A Letter to My Sister

Today is 12-12-12. Thirty years ago my little sister Perry was born.

Dear Perry,

A few things I’ve been meaning to tell you over the years:

1. Remember when I sold you all that stuff in my “room sale” when we were little? It should have been called a “junk sale” for full disclosure.

2. Remember when I had just turned 16 and I got pulled over by the policeman on the way to school? I’m sorry for threatening you into crying so maybe he’d feel bad for us and be lenient.

3. Remember when I threw your notebook out the car window in Ireland? That was funny.  Maybe not to you, but even Dad thought it was funny and he’s the one that had to turn the car around to go back and get it. Oh, and I’m sorry.

4. Remember when Swen and I joked that “you were a test tube baby and the experiment failed“? We didn’t even know what a test tube baby was, but it sounded so great at the time.

5. Remember when I berated you for putting your “germy” hands into my cereal box? It’s not you, it’s me.

Other than those five things I’m pretty sure I was the epitome of a big sister haha.  I’m so proud of you.  You are an amazing sister, daughter, wife, friend, and aunt. Not only are you sweet, humble and smart but:

You are always stunning.

Photo Credit: R Christopher Photography


You are always sophisticated.

You are always spontaneous.

Photo credit: Ash Little Photography


You are always generous and compassionate.


You are always full of creativity.


You are always the bravest.


You are always the funniest.


You always have the best attitude.

You are the best role model and aunt:

You have amazing talent.



But never forget that:

I’ll always have had a better mullet than you…….

…..and I’ll always be taller than you.



Happy 30th birthday Perry!

I love you,




A little note about the ice cream photo: My dad was always in the photography business.  One day my dad took Perry to the big photography warehouse.  She was walking around with her blankie and an ice cream cone.  My dad wanted to test out some new camera equipment/backdrops so he told Perry to get up onto the platform and smile.  Then he had her start smearing ice cream all over her face. This photo was the result.  She came home a complete mess. My mom said it was a brand new cabbage patch shirt. Yeah, not anymore!

As kids we loved going to my dad’s big warehouse. I would bring my rollerskates and it was like my own private skating rink. He would let us play in the office supply room and use whatever we wanted: stamps, plain envelopes, etc.

He was always using us kids as models.  Maybe because we were cute or maybe because it was free.  Probably because it was free.  So in the early 1980’s, if you were walking into a Wal-Mart you might have seen one of us in the advertising photos at the front door. My brother with his cute little bowl cut was one of the photos I remember seeing the most often. I don’t think they ended up using the ice cream photo.


  1. Karen Boyd says

    Brilliant! Your sister is stunning (as are you) and what wonderful memories you guys have together! I’m sure she’ll love this 😀

  2. Valerie Nelson says

    What a sweet tribute to your sister :) <3 And I had a mullet, but not nearly as cool as yours…

  3. Amber L says

    Happy Birthday Perry! I love all of the pictures and stories! So did you end up getting a ticket?? Did she start crying??

  4. Sherry says

    Hi! Love your blog, by the way! Such a cute and kind letter to your sister for her birthday. Sounds like you guys had a pretty awesome childhood, too. You and your sister are stunningly beautiful, love all the photos!

  5. Charlie says

    So sweet and so important to tell the people you love… We lost my sister a year ago, and her daughter yesterday, i know how much those words mean long after they are said. Good for both of you to have each other!

  6. Ashley says

    You girls are both beautiful. Happy Birthday Perry! I think you are the coolest because you went to UT on a golf scholarship. Women + golf + UT = the epitome of cool. Hook em horns.

  7. says

    Ahh, darn, now you’ve made my mascara run, Ashley!!!! What a moving tribute to your sister. I’m a big sister too, so this made me tear up. Makes me want to write something like this on my blog to my little sister on her birthday. She’s also hitting a milestone on the 23rd, so I think I’ll have to do that. Thanks for the inspiration. Oh, yeah, and 12-12 is my birthday too, so that’s kind of like sitting at the cool kids table with Perry I guess! 12-12-12 was a pretty cool day. Great post – always love your blog…

  8. says

    This was just great! You all are such beautiful girls, and your humor is hilarious! It melts my heart because it reminds me of me and my sister…not the beautiful part (ha ha), but the humor and closeness…and that I’m taller! :) Thanks for sharing :)

    Ashlee Tomes

  9. Keri says

    When you write your book…let me know I will be first in line to buy………….you have one of THE best writing-voices ever……..THANK YOU (and belated B’day to Perry – smile)

  10. shelley says

    I”m so glad I did not know some of these things when they happened and I am sure there is much more I do not need to know! You have been wonderful children! I have been truly blest…thank the Lord! mom