A Placemat Survey

One of our favorite places to eat locally in the desert is Haus of Pizza.  I love the paper placemats and the red plastic Coke cups. I prefer restaurants like this….fancy restaurants give me anxiety.  As a family we always play hangman or Pictionary on the back of the placemats.  Yesterday I did a family survey and recorded everyone’s answers into columns.

our family trivia survey via lilblueboo.com


A few things I learned from this:

1. Mr. LBB loves lasagna. I had no idea. I think I’ve made lasagna once in 20 years.
2. I am the non-sport minority. While Mr. LBB and Boo love basketball, my favorite sport to watch comes on every 4 years: the Olympics…..and my favorite sport to play is table shuffleboard.
3. Boo cannot distinguish a TV show from a movie. When told she couldn’t pick Ironman as a TV show she cried….so I made an exception.
4. Mr. LBB has been watching too much Live Free or Die Hard with Boo because Bruce Willis was the only actor he could come up with.
5. If Boo could pick anywhere to visit it would be the Statue of Liberty.
6. Mr. LBB’s favorite animal is a dinosaur….and I don’t know how to spell “velasaraptor.”

Me: What if we won the lottery….what would you buy first?
Mr. LBB: Our house. I’d pay off the mortgage.
Me: Well since you already bought the house, I’d buy books.
Boo: I’d buy an American Flag.

Ok number 1: this is really sad that we don’t have an American Flag.  Number 2: even sadder that Boo thought we’d need to win the lottery to afford one. We decided we need an American Flag for the house….but we’ll wait until after the Mountain Fire has been put out because it will just get covered in ash right now.

Here are the questions we answered last night.  I’ll keep it for future reference and do another survey in a month or so to see if anyone’s answers change.  I put it on Instagram too (@lilblueboo) so you can find it easily.

A Placemat Survey via lilblueboo.com (fun family activity for restaurants)

I’ll make a follow up survey….any questions you’d add?

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  1. says

    This is awesome! I remember making a list like this for my dad and I to fill out on our hour long drive to music lessons may years ago! :) I’m going to have to do this with my husband soon!

  2. Christi says

    1. If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?
    2. Favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
    3. Favorite ice cream flavor?

  3. shelley says

    I love your questions, too, Christy. If I were invisible I would go into the Oval Office in the White House and take notes on the President and his daily life. I would also snoop all around Congress and Senator to take notes on why they can’t get anything done!!! God have mercy on us!!!

  4. Barb says

    I found a nice, sturdy, reasonably-priced flag at Target. It came with a sturdy wall bracket, which holds it securely, even on very windy days.

  5. Jane says

    My daughter lives in Asheville, NC and used to work at the Biltmore Inn. I took her through the Biltmore Mansion when she was 10 and she didn’t remember it. I was so surprised since she loved playing princess etc. I love recognizing the Biltmore Mansion in movies. When my daughter worked there she would tell me when they were shooting movies, commercials, etc. on the property. Very exciting, especially decorated for Christmas.

  6. kariane says

    I had to write to tell you… I read this post awhile ago and just remembered it. The other night, I was out with the kids at dinner. The coloring placemat was quickly losing it’s appeal and I was just about out of aminated tic-tac-toe games…. Then I remembered this post about the questions. I just made up my own… The kids LOVED it. I was even surprised by some of their answers. Thankfully, since we live in Alaska they’d both rather live in the snow than at the beach and both of them would rather live in an RV than our house… Interesting. Anyway, I wanted you know and THANK YOU for sharing your idea.