A 5 Year Journal

At the beginning of the school year in September I started a little book for Boo that we keep in the car and every day on the drive home she has to tell me the most interesting thing that happened that day. The second I pull into the driveway I write it down.  It’s been an easy thing to keep up because I keep it in the car and she knows she has to tell me about her day on the way home:

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Just wondering if anyone is keeping it up?

I started one of my own recently….it’s a 5-year-journal. (Despite my OCD on these things it starts on January 10th instead of the 1st….yes I’m making progress)  I keep it on my bathroom counter.  At the end of each day as I’m brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed I have to write down a quick sentence about the day.  So next year, on the 13th of January, I’ll be writing a sentence on the same page.  If I forget a day it’s easy to backfill since it’s only one sentence! You can find them at almost any bookstore……click here for all the ones they have on Amazon.

Don’t worry, this won’t replace The Lil Journal Project. I’ll start that up again soon! My sister has been hounding me about it too…..

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I pulled out an old journal from 2000 and 2001 the other day.  Crazy how many things you forget about even in a short amount of time. Boo caught me reading it and begged me to read it to her. It was too juicy to divulge what was in it to a 5-year-old…..so I kind of ad-libbed (sp?) a quick little story. Funny though that her Kindergarten Gossip is almost just as scandalous……she’ll be able to use it to write her memoirs one day.  Stay tuned for “Memoirs of a Kindergartner” by Boo Hack coming out next year…..


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  1. Mechele says

    Hello, I just came across your site and wanted to tell you want an inspiring person you are and very talented. Thank you for welcoming us all into your life and sharing your joys, struggles, health and happiness. You are a very wonderful person and I can’t wait to go back and read all of your entries and to read the many more you have to post. I did watch the video when you shaved your head and cried. I loved how you let your daughter draw on your head, I don’t know you at all but now I kind of feel like I do. Thank you again for sharing your life with us all. God bless.
    Mechele, new faithful reader.


  2. says

    Yay, you’re doing a 5 year journal! I’m obsessed with them. I love 5 year journals since you get a little reminder of previous years as you’re filling out that day’s journal entry. It’s weird that sometimes I”m doing the same thing I did last year on any given day, such as texting a particular friend or going to a specific restaurant or feeling a certain way. I have a 5 year, blank journals to rant in, “list yourself” books, Q&A a Day journal, travel books, a Christmas Memories annual journal, a birthday journal, Smashbooks, and way too many. I’m a little obsessed.

    I’ve been journaling almost 6 years now, and it’s crazy how fast time goes. I would love to have some from my teens. I can hardly remember anything more than prom and graduation! We sure forgot a lot. I remember things even if I look back only a year or two in journals. I want to be able to remember who I was now… one day. I wish I had journals from my parents or grandparents teens or twenties… it’s hard to believe they even were that young once!

    Could you share which brand this 5 year journal is?
    I like how it looks like a vintage book.

  3. Lori says

    My MIL have my husband a 5 yr Q&A two yrs ago. We love it! We both have one, and want our kids to start as well. I love the idea of a line a day for journaling. Is your book larger than the typical hand size books? If so, I’d love to know which it is as I haven’t seen any around. I love simplistic as your looks. Thanks!

  4. Amy says

    I’m an avid journaler, but have never thought of doing a 5-year journal. I think I’m going to give it a try. Thank you for the great idea and for sharing your days with us via your beautiful blog.


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