1. Sarah says

    I am soooo glad I read your post yesterday about putting the elf in the freezer to regain his powers. My 5 & 4 year olds were losing their minds this morning because their 2 year old sister touched Buddy. You saved my day!!!!

  2. Anna says

    25hrs in a day and Individuality are my favorites, you are too funny. I’m in Australia and had to have an Elf brought over by a friend, my daughter loves it!

  3. Amy says

    love the tag answer – immigration and customs. like when my kids asked the elf to tell santa to please bring a toy that my son broke – and I KNOW santa can’t get I told them “that item is a walmart exclusive and santa can’t make them because it would be patent infringement. “

  4. says

    Funny stuff! Thanks for sharing…and it’s nice to know I’m not the only out there playing my kids minds…..I think it will make them stronger : )