Boo’s Christmas Highlight Reel

I can’t believe Christmas has already come and gone! It flew by!

We spent a few days at my in-laws house here in town starting last Sunday so everyone would be together at the same time:


I wonder what Boo is whispering to my niece “Coco” in this photo:


Love this photo of my nephew Jordan:

The adults played the annual Christmas stocking game where you have to guess who bought your stocking stuffers:

I made outfits for all the wee ones. We actually got them all in one photo looking at the camera!

All the cousins (minus 2 who are in Seattle) for one photo:


My mom is here for a few weeks and Boo is always on cloud 9. She is so patient and will play Barbies and “library” with Boo for hours:

Boo was so excited that her two cousins Duncan and Cameron were staying at our house for Christmas. We played Xbox sports at night:

The day before Christmas Boo got her nails done:

And she helped me make cupcakes for Jesus’ birthday:

On Christmas Eve, we went to church and Boo helped us read a scripture.  She really wanted to be a part of the service so we printed out a verse for her and she practiced her lines for a few days. She was so proud and the entire congregation applauded (also in the video).  Santa left Boo pajamas at the front door with a note that said “wear these.” She recognized the “American Girl” on the tag and started crying she was so excited….she said that it must be a sign that she was a good girl and Santa would bring her the doll she asked for. She kept saying: this is SO awesome.  She cried through her shower and kept repeating “Oh I hope Santa comes. What if he doesn’t come? Oh please, PLEASE Santa come tonight!” It made ME cry! Seriously, I was so excited I couldn’t even fall asleep!

On Christmas morning we woke up early when Boo whispered to Mr. LBB and I if she could go and peek to see if Santa had come yet.  Boo’s Aunt “Kiki” (Mr. LBB’s sister) read a letter from Santa:

Boo interpreted “I hope you like your present” that Santa had left her an American Doll and immediately started crying from happiness. (Can you tell that Boo’s “happy cry” is a recurring theme here at Christmas?)

I’m sure you can guess…..yes, Santa did bring her the American Doll….PF-1221 to be exact (as noted in Boo’s letter to Santa if you remember).


And ….of course…..she cried. After she opened a few presents she realized that there wasn’t anything else and you could see her looking a little sad. I asked her the night before what she would do if Santa didn’t bring her the doll she wanted. Her answer:

It will be okay. I will just ask Santa again next year.

I had to hold back tears on that one myself.  Anyway, we saved the doll for very last and she was so happy:

I put together a few of my favorite clips from the past few days….Boo’s reaction to her doll is at the one minute mark… sweet:


Oh, little Diesel got an American Girl doll too…his new nemesis “Sugar”:

click “continue” to read more…

He also got a squeaky duck that he hasn’t let out of his sight yet:


After breakfast on Christmas morning we drove to my sister-in-law Jen’s house. Here I am with Boo:


My niece Sawyer got a pink Barbie Escalade for Christmas and the girls had a blast driving it around:


Hamming it up:

Her new leggings read “Boo Hack” (she changed her name you know):

(leggings from Paperlili)

My sister-in-law Jen driving the girls around:


Sloane chasing Boo chasing Duncan:


The boys got my brother-in-law’s sports car out for a look:


Mr. LBB and his brother-in-laws John and Gene:


Here’s how much I know about cars….I looked at this and said:

aww, what a cute little owl!

The owl could be named “Cobra” you know…..I’d buy an Owl car….wouldn’t you?


My favorite part of the day yesterday was when we were leaving and my polite little niece said:

Thanks for having me at my house!

I’m going to start thanking visitors for having me at my house too…..


Boo named her new doll “Grace”….I love that.  She is in love and has declared that she will be the BEST doll mommy EVER. I don’t doubt her for a second:


Merry Christmas!





  1. AnnE says

    Loved this post, especially how Boo was singing her heart out “JOY joy…” and later in the clip so polite to ask about another gift! You guys are awesome. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas! :)

  2. Karen B. says

    adorable! Those little dresses and Boo- life is good. I’m a little jealous that the kids can be outside without shoes on Christmas day! I live in the Midwest and the high was 32. With the wind chill it felt like 20. Brr! I want to live somewhere warm! 😀

  3. ira lee says

    how cruel to make that baby wait for the only gift she asked santa for!!! lol its too much fun!! she is such a doll!!!

  4. shelley says

    It truly was a joyous Christmas for all of us! Especially the Christmas Eve service where Jesus was truly glorified thru song and word. The Hackshaws did a great job reading the Luke 2 story of Jesus birth! I am sooo glad I am here! Grandma

  5. Tammy Jenkins says

    So sweet and perfect! Can you tell me how you do the stocking stuffer game for adults? I am trying to find something different to do for us adults next year. BTW – took some of your paying it forward ideas and the hubby, our doxie and I passed out $5 bills at the bus stops on Hwy 111 in honor of Sandy Hook (26 Acts of Kindness). I told my hubby that Ashley has blogged about paying it forward and being kind many times. Choose Joy!!!!!

    • says

      Hi Tammy! That’s awesome :) love that! For the stocking game, all of the adults draw a name and there is usually a $ limit like $50 to $100. You only buy gifts for that one person and all the gifts are wrapped in white tissue paper. On Christmas morning each person has a “stocking” (usually a trash bag now because the stockings are too small) and one at a time they open their gifts. Each person tries to guess who bought the gifts for each person and at the end the “secret stocking Santa’s” are revealed and whoever got the closest on the guesses wins! Sometimes we send around an email chain with clothing sizes and “wish lists” if there are extended family members playing who might need some help with shopping!

  6. Tanya B says

    My daughter received the same doll from Santa. Did you know you have to use a special wig brush on their hair? We had to make a quick trip to the Sally Hansen beauty supply store — her hair was already out of control. Those nice and neat pigtails were ripped out w/in 5 min of opening the box!!!

  7. Janet V. says

    My goodness, Ashley, I haven’t even watched the video and I already feel the need to thank you for your sweet, loving post! Lots of fantastic kid photos, quotes, and I really enjoyed your big family Christmas you shared so completely with those of us with small gatherings. Cupcakes for Christ…sweet!

    So glad you had a wonderful time celebrating this year. Wishing your beloved LBB family a joyous and prosperous new year!

  8. lbreid25 says

    Soooo very sweet! I loved this post and especially the video! Priceless! Wishing you and your family the most wonderful New Year! :)

  9. Julie Edwards McCartney says

    Again, Ashley..Thank You..for Sharing..Christmas!!..Wonderful, Family!..Love!..Photo, of your In Laws..all the GBabes!!..So, joyful!!..”They” know!!!..Pure Joy!”..also, post, Christmas…”Boo,..and her Doll!” We, were, alone..gave us..”Joy”Julie

  10. says

    I know these dolla i saw them when i went in new-york city and i understand your girl! (and i cry when i am happy, sad, i always cry in fact!)

  11. DzynByJules says

    Such a beautiful blog, family and life! Yours should be featured in a Lifetime movie. You all move me to tears! Thank you for inspiring us! Jules :)