashbacks via lilblueboo.com1. Make a simple Bohemian Button Cuff.
2. Make a Camera Insert for your Handbag.
3. Make a Candy Wrapper Belt.
4. Create Faux Rhinestones with Puffy Paint.
5. Make an Etched Soap Bottle.
6. Make a Simple Art Portfolio for Back to School.



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More things I want to tell you about coming soon…..