Little Projects

We are going on 3 weeks out of school like all of you……just trying to keep Boo busy and occupied. Rainbow neck pillow anyone?


It was easy when my mom was here.  She and Boo played for hours and went to the park every day. Here they are playing cards on their “airplane” (it was like 7am and they were still in their PJs in the morning cold!):


For New Years they both decorated the house with signs.  (Sugar is not a real dog FYI…..)

Boo drew Fred the Goldfish….who I thought would only last about a week….but I’m pretty sure he’ll live about 40 years:


Boo has been helping me on a few projects as my photographer:


What does this button do?


Who took this photo?!


Boo’s been drawing with fabric markers on white canvas:


Like this rainbow for her friend Elle:


She draws and then I sew:


She stuffs:

I let Boo draw with Chalk Ink on a “monkey”:


Sometimes you get desperate……







  1. Jen says

    So cute Ashley! I once won a fish when I was 8. He lived in a little glass bowl at my house for years! When I was 17 he was still alive and my mother in law (well future MIL at the time) let me add my fish to her fish tank which was like a 40 gallon tank. All my other fish had died and he was lonely :( Hence the move. I loved it b/c I got to see him everyday still…. like everyday I was always at Mike’s house.

    From there he grew to 4 times his size he grew so big that he ended up moving to a friend’s friend house who had a bigger tank (After about 4 year of living at my husband’s). He ended up living until I was 23, so you never know good to you Fred and Boo, I hope you have many good years together!

  2. Rocio says


    Just saw how dark your natural hair is….I LOVE IT! I think you’re beautiful with blonde, dark or no hair, but must admit that you look very sofisticated with dark hair! Happy New Year!

  3. Amy says

    Just came across your work today! What a beautiful inspiration you are for the world! Wishing you all the blessings of this world!!

  4. says

    Oh, I have so been there. My son is about Boo’s age and only in pre-k, which is two-and-a-half hours in the morning. The rest of the day I work and try to keep him occupied (he has a desk in my home office, too). he makes Spiderwebs (like the rel Spiderman) out of my scotch tape. He cuts up all my post-its and sticks “notes” inside my desk drawer.

    I am planning a blog post on what it’s like working from home with a little one around…because it sure is interesting. Hope you got some work done!

    Happy New Year!

  5. Lizzie says

    In June 2010, I got a goldfish from the fair. I thought he would maybe live a week. Maybe. Almost three years later, he’s still going strong!!

  6. shelley says

    I had a wonderful time with all of you especially Boo….. at the park, talking long walks as she learned about the many flowers on the way, learning the Bible stories and how they teach us to be like the Lord. Ashley is a great chef! Mr.LLB is a wonderful father and husband. You are a precious loving family. I am eternally blessed. mom

  7. Jo says

    Beautiful. Nothing beats all that imagination.
    Here in New Zealand it’s summer and the girls have from December 14 – February 4 off school. I’m going to have to get me a ‘monkey’. :)

  8. says

    Yep… my daughter was home 3 weeks too… my house still looks like a tornado/toy store/Christmas shop threw up in it…. while I am busy working through the after Christmas rush! :) :)