In a Dress

Thinking of and praying for all of those affected by Sandy tonight.

I’ve been in the weeds running errands and I got in a few “I like giving” tasks today.

I haven’t finished up any projects yet to post so I thought I’d post a photo of Diesel….in a dress…..just to tide you over.  Diesel’s a giver.

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Cheap DIY Fixes to Make Your Home More Livable


Katie White from DIY Mother is here to share some simple ideas to live comfortable on a budget!

 Budget friendly home renovation ideas via

Our first house was a serious fixer-upper: it was a small two-bedroom, and I’m convinced that there wasn’t a single thing in it—from the carpet to the wallpaper to the dishwasher—that was younger than we were. It was a pretty dismal place to live at first, but we decided to do some research and find ways to liven it up—and after some hard work, we had a real, comfortable home. Here are some of the best ideas we came up with.

Beautify your front entryway

You can really enhance your first impressions by making a few changes to your front entrance. Some of the simplest ideas include repainting your front door and exterior trim, trading up for nicer house numbers (they’re cheap), or even installing new lighting. For a quick, headache-free investment in your home, consider buying a new steel door—on average, homeowners who replace their front doors see their money back with considerable interest (5%-30%) when it’s time to sell.

Budget friendly home renovation ideas: paint your front door via lilblueboo.comKidspot

Open up your kitchen

Kitchens are busy, and it’s very easy to feel cramped and shut in if your home has a small one. Consider a few visual tricks to enhance the sense of space in your kitchen, like installing mirrored backsplash tiles, repainting in light, breezy colors, or removing the doors on your overhead cupboards. Fill the holes with putty, sand, and repaint. By pushing back the visible space to the walls, open shelving can really open up the room. Coordinated dishware makes them look even nicer.

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I Heart Organizing

I really do love organizing. If I could spend ALL day organizing I would…..but I’d bore everyone. We spent the whole weekend cleaning out the house…..getting rid of things we don’t need and organizing closets and cabinets. Lisa walked in this morning and asked where did everything go? Success!

Boo and I cleaned her closet and drawers out.  Then we moved her desk from the playroom into her room.  She was so excited….and spend a few hours organizing her desk drawers.  The horse lamp was mine….my dad brought it back from overseas when I was little:

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I attacked the pantry and couldn’t believe how much food was expired.  Now it looks bare: [Read more…]

Rainbow and Chevron Arts and Crafts Party

Ellen Bessette designed this amazing Rainbow and Chevron Arts and Crafts Party recently featured on Hostess with the Mostess. She used Lil Blue Boo’s Guide to Painting with Children as a fun party activity! Photography by Rebecca Dollar.

Rainbow Party: Arts and craft party by Ellen Bessette via

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art and crafts painting party by Ellen Bessette via
Check out the rest of the photos here.


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Find Lil Blue Boo’s Guide to Painting with Children here.


Check out our Printable Party Set in the shop by Wants and Wishes!


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Last night’s and today’s headlines about the nanny killing those two precious children really affected me.  I’m praying for that family today because not only is it the greatest loss, it was the doing of someone they trusted…..and someone their children trusted. I can’t imagine a greater pain.  And you know those parents will look back at every. little. thing. and wonder if there was a sign or something they could have done. And the answer is: probably not.  This post is about my attempt to protect my daughter from bad things and learning to let go at the same time….and the fine line between the two.  It is not a commentary on what could have been done to prevent such a tragedy.  The headlines just got me thinking in the shower this morning…..and here’s the jumbled thoughts that resulted:


I think I’m a pretty laid back parent (I mean I did let my child change her name, right?)  If Boo trips and falls I’m not one to make a big deal about it.  I let her fail at things so that she can learn from her own mistakes. I try and teach her to do the right thing.  One of the hardest things for me recently was to let Boo go out of town for a field trip to the pumpkin patch.  I was just getting back from San Francisco and couldn’t go with her.  The trip was on a highway….the school bus didn’t have seat belts….I didn’t know the driver.  I talked with Boo about it and I think she was more excited about the school bus than the actual field trip.  I imagined her disappointment at not having that chance and my decision was made: she rode the bus.  A million terrifying scenarios ran through my head about what could happen but I knew I had to let her go.  I’d already told her stories about how I rode the bus when I was little… how I had a crush on the bus driver because he was a fireman…..and how when kids threw up on the bus he took us to the firehouse and used the fire hose to blast the vomit out the back door.  I’d already built the school bus into a grand thing….it would be worse not to let her go…..because it would be a decision based on my fears….not hers.


When we were renovating our house a few years ago, I was adamant about one thing: the alarm system. When I was a kid, we had a panic button in each room of the house (I used to tell my friends that was why my parents bought the house…..not really true…..but it made a good story).  So, when our new security was installed, I insisted on multiple alarm key pads….one in every section of the house…..and I wanted the alarm system to announce exactly which door opened.  Anyone new who enters the house kind of does a double take because while it says “FAULT – BACK DOOR“… distinctly sounds like “F*CK THAT DOOR“…..the lady in the alarm cloud doesn’t enunciate very well.  I mainly wanted this feature on our door because if the alarm system goes off in the middle of the night, I would like to know WHICH door or window was breached without having to send Mr. LBB through the entire house with a baseball bat (that NEVER ends well if you’ve watched Lifetime Movie Network for any length of time). [Read more…]

DIY Halloween Trick or Treat Bags | a Free Printable

Make your own Halloween Treat bags with this free printable download by artist Stephanie Corfee via

Planning for Halloween at the last minute? These Halloween Trick or Treat graphics are great for trick or treat totes, favor bags and even t-shirts.  The free printable is available for download at the end of the post! So many ways to use them: [Read more…]

How To Make Resin Pendants

How to Make DIY Resin Pendants via

Here’s a fun, easy way to make resin jewelry without the scary chemical mixing!  First I bought these silver plated bezels: [Read more…]

Printable USA Map and State Capital Flashcards

Boo has to learn where the states are this year. My first reaction? Oh no….that means I have to learn them too. I was never that great at geography. I wanted a fun and unique way to help her learn them, as well as the capitals, and worked with Lindsay from Pen and Paint to come up with these fun illustrated printable flashcards:

Learning the States and Capitals Flashcards by Pen and Paint via #teaching #states #learning #teachers


Lindsay even made a printable map to accompany the flashcards to help learn the location of each state:

DIY States and Capitals Flashcards by Pen and Paint via #teaching #states #learning #teachers


They are easy to make and I love that I can throw them in my purse and take in the car and to restaurants: [Read more…]

Creative Doodling on Photos

Creative Doodling on Photos via #artjournaling #scrapbooking #theliljournalproject

As part of the Lil Journal Project: another technique to work on in your journal this week: doodling on photos!  A few of these techniques come from my friend Stephanie Corfee’s  book: Creative Doodling and Beyond. Like drawing interesting borders:

Try adding photos into your journal and embellishing the photos with borders….even if it’s just a few lines:

Creative Art Journal Doodling on Photos via #artjournaling #scrapbooking #theliljournalproject

Use a white gel pen or a correction pen (White Out) for drawing on dark backgrounds: [Read more…]