10:25 a.m. at the McDonald’s Drive Through:

Me: Can I order lunch?
MD: Not until 10:30.
Me: Well, can I order lunch and then just wait?
MD: No sorry.
Me: Ok, then just a diet coke please.


…..5 minutes pass waiting for the cars ahead of me…..


10:30 a.m. at the McDonald’s Window:

MD: $1.08 please.
Me: Can I add to my order?
MD: Yes.
Me: Does your clock say 10:30?
MD: Yes.
Me: Great it’s lunchtime now.


I’m a rule follower. And now I’m happy….with my faux Chic-Fil-A sandwich….because we don’t have a Chic-Fil-A within at least 50 miles of the desert.

faux-chic-fil-a via lilblueboo.com



  1. Gweny says

    chicken sandwich for breakfast.. or is this your lunch? lol I take it your not a breakfast food eater except for donuts lol ..

  2. says

    I just saw on the news this evening that someone (Sorry, I forgot!) took issue with the cut off time for breakfast and McD’s is considering serving breakfast all day. I’d love that! I’m a sucker for the Bacon/Egg/Cheese Biscuit. :)

    I love sandwiches, pizza and most anything for breakfast so I’m with you!


  3. Karen C says

    I don’t drive, and in our small town we have a Hardee’s or Pizza Hut. Not much choice for eating out. I wish we had a McD’s. Sigh.
    And chicken for 10:30am sounds great to me.

  4. Bonnie says

    Ours will not serve lunch until 11 am, and not a minute sooner… But stops serving breakfast at 10:30….ugh.

  5. Jenny says

    I order the same sandwich for the same reason. So glad my husband is interviewing for a job in a town with chick fila in the morning. We just arrived and already stopped there.

  6. Kati says

    Oh goodness…..slow drive thru!!!! And you NEED a Chick-Fil-A…….sounds like a business opportunity to me!!!