This Little Piggy

We went to our friends’ anniversary party today and they had a little petting zoo… took me forever to catch this little piglet and it squealed so loud I think I may have nightmares. Seriously have you ever heard a piglet squeal?  I held it so gently and whispered in its little ear (as if I were the pig whisperer)….but it still shrieked and I’m sure the translation was “crazy lady torture!”  But the babies were so darn cute I had to hold one.  I even gave each of them a little dip in the water so they’d keep cool and helped them make a little mud bath.

Oh and then Boo braved the mechanical bull.  So did I but I’m not sharing those photos.  I think I may have dislocated a few things.


P.S. The Rainbow dress I’m wearing is from a cute little line in Greece called Heel. that a friend introduced me to.  Quirky and fun!


  1. Jeannette says

    We farm, and used to raise hogs. Yes, those little ones can make a lot of noise! The worst, however, is when the mama (sow) is separated from her babies. Oh, my! Blood-curdling screams! I always felt bad for them when they had to be weaned. You brought back some memories. The piglets are sure adorable, though. Looks like a fun day!

  2. Johane says

    Hi, When I saw your dress, I immediately though of a lady (www.oursonnylife) who had lost her son and who lately, while traveling abroad, had tried to have a birthday cake with a rainbow for her lost one. I don’t know where you purchased that dress or (maybe you just made it), but I believe one shall be send to her. Johane

  3. kristin says

    They they are – I can see your legs in this picture (as opposed to the Insta shot)!! 😉