This Is An Important Political Post

Watching the debates last night I kept thinking about what it might be like to be up on a stage in front of so many people….ready to answer questions about ANYTHING.

(and what Romney and Obama would look like if they swapped hair.)
Just a little fun.

Photo via @shelbywhite


Well, by ANYTHING, I mean economy, education, healthcare, foreign policy…..but I couldn’t help but daydream about these questions. The ones that I’d be prepared to answer….

The Great Craft Debates via

Mr. President, how do you plan to halt the rampant overuse of stolen paint chips from hardware stores?

Governor Romney, how do you handle when someone doesn’t link back with credit to one of your tutorials?

President Obama, let’s talk about transparency. Do you prefer Scotch or 3M?

Governor Romney, do you prefer to craft with glitter or spray paint?

Mr. President, could you respond to Governor Romney’s stance that “Subway Art” really isn’t subway art unless it’s monochrome?

Governor Romney, you implied that the pumpkin bread recipe you found on Pinterest was worse than Dodd-Frank. Could you clarify that?

Mr. President, have you ever considered chalkboard paint for the oval office?

Governor Romney, is it true you’d consider revamping the Lincoln bedroom with chevron?

Mr. President, could you elaborate on the idea that the trickle-down effect of Elmer’s Glue is essential to DIY?

Governor Romney, what is your stance on gun control given the recent scandal of glue gun smuggling into Mexico?

Mr. President, do you think you could pass a “no crayon left behind” law? Just so we could have more recycled crayon crafts?

Governor Romney, would you recommend making a statue of Big Bird out of toilet paper rolls or feather boas?

Mr. President, how often do you use Pinterest for inspiration?

Governor Romney, do you prefer a mixture of 47% flour when making paper mache?

Mr. President, will the individual mandate penalty of Obamacraft cost more than, say, a bottle of Mod Podge?

and finally…..

Governor Romney, why do you think there is so much red washi tape in Washington?




Any others you’d add to the debate?


Mr. President, will your new stimulus package include funding for bridges made of toothpicks and marshmallows? (via Heather B)

Governor Romney, will you use Fiskars or Ginghers when you cut spending? (via Heather B)

Governor Romney, how do you feel about the First Lady posting her What I Wore Wednesday on Tuesday? (via Summer A)

Governor Romney, when you’re spray painting your Dollar Tree candlesticks do you prefer matte paint or satin? Is holding at a 45% angle essential? (via April H)

Mr. President, what is your plan on reducing the pintrocity epidemic we’re subjected to daily via Facebook? (via April H)


  1. says

    “President Obama, let’s talk about transparency. Do you prefer Scotch or 3M?”

    Ha! This is even funnier since they’re the same thing. And politicians just seem to be saying the same thing with different labels on them too.

  2. Roberta Wells says

    Bahahahaha!!! Obama looks like the homeless with the million dollar voice that was on the Todays Show awhile back!!! Too funny! Mitt looks like he has a very small brain!!!

  3. Tleshia Farrar says

    LOVE this post…..seriously while I was watching the news this morning I saw a commercial for Chia Romney and Chia Obama…..I thought it was a spoof from one of the late night shows….but it was a REAL COMMERCIAL!!!!!! Could you imagine???

  4. Madi W. says

    I burst out laughing at the hair switch picture. Oh. My. Goodness. Ashley this post is amazing. But I was wondering… what brand does Governor Romney prefer? Singer or Brother?


  5. says

    OMG I’m laughing so hard….hilarious post!
    “Mr. President….how would you deal with the onslaught of cookie decorating that bombards us from Oct through Dec. 26th?”
    “Mr. governer….your policy on legwarmers in the White House..yay or nay?”

  6. Andrea says

    OMG! Can I please use that image for my coverpage on FB? PWEEEESE?! It might lighten the atmosphere in the next few weeks…

  7. cheri says

    Mr. President, how do you handle it when you have finished sewing the seam of a king size quilt back, only to realize you ran out of bobbin thread two inches from the top?

  8. says

    Mr. Romney (may I call you Mitten? Thank you, sir), My question is in layers (clears throat).

    When recycling critically “green” paperwork from your Washington office, how do you juggle the skilled labor of the Cricut workforce vs. the general labor of the flamboyant, yet inspired, vintage sheet music decor crew?

    (Part 2) Do you prefer the clean, cut edges of paper-tearing rulers or the in-you-face imperfections of the blotchy, irregular lines of the smeared, easy-to-spot-fingerprints-on-the-edge unions?

    (hands the microphone back to the forum staff and stuffs notecards under my left leg)

  9. Katy says

    Mr. Romney, if elected would you be more likely to use a Cricut or a Silhouette to design your inaugural ball invitations?

    Will you be creating any tissue paper pom poms to hang as decorations!? How about using fabric bunting!?

    P.S. Your post made me laugh so hard… and everyone’s comments are GREAT!!

  10. Christy says

    Seriously! You crack me up – D-A-I-L-Y. And I thank you for that. I love popping in to see what you have thunk up now. You are amazing :) Have a happy weekend. -peace out.

  11. Carrie says

    So Ashley, can’t it be you who runs for President??!! This is awesome- thanks for the laughs, again!

  12. says

    This is great; I was feeling really depressed by the whole political thing and this was a great way to get a good laugh! We all need to learn not to take ourselves so seriously…..way to go Ashley!


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