It’s a Baby Mannequin

Panera cashier: Why doesn’t her doll have a head?
Me: It’s not a doll. It’s a baby mannequin.

Baby Mannequin via

I didn’t really think about it as Boo lugged this headless mannequin into Panera. We were picking up dinner for a friend and, as I held up the line behind me for 10 minutes figuring out what I should order, I realized that Boo’s mannequin “Autumn – like the leaves in the fall” was getting a lot of chuckles. And a few comments: I guess you aren’t from around here. Reminds me of House on a Hill.   It’s a little creepy. She prefers a mannequin over a doll?

Reminds me of a quote: “It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” – Marilyn Monroe

I finished up some Christmas gifts today for family and wrapped a bunch of gifts for the local rescue mission. I love this part of Christmas. Also, Costco double-sided wrapping paper is the bomb:

There were lots of activities going on around here today. We installed some shelves. I started painting them this afternoon. I’ve always wanted a rolling library ladder so the shelves and soon-to-be rolling ladder were an early Christmas present! That big huge wall was such a waste of space without shelves don’t you think? The shelves will fit exactly ninety bins of craft supplies. Ninety. I can’t even wrap my head around that yet.

Library Shelves via


I’ve been hiking to the Palm Desert cross more and more in the mornings…..leaving Choose Joy bracelets behind.

Palm Desert Cross Hike via

They are usually gone the next day. Fun little ritual.


Well. That is all.

P.S. The best part of a baby mannequin? You can unzip it’s back and see it’s insides.  What kid (me) wouldn’t want to do that?


Hey, if you are in Palm Desert this Friday or Saturday come by the PDP Church bazaar. Lil Blue Boo will have a table with some unreleased dress designs and Boo will be running the cash register for some of the time.  Just cross your fingers she doesn’t give you back your change in plastic nickels. You can read more info here.


  1. Ary says

    Ashley, so great to finally meet you today at the craft fair! Thank you for the beautiful dresses; the girls are going to love them…and the choose joy bracelets :-)

  2. says

    I love everything about this post. The mannequin, your adorable daughter, the wrapping paper, the shelves that I am extremely jealous of!!! Thanks for the smiles!