Juicy School Gossip

It’s Boo’s second week of Kindergarten. She’s happy as a clam.


First Day of Kindergarten via lilblueboo.com

Me? I’m happy as a clam at high water: Boo’s in her element……and I get all the juicy gossip.  Everyday after school, Boo has to tell me the most interesting thing that happened at school that day.  At first, the news is usually about someone that got in trouble (probably why Boo’s “other” nickname is mini TT…..after her aunt TT….short for tattletale). With a little prodding, she usually comes up with some hilarious tale…..

……like how her friend’s lizard “died…..WITH IT’S EYES OPEN”


…..when asked what the teacher’s favorite food is….the class guessed: penguins*
*(which is only funny because penguins are like puppies to her teacher…..and would you eat a puppy?)


And so I record this stuff….in a little notebook…..before we even leave the school parking lot.

Just one or two sentences.

The “daily school rundown” stays in the car:

A great way to record your kiddo's school memories: The School Daily is Out via lilblueboo.com

I could never be a teacher…..I’d never be able to keep a straight face….these kiddos are brilliant comics in the making.








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  1. 1

    What a great idea! I use to run an after school program and one of my coworkers would post funny comments the children would make on a wall. They can be so hilarious. You must share more!

  2. 2

    My mom is a preschool teacher and I love going to work with her for just this reason! The things that come out of their mouths are just too funny. Not to mention brutally honest.
    They keep a list too and the funniest ones get put in the school newsletter each month

  3. 3

    Teachers don’t keep a straight face I promise. We just sometimes wait until we are in the hallway to giggle.

  4. 4

    Love it!! I always write down what my kids say — even at ages 8 and 11 they say funny things! But Kindergarten age was the best!! Enjoy the time with your cutie! :)

  5. 5

    Be warned – it goes both ways – my son’s Kindy teacher was grimacing one day and said on the quiet she couldn’t look some dad’s in the face anymore as she knew which ones had hairy bums! Topic of conversation at show and tell that morning which she had to censor!)

  6. 6
    the sewing dork says:

    I love this idea! So far all I’ve got out of my daughter is “So what did you do at school today?” to which she replies religiously “Nothing”.

  7. 7
    Julie Edwards McCartney says:

    Whoo! hoo!..you will,..laugh!!..for years!!..One of my Favorite..Stories..2nd Son!!..Kindergarden…Call,!!! ” Urgent” from Teacher!!”. …I had to meet “face to face” with 50 something(age) Teacher.Staff ?.other Teachers, cooks,..Include.., the “Headmaster!”. I,years as a Peds .RN..Psych..Certified.NICU,..RN,.. (took yrs off..to raise my TRIO..opened a Preschool..degree , also Early Childhood Education..for 15 yrs..then back to Peds RN) “just to give You History” .Son..” Hugh Trouble!” Me: what could my kiddo do..age 5..Start a Fire?hurt another Child?..teacher” your, son!!..walking ..to lunch..”Teacher..has a big Bottom!” He, was walking eye level, behind Teacher!!..Kiddos, quiet,..however, hit the. 6th Graders!.Oh my!!..The, older Children…loved..this Gossip!!..” I, as M,.. 5yr old!!..had 1st of several..” face offs!”..with..ME,..MaMa Bear!..Older Brother..” poop spray” Air Vents,.. 8 th Grade, also. ” Spit munched Crackers..Girl,..Hair..off bus.. 6 mos!!.Welcome!!..Grade school..oh the ” things..your Boo..will..Learn” Daughter now ..Teacher..2 days/ week…”Plenty!!..to journal!” ,

  8. 8

    Ohyes… I learned from a student with learning disabilities that her grandma sleeps without underwear on and her father calls her a “stupid kid” :-( I love that you’re writing all this down!

  9. 9

    Boo is so smart it is scary!!! Just like her mother! Love you so much, mom


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