Boobless (Updated)

Remember when….you first learned what 5,318,008 spelled on the calculator? That was awesome. And it was just as awesome teaching my daughter this morning.


Remember when first learned what 5318008 spelled on the calculator? That was awesome. via

Opposite of awesome: when a boy in 3rd grade showed me: 55,378,008 …….inferring that I was “boobless.” At the time, it seemed like the end of the world.

A few more I remember:

35,007 = loose
58,008,918 = bigboobs
90,435,380 = obesehog
0.1134 = hello

I wasn’t that creative with the calculator….what others are there?

P.S. Does anyone remember in Short Circuit 2 when Ben is locked in a freezer and he uses a calculator to hack into the phone line? He uses dial tones to play oldies music as secret codes to get rescued? That was awesome too.

P.P.S. Now that I think about it…..that scene was kind of a ripoff of the E.T. Speak and Spell “space” phone.

P.P.P.S. Can anyone tell me why the movie E.T. is never on TV? Never. seen. it. once. on. TV.  I even Googled it and couldn’t find the answer.which means it’s probably a conspiracy and this post will be flagged by the government.

P.P.P.P.S. To my sister Perry…..I know it’s you posting comments under the code name “Ricky Bobby”…..


Update 1: Apparently E.T. is on TV….all the time.  I can’t be that clueless……I’m always watching TV… now to find out who is scrambling my signal so I don’t get it…..

Update 2: Sometimes we need a little help for a change of perspective….because we’d never see it for ourselves.   Thanks Anke! Love this one:

“Bless Boo”

Bless Boo (calculator writing) via



  1. says

    ET was on two times last week and I remember being so excited because I had never seen it on tv either!

    And I also remember getting the boobless demonstration on my calculator…I wasn’t excited about that. Haha

  2. says

    The first word I learned to spell on a calculator was 7353 – Esel, which is German for donkey. I remember trying it on every calculator I could get my hands on!

  3. Angela S says

    Haha love this, I remember those days. Instead if cell phones there were pagers and we would text in “code”. For some dumb reason I can still rattle off 17*31707*1 (I Love You) like it was yesterday.

  4. says

    E.T. is on a great deal. I guess you just have to catch it at the right time.

    71077345 = Shell Oil

    Have you heard the blonde joke about needing the 710 part for the car? Yeah, it was the OIL cap upside down.

  5. Lizzie says

    My name can be spelled on a calculator: 312217

    I always thought that it was SO COOL when I was little; now it’s a handy locker combo at the gym :)

  6. Kere says

    ET was on last night!!
    ANd it seems to have made a comeback….our kids watched it over the summer and they loved it!

    Check your listings LOL

  7. Lesley says

    317537 spells the name Leslie-as a kid I always thought that was cool but would have been a cooler trick if mine were only spelled that way!

  8. Kelly says

    It’s hard to Perry to post undercover as Ricky Bobby since her picture shows up next to the comment…Sorry Perry, for calling you out!! 😉

  9. Megan says

    E.T. was on the Disney Channel the other night. Or maybe ABC Family. Anyway, it is on a lot. And I’ve still never watched it. We even have it on DVD. I’ve just never been in the right mindset to watch it for some reason. My husband thinks I’m nuts…

  10. says

    I remember when someone showed me that on the calculator! LOL! I only have boobs when I put on a little extra weight. Or during pregnancy/nursing. It’s totally unfair. Small spare tire around waist and almost-there boobs. Or…lean waist and no boobs at all. Boo. Forget about “Jenny” and her number. My number’s always been 55,378,008!!!

  11. Lynn says

    haha there’s actually a little story that I learned in elementry.
    There once was a woman her boobs were 69 in big. (type in 69)
    they were 2 2 2 big! (type in 222, so now you have 69222)
    One day she was walking on 51st street. ( type in 51, so now it’s 6922251)
    She met a man name mr. X ( press the multiplier)
    and he ate her boobs (8 x 6922251)
    and you get boobless!

    hah i’m pretty sure a kid didn’t come up with this

  12. says

    When I read the headline it read “boo bless” to me 😉
    In Germany, we mostly typed 38317 (Liebe=love) – or 7353, as friedapaula mentioned.
    I guess you could type 00855378 and show it to your cutie…

  13. Ricky Bobby says

    Yes….it is me…. Ricky Bobby! haha…. I wanted to comment on “the big debate posting” from last week, but then thought that I didn’t want to offend any one. And being your sister, I wouldn’t want to be responsible for you losing any fans bc of something your sister posted! haha…. I then thought maybe I should post under a decoy name! Fortunately, I thought maybe I should do a test post first…. Thank goodness I did, because I didn’t realize my picture was still attached! Guess I will have to come up with another pseudo name! haha

  14. Jen says

    I am pretty sure ET was just one recently or it is coming up really soon. I know I saw an advertisement!

    • Jen says

      and I see if I would have read comments or even finished the entire post first I wouldn’t have repeated what everyone above said. Sorry about that!

  15. Badmitton Queen says

    E.T. is actually going to be played on the big screen in the movie theatres coming up! Kinda neat1

  16. Lisa Renata says

    You crack me up. And I do totally remember doing that with calculators and later on with beepers.

  17. says

    LOL this is such a random post but I loved it :)
    I do believe I have seen ET come on TV before tho. It was around halloween and on one of those odd channels that no one ever watches. 😉
    So it was being hidden hehe.

  18. Jolien says

    We always had fun with 707+707=1414 or upside down LOL+LOL=HIHI. In Dutch “lol” means also “fun”, so when you add up fun, you get a laugh!

  19. Jennifer McNeely says

    So weird opening this blog this morning – had a double mastectomy on Friday so now I am “boobless”!! I will have to teach my little girl how to spell it too:)

    • Connie says

      Smooth recovery for you…been there, done that 2.5 years ago…much of the time I forget about the “old girls” however sometimes (when someone does a post about boobies :) then I remember that these “new girls” are just a part of the new me…the post cancer me that is here today…blessings!! ~C

  20. scrummy squirrel says

    I never knew how to spell any of those words on a calculator. And I have never seen ET on Tv.