No Sew Thanksgiving Turkey Shirt (with Template Download)

Last night:

Boo: I REALLY need a turkey shirt to wear tomorrow.
Me: Is it a matter of life and death?
Boo: Yes.

How to make a NO SEW turkey shirt (free applique download) via #thanksgiving


So guess what we made late last night? Yep. A turkey shirt.  I uploaded my template in case you are in the same predicament for Thanksgiving Day!  All I did was take scrap fabric and apply Heat & Bond (fusible web) to the back. Then I cut out all my shapes and ironed them to the shirt. No sewing!



The finished shirt:

How to make a NO SEW turkey shirt (free applique download) via #thanksgiving


Click the image below to download the shapes!

Free Turkey Applique Template Printable via



Happy Thanksgiving!






  1. says

    Lovely shirt! You saved Boo’s life! 😉
    Do you trust fusible web so much? I always prefer to sew around the shapes when using the fusible web, I fear it will not survive to some washing cycles, at least in the edges…

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Rory lee says

    The last 2 years I havE used inkjet transfER paper and loved it. I had t thought of this method. Turkey shirts are hard to come by beyond the first year.

  3. Katie Garling says

    I can’t seem to download the template for the no sew Thanksgiving Turkey. Could you email it to me please?
    Thank you!