Boo wants to match Grace whenever she can. I found this cute outfit with matching American Girl dress at Kmart Online for $19…..steal. (here’s the link)

American Girl Clothes Matching (this was only $19!) via

So….I haven’t been in a K-Mart in about 10 years I think.  The dress is really well made and even Mr. LBB commented on how cute it was.  I found a few more online as well but I’ll share those when we get them and whether I’d recommend them.

P.S. I ordered the Med. It’s just a little tad big but fine over a long sleeve shirt.

P.P.S.  I decided to delay a few new patterns so that I can add American Girl-sized patterns with them. I’ll do anything to keep Boo interested in dolls for as long as possible…..


  1. Jen says

    So cute, I drive by a Kmart everyday on my way to work. I stooped in their for the first time in like 5 years right before Christmas. Just to buy cough drop drop, mt kindergartner talked me into 2 treats for him ( something for his lunch and a snack for school), I bought 2 Christmas presents and a treat for me…. darn Kmart, no wonder I don’t go there often, well that and it’s not a very nice one. Plus I have like 5 Targets in a 10 mile radius. I’m serious I’m not kidding.

    • Jen says

      Any ways reading this reminds me that I need to checkout Kmart tomorrow… maybe I’ll go the nicer one though……

  2. Darci says

    Anyone else out there that thinks a size 7-16 sounds strange? How could one dress possibly fit that range of sizes?

    • says

      Yes I thought so too! If you click “Med” that is what you are ordering…..for some reason then it just puts a range of sizes up. The tag on the dress says Med (7/8) so I assume the Large would be 9/10 and the XL the next size up?

  3. Kayla says

    Sears merged with (or bought out) Kmart a little while ago and since then their products have gotten a lot better. : )

  4. Allie says

    I love the pps part. Yay! I’ve attempted doll versions of the leggings and tie back dress but a real pattern would be so much better–thank you!

  5. Anne says

    You’re going to include matching AG doll dresses? Smart lady! I only have boys, but my prediction is that your line of AG clothing will be a HUGE success. People go nuts for that stuff.

  6. Jennifer says

    So sad that the dress set is no longer available at Kmart. It seems some ebaying women have poached them and are charged $29.99 for them now. Sigh!

  7. says

    Yeap… it’s gone! Was going to buy for my niece for her Birthday – not to worry… will see if there are other cute dresses there. Like how you said it was nice quality – not always possible to know from a photo! Thanks for sharing.