That was awesome, I don’t know why, but it was awesome.

I made this little movie today for Levi’s over on 1 pair of jeans….and 13 outfits….all using stuff I’ve had sitting in the back of my closet. This wasn’t the easiest thing to do….considering I consider myself the most awkward, uncoordinated 5’11” amazon woman on earth…..

(Note: Make sure to view the Macy’s/Levi’s invite here! I’ll be in San Francisco hosting the September 27th event and would love to meet you!)


A few people asked where I got some of the items…..really? You’re kidding right? Hell has frozen over…..maybe I’ll start a fashion blog. (with all 23.5 fashion items I own)

:: The jeans are Levi’s denim leggings…purchased from Macy’s. They are sold in the store….all they say is “Super Stretch” on the tag.

:: The metallic heels? $17.99 from Payless. Holla.

:: The suede buckle boots were the Buckie Boot from Steve Madden last year. But I found some other awesome boots by Steve Madden on Amazon.

:: No idea where I purchased the off-white crocheted wrap. It’s seriously so old. It’s just a wrap with a piece of yarn holding one side shut……so it’s an easy DIY if you can find any crocheted wrap.

:: The black sweatshirt at the end is Lululemon.

:: The boots in the last outfit were black ankle Uggs.

:: The tops? A mixture of Forever 21 and Old Navy. I only spend money on: boots, jeans, Lululemon. If it falls into any other category….I’m cheap and miserly.



I have no idea what happened to my old motorcycle boots. I must have lost them in a move at some point. So, I ordered this pair as my new winter boots off Amazon…yeah!

Lisbeth Salander eat your heart out.

Steve Madden Frankie Boots via


It was between the Steve Madden ones above or these:

Steve Madden Bandit Boots via


Oh, and for my video, I thought about doing something like the PSY video below…but you just can’t mess with brilliance. Watching this video makes me so freakin’ happy.  Even today in church, when I should have been listening, I was daydreaming about horses, waddling side-to-side dances, neon suits and singing in my head: “heeeyyyyyy…….sexxxxxy laddddy.” Although I did hear Boo speak up when the children were asked what they could do with a silver dollar: use it to make more money. Yeah….Gangnam style….she watches the stock market with Daddy every morning. Oh, did you see the Saturday Night Live skit last night?  It’s like they read my mind:

“that was awesome, I don’t know why, but it was awesome.”


  1. Dena Crownover says

    That was awesome! You look amazing and yes, you do have some cool pieces. My fave was the black top & studded belt. I also like the long, crocheted thingy. (btw, you have a lot of white & cream?)

  2. Naomi says

    Love the video. Actually, I love all your videos….my favorite is Boo trying on outfits at Old Navy. Ok…this may be so 6 months ago, but have you seen “My boyfriend does my makeup”? They are videos where the boyfriend/brother/husband/etc does the girl’s makeup without any prompting or instructions on proper application techniques. I’d love to see Mr. LBB (or Boo!) do your makeup.

  3. Amy says

    Love it! I have followed you for a while now and there was something neat about knowing all you have been through and seeing you in “real life” with your hair growing back, YOU ROCK it!

  4. says

    You are so stinkin’ cute! Not to mention talented and creative! I was holding the door for you when God passed out talent – I am sure you got my share!

  5. Linda says

    I am 5’10” and I hate wearing jeans/pants/leggings that aren’t long enough. I’m so impressed that these leggings are plenty long on you – are they a long or tall size? They look great. I’m ready to hit up Macy’s! So fashionable – and fun!

  6. Madi W. says

    Gorgeous! Those jeans are amazing! I think I’m due for a new pair of jeans… it’s fall and I just got rid of two pairs! haha now to find them in my size…

    It cracked me up how many white shirts you have! I remember you saying that you love white shirts… you weren’t kidding! They look very nice on you :)


    PS That song will now be stuck in my head for the next 24 hours! lol

  7. Leslie says

    You look so strong! But Ashley. Honey. Most people are not tall and slim. And I sure as shoot don’t want to see uncovered crotches and bums on the more solid members of society. We can all wear leggings BUT most people need more cover. THINK OF THE CHILDREN. It’s nice to see you look great. Just the mortals among us need a three-way mirror reality check before leaving the house…

  8. Kenna Rogers says

    Enjoyed the fashion show and I love your hair short!! You could tell your were having a good time!!

  9. Deb Cameron says

    You are inspirational! I love this clip – everything you wear looks AMAZING because you are AMAZING – you have the ‘IT’ factor, style and grace. The whole thing just made me smile, sure it will go viral. I hope Levi’s pays you a motza for that, you should be on their marketing team! Awesome!

  10. Mary Jane Postiglione says

    Awesome I love to mix and match too and many things in my closets are 10 years old! A great video and you look fab!

  11. says

    Damn tall woman…..

    No one ever says…I wish I looked like that squat (not petite), short waisted, wide-shouldered girl like her. They say…that girl is lucky she is so close to the ground so she doesn’t hurt herself to badly when she trips over. ;D!

    You Look AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL….did you hear the jealousy in all of that above!?!?!?!!

    My also very short sister and I were just lamenting the other day at the children’s museum. Two tall women, probably close to your height, walked by pushing their strollers like they didn’t have a care in the world. We, on the other hand, were pushing our strollers like the slaves trying to push the huge stones for the Egyptian pyramids.

    ENJOY!!!!!! You look so great!!!!

    • says

      Hehe….thank you 😉 it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! It’s impossible to find clothes that fit. AND tall people have to buy really expensive adjustable strollers so we don’t look like a hunchback pushing a little miniature stroller 😀

  12. Mandy Stonehocker says

    You are just the cutest thing ever! Loved the vid… I need those pants now! Are they comfy? Or is it like denim Spanx?? Come to think of it, I might need the Spanx version! ha!

  13. Let it be. says

    I forgot two things…you totally need a La Mer Watch that matches the Madden boots. AND, your a smart girl and probably already know, but I didn’t you know that song is about bj’s. My 9-year-old daughter was singing and my 17-year -old son freaked out and said don’t let her sing that anymore, then told me later why. :)

  14. Leigh Anne says

    Loved the video! You did a great job & you rocked it…..Loved all the outfits! The jeans looked great on you too :)

  15. Suzy says

    I started playing the awesome video and my husband gets all excited because he’s seen it AND he has a favorite part of the dance sequence. MY husband recognizes and labels a dance as a favorite?? Unbelievable! I’m so glad I read your blog so I can keep up with the cool kids. And you look so fab in your vid!

  16. Tijana says

    Hey Ashley,

    I was just about to “criticize” you for being so serious on your video and not smiling not even once, when out of the sudden, on the before-last fashion combination you give us your gorgeous smile!! :) you should smile more often when filming these videos, like Boo.. she does it perfect! 😉

    I must say that you look great!! Love your new hair style!!
    Keep on rocking!! :)