Classic Ruffle Pants PDF Pattern for Girls and 18″ Dolls

Classic Ruffle Pant and Capri PDF Sewing Pattern (Pattern for 18" American Girl Style doll too!) by  #diy #tutorial #americangirl


The Classic Ruffles are great for layering, lounging, and any occasion. Pattern includes options for a yoga style or elastic waist, hem or no hem, and pant or capri length.

Classic Ruffle Pant and Capri PDF Sewing Pattern (American Girl matching clothing pattern) Now Available by  #diy #tutorial #americangirl

Some feedback from our testers:

“Love the pattern! It’s a great way to sew comfortable ruffles with knit.”

“The sizing was perfect. Pants usually run a little short but these were slightly long and easy to hem so she won’t outgrow them.”

“Love the options for a yoga waistband or an elastic waistband.”

“LOVE the pants pattern!!!!! I need to make about 10 more for this kid! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!”

“A quick sew and easy to put together!”


Classic Ruffle Pant PDF Sewing Pattern (American Girl size available too) by  #diy #tutorial #americangirl

Matching 18″ doll pattern too!

American Girl Style 18 inch Doll Ruffle Pant PDF Sewing Pattern (12M to 12 Year Girl size available too) by  #diy #tutorial #americangirl

The Classic Ruffle Pants
The Classic Ruffle Pants for 18″ Dolls


Photography by:

Monika McSweeney
Paint the Moon
Brenda Acuncius
Bebe Gear



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  1. Chris says

    It would be nice if at least the two pattern PDFs were combined. I honestly don’t mind the instructions being separate from the pattern pieces, but, I’d much prefer not to have to open two separate files just to print the pattern (I’ll combine them here- I know not everyone has that option, though).

    But, more importantly, page 3 of the pants pattern is stuck on page 3 of the waistband pattern, too- should delete that so it doesn’t cause any confusion. :)

    I’m very happy to add the pattern to my collection, though! Thanks- can’t wait to get to it tonight!

    • says

      Yes sorry Chris! Somehow the PDF kept an extra page and I thought it had been deleted. Thanks for the catch…’s been fixed. Thanks for the feedback. I kept the patterns separate since the elastic waist is also an option and I try to save people as much ink as possible. I could add a combined version but I’m afraid it would be too confusing :)

      • Chris says

        Ah- gotcha on the separate files. I had my husband combine it all for me, so I’m happy. I really do love having the instructions as their own PDF- so, yay there! 😉

        Everything printed up nicely and fit together perfectly (as usual), I’ll be whipping up pants tonight! I’ve really been looking forward to this one- thank you!