Creative Doodling on Photos

Creative Doodling on Photos via #artjournaling #scrapbooking #theliljournalproject

As part of the Lil Journal Project: another technique to work on in your journal this week: doodling on photos!  A few of these techniques come from my friend Stephanie Corfee’s  book: Creative Doodling and Beyond. Like drawing interesting borders:

Try adding photos into your journal and embellishing the photos with borders….even if it’s just a few lines:

Creative Art Journal Doodling on Photos via #artjournaling #scrapbooking #theliljournalproject

Use a white gel pen or a correction pen (White Out) for drawing on dark backgrounds:

Photography Doodle Frames via #artjournaling #scrapbooking #theliljournalproject

Doodle’s are imperfect, scribbly and wobbly… mistakes… have fun with it to add personality throughout your journal pages or scrapbooks:

How to Doodle via #artjournaling #scrapbooking #theliljournalproject

Alter your images to be fun and quirky:

Art Journal Doodling via #artjournaling #scrapbooking #theliljournalproject


I love this doodled collage in Stephanie’s book:

Photography Project Ideas via


For more doodling exercises, prompts and projects check out Creative Doodling and Beyond:

Creative Doodling & Beyond by Stephanie Corfee via #artjournaling #scrapbooking #theliljournalproject


The Lil Journal Project via

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    Love what you did with the pictures! Such a cute alternative to spending tons of money on scrapbooking stickers and things (:

    Also, I own this book. It is so wonderful!