The Gift of Art (DIY Art Box and Free Artwork Download)


The Gift of Art (DIY Art Box and Free Artwork Download by Stephanie Corfee) via #gift #christmas #diy #printable

So I was thinking about what I would have loved to get as a gift as a kid…..and this art box is definitely something I would have been overjoyed about.  Actually, I’m STILL overjoyed when I get art supplies! I have no self control when it comes to browsing the arts and crafts store…..sometimes I get lost in there for hours (as well as the hardware store). So here’s how I assembled these kits and where I purchased everything from. You can always buy the “ready made” art kits at the store….but the custom filled art box will always be 1000% more fun! Oh, and the awesome artwork? Stephanie Corfee created it….just for you…..because she’s awesome like that!

Here’s the front view of one example:


The Gift of Art (DIY Art Box and Free Artwork Download by Stephanie Corfee) via

Filled to the brim with art supplies, craft supplies and things to get creative with:

DIY Art Box and Free Artwork Download by Stephanie Corfee via

I did a huge sweep of the 99 cent store and stocked up…..the office supply and art supply section is amazing:

Where to buy inexpensive art supplies via

A few other things I put in some of the boxes:

Wondering what to do with all those fabric scraps and ribbon scraps?  Make little bags of them.  Boo loves gluing fabric and ribbon to paper and pretending she’s a fashion designer:

What to put in art box: fabric scraps and ribbon scraps via

Think outside the box and cut up some supplies to make them go farther.  Most kids don’t need 20″ long pipecleaners….10″ will do:

What to put in art box: pipecleaners via

The 99 cent store usually has big sticker packs… it and take it apart….putting one of each into each art box:

What to put in art box: take apart sticker packs via

These are my favorites!  Buy little wood spools from the craft store and fill them with baker’s twine. Mini spools:

Projects using baker's twine (mini wood spools) via


The 99 cent store always has fun scrapbooking supplies.  I loved these letters that could also be used as stencils.  And mini-spirographs???

99 cent store finds: letters and spirograph via


Keep scraps of fun papers and cut down larger paper and construction paper into smaller pieces 6″ to 8″:

What to put in art box: paper scraps via

I stocked up on these awesome little pocket doodle books at Barnes and Noble:

Great bargain doodle books for kids from Barnes and Noble via

I threw in a couple wood peg people and wood cutouts:

Where to buy wood peg people and wood cutouts via

For the older kids….small sketch books from Michael’s….these are only about $5:

Where to buy small sketchbooks via

While at Michael’s I bought this 5 pack of aprons:

5 pack of child sized aprons from Micheal's via


I printed out Stephanie’s image onto t-shirt transfer paper and ironed it on:

T-shirt transfer paper from Dharma Trading (free artwork by Stephanie Corfee) via

So cute rolled up!

How to make an apron (free artwork by Stephanie Corfee) via


I bought the empty gallon paint can at Michael’s in the gift bag section:

Where to buy clear paint can via

I printed Stephanie’s other graphic onto matte photo paper, sprayed the back with adhesive, and added it to the outside of the can:

Free craft printable by Stephanie Corfee via

Fill it up!

Better than the box by mail! via

There are other options though….I bought this fun metal box from Home Goods a while back and spray painted it aqua:

Spray paint metal box from Home Goods via

This box fits a lot more art supplies!

Spray paint metal box from Home Goods via

And then I wanted to make a BUNCH of them.  This would be a great way to do Christmas gifts for a large group…..or party favors for an art party…..or for underprivileged children for the holidays……or even for traveling:

DIY Art Box and Free Artwork Download by Stephanie Corfee via #party #artparty #art

You can buy the white mailing boxes at most office supply stores. These came from Staples:

Mailing boxes for crafts via

A attached the label to this one using spray adhesive:

Great for a travel art box and craft kit via

BUT….you could also try t-shirt transfer paper to make it look like a custom box!

Iron paper onto cardboard via

I just ironed it on to the box….but you have to be VERY careful not to overheat it OR shift the paper or it will smear:

TAP projects: Iron paper onto cardboard via

Looks like it’s part of the box!

TAP projects: Iron paper onto cardboard via


The mailing boxes hold a TON of stuff…..but the total cost for supplies in the box was under $20:

Stock a craft box for a kid via

Everything a kid would ever want to be creative!

List of Craft Supplies for Kids via

Give the gift of art and creativity for Christmas this year!  Here’s the free download from Stephanie Corfee:



DIY Art Box and Free Artwork Download by Stephanie Corfee via


Do me a favor and go and say hi to Stephanie today and thank her for creating all this awesome artwork!!!  She rocks!!!!



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painting with children via

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  1. says

    Just came across your site, it’s fabulous. Lots of fun and creative things happening. That artist apron and box are so cute. I’m going to be following this site now.

  2. I promise I'm nice. says

    What an adorable idea. So very cool. You’re a great lady, and I’m always inspired. Now, I just have to say though….does it drive anyone else crazy that the paint can says Art Box? I’m insane like that…….

  3. Alice says

    We had a birthday party to go to today so I ran to the store and grabbed a few things to go in the can (and threw in a few things from my stash). The can ended up being so stuffed we had to put a few extras in a gift bag. It was a HUGE hit with the birthday girl!!! Thanks so much for the great idea and it was just in time!

  4. says

    This is brilliant! I would keep a closet full of these for birthday gifts, or donations super smart and totally awesome thanks for the inspiration and idea.

  5. Joy T. says

    I’m starting to build my little kits and I have to say THANK YOU!!!! Finding these little tiny wooden spools was so fun! I’m filling them up with twine as well and OH MY they are TOO cute! I was going to just give them to friends and nieces, but honestly, I HAVE to give one to my daughter (even though she sees what I’m doing), just so I can watch her play with all these goodies! I almost always give the gift of art, but this assembly is WAY cuter then I’ve ever come up with on my own… I can’t wait to see the girls faces when they open up so much fun!

  6. Carrie says

    Thank you for this!!! I am going to make these for Christmas gifts for my nieces and my own kids!!! So cute, thanks for providing all the files, ideas & links.

  7. says

    Thank you Ashley for the inspirational journal boxes! I’m going over to thank Stephanie right now for the free downloads! They are awesome.