Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas Eve is right around the corner so we have rounded up some traditions that are easy and fun! Would love to hear about YOUR Christmas Eve traditions in the comments!

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  1. Ohio Girl says

    Every year we spend Christmas Eve (of the day right before) baking goodies. When night falls we gather up our goodies, head to the car and go to the fast food place of chioce. As we eat our dinner on the go, and look at all the pretty lights from here to there, we deliver our goodies to unsuspecting families. I love the happiness and suprise it brings. At midnight we don our Santa hats and go deliver presents to a needy family, ring the doorbell or go somewhere else and call to let them know that Santa was there. No one has figured out yet who we are.
    Now that my children are older they don’t generally go but it is a tradition that I hope they will carry on with their children – and one that will begin soon with grandchildren!

  2. shelley says

    Lisa, You are a wonderful blessing to Ashley, her family and staff!! I love your perennial upbeat attitude, love and “can do” spirit!! You have been one of our greatest cheerleaders thru this tough past year! Thank you so much for a wonderful 2012! You have richly blest us! I give you my eternal gratitude, Ashley’s devoted mom