Dear Santa

At first Boo said that Santa could just bring her whatever he wanted….until I explained that she might just get new socks and underwear.  She decided to write a letter…….complete with SKU number.

All she wants is American Doll #PF-1221….and if by chance Santa can’t find it by SKU number, she drew a picture of her.  I’m thankful for the SKU….I mean Boo’s drawing is great, but they aren’t exactly twinsies:


American Girl Doll PF-1221 via



  1. Amy says

    My daughter’s whole Christmas list was all American Girl stuff, that’s all the Grandparents got even, lol, at least it really is beautifully made! And her list to Santa was one item also Julie!

  2. says

    That is adorable. I remember when my daughter’s very LONG Christmas list was pretty much the entire American Girl catalog…

  3. says

    My little sister is 30 and my girls are 25 and 20 and we have all their American Girl doll stuff packed up for their girls one day – except the stuff that my nieces age 10 and 11 are borrowing to use with their AG dolls! They are very well made and fun to collect, read about and play with!

  4. says

    Dear Santa – Boo sure does deserve to get that cute doll- She will love her lots and Boo makes so many people smile and laugh around the world she really has earnned her!

    hehe just trying to help Boo out :)

  5. Heather S. says

    Well the person who said they didn’t get your blog or your scary little dolls will be shocked to see that this post and the doll surprisingly normal! 😉 I mean, c’mon! How do you not get this? 😉

  6. Ann says

    I respectfully disagree! I think her picture is a GREAT representation of that doll! Especially for her age! But the sku# is a hoot!

  7. Rachel says

    Our girl is 11, and still wants AG things. Wahoooooo. I’m hoping this will continue until at least college. :}

  8. shelley says

    Boo is brilliant to draw the near perfect artistic rendition of her and then to add the sku!!! Just like her mother!

  9. says

    Holy guacamole, that made me laugh right out loud. I love a kid that knows how to be specific and ask for exactly what she wants. This is a very good life skill!

  10. vicki m says

    my KT just turned 20 and i finally packed up her samantha and felicity… of course i had to dress ’em up and play with them first ❤