Happy Easter from our family to yours!  There were 4 services at church this morning…..I couldn’t talk them into the sunrise service so 9:15 was a compromise:


Last year, and the year before, Boo cried in children’s church when Jesus died on the cross.  They show a little film and afterwards the teachers let me know that she’d gotten emotional.

Boo: It’s just too sad for me.

I was a little worried this year but after church she came out excited and told us: Did you know Jesus knows how many hairs are on my head?

Last night, before I went to bed I remembered at the last minute that I had to do an Easter basket.  Boo probably wouldn’t have even remembered…..she was too excited about church. I threw together a basket with some things from around the house:

Boo’s comments on the Easter Bunny’s work:
Why did he use your old basket?
Doesn’t he know I don’t like jelly beans?
I got this same egg from my teacher!  (oops….same egg)
I think he took this toy from your junk drawer mom.
Awesome….I got some money!

Then I saw a friend at church with her son and apparently the Easter Bunny had forgotten their house and was going to come back tonight.  He must be off his game.


Last week was Boo’s spring break. We spent a lot of time working on school stuff and LBB but took some time off to swim and play with friends.  Our matching pool coverups:

I’ve been watching The Bible on the History Channel.  The simplicity of the filming, lack of effects, makes it easy to imagine yourself there. During each episode I wonder what I would have done if I had lived in that time….what would I have believed? Would I have laughed at Noah as he built his ark? Would I have followed my crazy uncle Abraham to the promised land?  At one point Boo tearily commented “Poor Abraham, no one believes him….”

I let her watch the non violent parts….and I love the commentary:

Moses should just tell pharaoh that God isn’t invisible….you just can’t see him on earth.

And she cried seeing Jesus for the first time…..and I had to explain that the one on the screen was just an actor. Then she wanted to be reassured that’s what Jesus really looked like (I agree…he’s a cute Jesus).

Boo: Jesus messed up his own prayer…..
Me: Well some people say “trespasses” and others say “debts”…it’s right both ways.


Me: Have you ever heard God speak to you?

Boo: No…..but Grandma has….

Me: She has? How do you know?

Boo: She told me. When you were little, no one could find you, and they thought you had drowned in the lake. God told her to look under a table…and you were asleep under it.


I learn something new every day.


  1. Kayla says

    Happy Easter to you! I really enjoyed reading your post this evening..who am I kidding.. I enjoy reading your post every evening. God Bless you and your family : )

  2. Bev says

    I love that! Boo is so sweet and you can tell she is so compassionate. That is classic that you were asleep – I used to hide in the kitchen cabinets and eat cereal from the box. Once, my Papa was in charge and he fell asleep in his chair. When my Nanny came home and they couldn’t find me they thought I had wandered out into the fields and had already called neighbors and police to help look for me. My uncle said he felt like I was in the kitchen and they found me clutching the cereal fast asleep.

  3. gina says

    Love this post and the little peek into your personal life! You have a beautiful family!
    Happy Easter!

  4. ira lee says

    i love this!!! after easter service when my son was 4 he came home and drew a picture of jesus on the cross. we had watched a small clip at church where jesus was on the cross and there was lightning and storm clouds. his picture was complete with little lightning bolts. it still hangs on the fridge- 4 years later!!

  5. Theresa says

    Beautiful, Ashley. Our girls were much more excited about church than their baskets, too. Oh, and my youngest gave her heart to Jesus yesterday morning. For real. :) 3.31.13. It will be a day I never forget!

  6. says

    Happened with my son when he was two. I was hysterical when we couldn’t find him anywhere yet I knew he couldn’t have gotten out of the house. I was looking in the garage etc. LOL Then we found him asleep under the table. He had been sitting at the table and just laid down in the chair beside him and fell asleep. Then I remembered he had been sitting at the table. If I had calmed down and prayed I might have heard God telling me to check there. Love when God speaks to us. Boo is so adorable. Love your Boo stories. My grand-daughter (8) keeps bringing me her tablet to show me cool stuff she’s found. I just had to watch Mario teach dance steps and now this one is a guy playing the flute. the g-kids crack me up.

  7. Ellie says

    Love Boo’s comentaries! I also watched The Bible and had tears in my eyes. Even tho we know the story so well, every Good Friday brings sadness for me knowing how He suffered just to save our sorry souls and every Easter morning brings happiness! My 4 yr.old granddaughter sang “Jesus is Alive Today”, a song she learned in Pre-School. :)

  8. Susan (aka: oooold Granny) says

    love, love, love this post…you and I would be great friends! Happy Easter to you and yours! :)

  9. says

    Ashley, I love this. Boo is so spiritually sensitive! Seriously, she’s amazing! You better brace yourself girl…she might run off to the mission field someday! ha!

    You look SO GOOD and SO HEALTHY. I am so happy for you. Really wish I could hang out with you every now and then. I loved our time together at snap with Shari too…big hugs to you!

  10. shelley says

    Thank-you so much for leading her to the Lord, sending her to a TRUE Christian school, and writing about your wonderful life!!! Boo is truly in touch with the Lord…her little spirit is not so little! She is wise beyond her years!!
    I don’t remember telling her the story about you, but I am so glad I did!! We could”t find you bc the table had a long table cover on it and you were not seen!!
    What a joyous day…we thought you were dead,but you were alive!! A little like Jesus story of life!! “I have no greater joy than to know you walk with the Lord”, 3John2….grandma

  11. says

    You are definitely raising Boo right. The best way to raise your children is for Eternity. Thumbs up to your and the Mister!