The Epitaph

Mr. LBB found a little hummingbird in the driveway today….clearly in distress.

Boo insisted it was a little girl. Ugh, nothing hurts my heart more than a sweet little creature in distress.  I called the zoo hospital down the street but they were closed.  Mr. LBB researched what to do for an injured hummingbird. He filled a hummingbird feeder with sugar water and coaxed her to drink when she was calm. We did everything we could to keep her safe and comfortable.

We checked on her this afternoon and she had gone to heaven. We gave her a proper burial.

Boo: Can we dig her up and see if she’s still there? To see if God took her to heaven?


Her little grave is right next to our St. Francis statue.  Boo insisted that we not name her but wrote on her tombstone:

I Loved This Hummingbird.

I  Loved this Hummingbird via

Laying on the couch with Mr. LBB a little later I heard her say “It hurts right here Daddy” pointing to her heart.

I told Boo that the best thing that could have happened to that sweet little bird was to be loved by her…..even if for just a few hours.


As an aside:

Boo: Why does our St. Francis statue have his head cracked open?

Me: Well, a few years ago someone took it, then returned it a few weeks later……with the head glued back together.

True story.


  1. carolyn says

    A hummingbird? I believe in signs and you are in the midst of seriously signage. Don’t know what it all means but I think it is your dad. Mine gives me lots of signs too. Sending warm thoughts to the boo family.

  2. Ruby Lynn Schmer says

    Second hummingbird…

    I’m with Boo, it hurts. Don’t like to see animals suffer, little fluffy one was lucky to have her love.


  3. says

    Oh my goodness, these hummingbirds in your life have to mean something.

    That was so sweet of you all to try and nurse her back to health and give her a burial. You are teaching you kiddo some major lessons in kindness….

  4. Ellie says

    I can so relate to this story. Our kids tried to save a wild canary that our cat caught and I told them to let it be, but they made her drop it. They took care of it all afternoon, but it later died that evening. They were so sad! So we explained the circle of life to them and sometimes that’s the way things must happen and had they left it alone the poor little bird would not have suffered so long.

  5. Natasha says

    I have been reading about your hummingbirds, special and not a coincidence that is for sure. I will say I have had the same thing happen after I lost someone close, to me it was a sign from the Holy Spirit comforting me in a visual way, to reassure me that God is here for me. That He has not left me in this hard time. Like a confirmation.

    Blessing on you and our family! She is a sweety!

  6. Virginie says

    such a lovely story here!

    it’s not random and a second hummingbird. I’m quite new here.

    When a hummingbird is around, it will bring joy and healing.
    Hummingbirds are sign of joy and love of life. It aims at Beauty. It reminds us that it is good to thrive on the child at heart we have inside us and that we should look at the world in amazement.

    This is such a beautiful thing you did with your little Boo. She is such a cute lovable girl :-)