Party in a Box: A Birthday Lunch

I asked Boo what her teacher usually does for kids’ birthdays in her class…thinking I should do something.

Boo’s reply: Oh nothing.  She  just sings Happy Birthday.

Well that’s easy.

Then yesterday her teacher said: I asked Boo what her mother usually does for the class for her birthday and she said you usually don’t do anything.

I told her teacher we had both been thrown under the bus.  But maybe Boo didn’t want us to do anything for her?

We finally talked Boo into doing ice cream cups for the class…..because she should take advantage of the fact the she gets to choose the treat this time!

Why? Because Boo does not like any of the following:

chocolate cake
chocolate ice cream
…..anything chocolate.

She also doesn’t like:

most candy.

Strange I know.  That means she usually doesn’t eat anything that the other kids bring to school to celebrate.

So today is Boo’s 6th birthday. I had scraps left over from wrapping her presents last night so I used them to wrap up her lunch box items this morning.  I made a ton of confetti (which I’m sure the teacher will love) using a butterfly shaped hole punch.  I also included a party straw and wrapped her bottled water with a decorative label….her own personal party pack as she eats at her desk today:

Party in a Box:

Party in {lunch} Box: Gift-Wrapped Birthday Lunch with Confetti, Party Straw etc via

I didn’t wrap them that well……very loose and easy to rip apart. I didn’t want her struggling to open it all if she was hungry!

Oh, and vanilla ice cream cups are being delivered for a special treat at lunchtime.

We are having a little party for her this weekend. Can’t wait to start sharing all the things I made for it……


Last year was the Krispy Kreme Donut Party.


Krispy Kreme Doughnut Party via

……any guesses as to this year’s theme?



  1. letters numbers and books oh my says

    I can’t wait till march 13th so I can do this for my little giggle girls 7th birthday!!!!!

    thank you for posting this!!!!

  2. Elisa F. says

    Happy 6th Anniversary (of motherhood) to you, Ashley! Boo Hack is a spectacular child and you’ve done an amazing job ~ congratulations!

    And Happy Birthday Boo!

  3. Stacey says

    Tomorrow is my birthday and I wish that my day would be special like Boo’s. I hope she had an awesome day!!! You are such an inspiration, and I hope that more people take the time to make birthdays something extroidinary. At 36 though I wish that my mother would not insist on taking the day off, and I wish that my dad would just remember. Happy birthday Boo!

  4. Helenanne Judisch says

    Today was my husband’s birthday. Wish I had seen this last night. I so would have gotten up in the middle of the night to wrap his lunch box items in birthday paper. (he packs his own lunch the night before) Hope Boo had a memorable birthday. Vanilla ice cream sounds like a great treat!

  5. shelley says

    Boo is so blest to have such a wonderful loving mom and dad!! I love the birthday lunch! You are amazing and I am so proud of your love and all you do. I love you eternally, mom

  6. Joy T. says

    What a precious idea for a birthday lunch!!! That’s so sweet! I definitely need to remember this one for my kids birthdays. Thanks for always having a fresh perspective!

  7. Jennifer Goldberg says

    Love the birthday lunch idea. I seriously am so uncreative. I hope she has a great birthday party. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOO !

  8. June K says

    Too funny how Boo threw both of you under the bus. Hey, I think Boo is lucky she does not like all those goodies you mentioned. She will never have to worry about too many sweets in her life. Unfortunately, other than the soda I love all those you listed. If I could cut some of those out of my life I know I would lose weight.

    Happy Birthday, Boo!

  9. Krista says

    Wow that is ingenious! What a great way to make her feel special and all the other kids jealous that her lunch is wrapped up like presents. I would have loved this when I was a kid, I cared more about the unwrapping than the actual present. I’ll have to remember this when my son’s b-day comes around in November.

    No clue on what the party could be based on, I’m sure it’s out of the box though. Can’t wait to see.

  10. Jane says

    My daughter’s birthday is August 21, she was born the day before our 15th wedding annivesary. She was allowed to invite the number of guests that was her age that year. When she was 6 she had a tea party and the young ladies came dressed in their “finery” which was dressup negligees mostly. I dressed up in a long skirt and served tea and cakes. She really looked forward during the year to being able to invite one more friend to her party the next year and it was a source of thought and planning throughout the summer. In fact, she would get so excited she could barely contain herself when the day would arrive because she had thought so much about it. Miss those days!!! She is 27 years old now…

  11. gina says

    Happy Birthday Boo!
    I was also going to guess American Girl Tea Party! =)

    Love the idea of wrapping their lunch – what a nice bday surprise!

  12. Amy says

    I love your ideas. And I have NO clue what you have up your sleeve for her b-day, but I can’t wait to hear!