I Caught You a Delicious Bass

My last two collections were hard…..harder than I ever let on…..because it’s not easy to work when you don’t feel well…..let alone feel inspired.  I remember last spring being in a fabric warehouse, unable to make it up a flight of stairs…..my legs buckling…..I had to sit down right where I was.  I was frustrated that my body was failing me. I was embarrassed that I had to ask people for help. I wondered if the chemo drugs were killing off my creativity right along with everything else.

Today I spent all day in L.A.  I walked up that same stairwell….in that same warehouse.   I visited my favorite peeps to see what new things they had.  I crawled on concrete floors to find the best stuff.  I fought over prices.  I ate my favorite vegetable chow mein at Paul’s Kitchen.  I carried around my little inspiration book full of things I love and wandered for hours:

I found some stuff…..for birthday dresses….for a rainy day……for a second edition of the I Love You dress…..as much as the Prius would hold.


And then…..I found glittery elastic at Target Trim:

These arrived this afternoon from some awesome friends….if 8 dozen tulips aren’t the perfect inspiration for spring I don’t know what is:

As I drove home from L.A. I just kept getting more and more excited: there WILL be a Lil Blue Boo Spring 2013 collection. Stay tuned for a release date in the next few weeks.

Sorry, I didn’t actually catch you a delicious bass…..it just seemed like the right title for this post….based on my random post title generator (that I should invent).


You got like three feet of air that time.

-Napoleon Dynamite


  1. says

    Ashley, it must have been unbelieveable to have an inspiration filled day….all while remembering just where you’ve been in the last year! GOD IS GREAT!!!! May he continue to hold you in His arms. :)

  2. Patty says

    And your sister was with you last year too, right?
    I know Target Trims would be my favorite place ( in the whole world! )
    Jump right in and have fun with spring 2013-

  3. says

    I get so jealous every time you post about going fabric shopping. To be that close to such amazing fabric just isn’t fair to the rest of us! I wonder if there’s any way I could convince the Mr. that I NEED to fly over to LA just to get fabric? It IS a bit far from DC though . . . Maybe I should just go to New York ; )
    Can’t wait to see what you create with all those goodies!

  4. Bev says

    Awesomeness at its finest!!! So happy the back of the Prius looks like that – almost want to frame the picture of a symbol of choosing joy 😉

  5. Janet says

    Way to pack the Prius!!! I’m so happy to read this post, delighted with your reminder that things change(usually for the better), we bounce back, we move on, and we reach out and lend a hand to those around us so they are reassured, inspired, and brought forward along with us, on our joy filled journey through life.

    Thank you once again, Ashley, as even though I am not allowed the time to craft something of my own today, you have allowed my mind the joy of perusing your fabulous and fun finds and think, “I could make xxxxx with that for Yyyyy!”

    Smiles to you today and always!

  6. Mary ann says

    This week we headed to Napa. I wore Choose Joy while wine tasting and was thankful to be healthy and strong. Hugs, I am glad you are too dear one.

  7. Melissa says

    You’re just jealous because I’ve been online chatting with hot babes ALL DAY. Hoping you have more “hot babe” days than uninspired days!