And, lo, the Angel of the Lord came upon them…

Shazaaammmm! Out with a vengeance in the darkness, the mighty Marvel!
-the Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Boo was an angel in the church Christmas Pageant last night:

I love the imperfections of Christmas Pageants the most……and the audience laughter at unplanned antics by the kids.

I can tell Boo is  on her best behavior though…….and it’s all for PF-1221.


Strange…..but….I don’t have any news for the past few days.  Just people I met along the way:

The cashier at Costco: He kept staring at the huge box of correction tape I bought. I asked him if something was wrong and he replied “Do you make a lot of mistakes?”  (Boo mostly,….she uses correction tape if she colors outside the lines in her coloring books) Don’t they look like paisley?


The random strangers I ate lunch with at Costco: The gentleman was talking about “TTM”  and I eavesdropped and said “trailing twelve months” and he looked shocked and said “are you into the stock market?” and then we talked about all the stocks he held for a half hour….including 4 shares of Apple.

The angry, impatient guy at FedexKinkos:  FedexKinkos might be the most understaffed place on earth…..but it doesn’t do any good to yell at the understaffed that they are understaffed…..they already know that.

A new nurse:  I had my Monday blood draw today and the nurse asked me 4 times if I was okay. I finally said: Why do I look a little green? She said yes and I told her:  I’m thinking about the huge bill they just handed me at the desk….plus the fact that you’ve now punctured my vein 10 times. She never cracked a smile.

The cashier at Michael’s on his first day: Luckily he got deep-in-thought-me who would have sat patiently at the counter for another 30 minutes for him to figure things out….because well…I was deep in thought.

The lady at the vet with her dog: explaining how she gave her old dog away because he chose someone else over her.  A noble story.


All of those were stories in themselves but I’m so tired I can’t stay up to write them all…..I’m not even really done with this post but I think cooking Boo’s 40 servings of Beef Stroganoff for the week did me in.





  1. Kash says

    You describe Boo so well with such few words! We had a great laugh over our morning coffee – not to mention how beautiful she is!!

  2. says

    What a lovely photo of Boo — and your stories of strangers were fascinating. When I worked retail (at a Michael’s, incidentally), I always came home with a crazy interaction story . . . especially at the holidays. Some were good, some not-so-good (I once had a woman throw a package of something [googly eyes?] at me when they weren’t on sale!) — but all part of that experience.

  3. Allison says

    Our family did the Advent reading and candlelighting Sunday at church; our little girl, who is three, helped me light th candle. That is, she blew it out as soon as it was lit. Our boys did a fantastic job with the readings. We were so humbled at their willingness to stand up in front of several hundred people and share their readings:)

  4. Sydney says

    She looks adorable! That A G doll is in the bag, Santa can’t resist a little angel like that! :)