The Office Makeover: Craft Storage (Free Vintage Label Download)

Martha eat your heart out. I labeled 70 boxes yesterday with vintage-inspired labels.  It’s part of my big office makeover. I can’t show you the office yet because it’s a disaster. Anyway, it took almost all day to organize the boxes and create the labels but I feel really organized now:

Craft and Art Supply Storage (with free vintage label printable) via

The shelves were an early Christmas present from Mr. LBB.  This area is a hallway behind my office….technically it’s a “butler’s pantry” for serving food and storage but it’s the perfect area to store supplies right off my work area.  The wall space above the countertop was just empty space.  The area used to be a huge sunken living room before we remodeled a few years ago. We added a wall at the end of the room to create the storage space.

Here’s what it looked like two weeks ago:

Office Storage Area (Before) via

Office Storage Area (Building) via


Doesn’t everyone eat a Flav-o-Ice while painting?

Office Storage Area (Painting Shelves) via

I moved all the wireless printers from the office into the storage area. Now I’m just waiting for Silhouette to create a wireless version of their machine!

Printer and Printing Area via

I organized all the different types of paper I have:

Paper Storage via

Photo paper, sticker paper, card stock, transfer paper, etc……all have their place:

Paper labels via

I used flat IRIS scrapbooking boxes for stamps and small odds and ends:


How to store stamps and art supplies (with free vintage label printable)  via


They are the perfect size for laying out stamp sets or other small items:

How to store stamps and art supplies via

I love these Sterilite boxes because they have yet to be discontinued.  I buy them from Target. OCD: I can’t stand when plastic bins don’t match!

How to Store Art and Craft Supplies  (with free vintage label printable) via


Now every single thing has a place:

How to Store Scrapbook and Craft Supplies  (with free vintage label printable) via

Every box has a theme….like this one is everything related to wood crafts:

Wood Craft Storage via


The labels help other people besides me find items and replace them to the right place:

How to Organize a Craft Room via

To create the labels I printed them out onto sticker paper using my inkjet printer first. (8.5″x11″ sticker paper is around $11 for 25 full sheets) Each sheet fits 8 labels:

Printable Vintage Labels via


I then loaded the printed labels into my Silhouette machine for cutting:

Tip: When cutting out labels on a Silhouette machine make sure to add Registration Marks to your file before printing it! The Silhouette reads these before cutting to make sure it is aligned perfectly.  My files already have them added if you download them. But if you are making your own this is the only way to make sure they are cut out perfectly. (Click File – Registration Mark Settings – Click “Show Registration Marks”)

Silhouette Household Project Ideas via


You can download my ready to go templates below. There is also a PDF version as well that you can just print and cut out by hand:


red vintage label download via

Now I just have to finished painting the molding and the walls!

Craft Room Organization Ideas (with free vintage label printable) via




Stay tuned for more!

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  1. Sheila says

    wow! If I showed these pics to my husband, he would want to marry you. Alternatively, might offer you a “vacation” to the pacific northwest to “visit” me and my studio/craft room(s)/storage room(s). :)

  2. Beth H says

    Alas… I too am waiting for a wireless version of the Cameo! That would totally ROCK!!! Maybe if YOU suggested it to them…. :)

  3. christie says

    Wow! Wish I were organized enough to know where to begin organizing!! :)
    Did you cover over a window with your shelves?!

  4. Tausha says


    After reading this I dreamed last night that the current organizing project that I am on could NOT be checked off the list until I had vintage labels!

    Too funny!

  5. Tiffany Marshall says

    Amazing job! Would you mind sharing what categories you used to organize your craft supplies? I always get stuck on how to break things down & what deserves its own label. I either end up being too specific with too many categories or the other extreme of combining things & then forgetting my system. Thanks you again for sharing!

    • says

      There are too many to list….but to start:
      sewing notions
      sewing patterns
      felting supplies
      adhesives and tapes
      plugin tools
      fabric paint
      stamping supplies
      twine and string
      punches and scrapbooking tools
      etc :)