How to Make Photo Pillows

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These might look familiar. I’ve made them before….but I made a few more.  I love making photos into pillows, sachets, paperweights….they make perfect gifts….and I even use them as pattern weights.

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The full tutorial can be found here…..but here’s the process overview in photos:

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Boo took these photos….my apprentice haha. I filled  few of these with rice and added some scented oil for my clothing drawers:


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So many good memories:

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Boo Cash with her guitar there:

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A nice linen makes the pillows a little nicer heirloom quality:

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For smaller pillows it’s harder to turn them right side out once with t-shirt transfer has been applied but I like the distressed finished it gives them. To do that on larger pillows just crinkle the pillow cover up before filling it:

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That silhouette photo of Boo is one of my favorites ever:

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It looks great on a pillow:

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Fun to pile up in a basket by the couch:

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Click below to view the entire process tutorial:

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  1. says

    Sooooo cute! I made photo pillows for my friends when we graduated high school with 4 or 5 photos on one pillow of our treasured times. Fun to see the same concept re-imagined in these sachet / bean bags. Might have to try this!


  2. Judy says

    Ashley – I have loved these since your first post of them — I know you say inkjet printer … I only have laser — does the transfer paper work with a laser printer?

    also – I was so glad to hear of your good report and my heart ached for the man you encountered at your visit — I try hard to not let people feel invisible! Thanks for sharing – :)

  3. Judy says

    I had to redeem myself after asking the inkjet question — I think that was an ‘i couldve had a v8 moment!’ ha — I just buy the transfer paper for laser printer vs an inkjet!! :)

  4. Jenn @ You know... that blog? says

    Love these! I have some great pictures of my kids I’d love to use for this idea!

    Hey – I notice I can’t right-click on your links. Would you mind adding the following to your links:


    This is so I can stay on the main blog post and open up the link in a new tab to read after I’m done. It makes life so much easier! Well… on me, anyway 😉

    Thanks! Have a super day!