Make a Wood Toy Camera

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Today I made a little wood pretend toy camera.  Pink.  With a real leather strap. For my little tourist:


It’s modeled off my Holga camera….with a viewfinder:

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I’ve always wanted to make a little toy camera but never had the right tools. Dremel asked me recently to review their Moto Saw (a compact scroll saw) this was my first project choice (among 4,000 others on my list of course)! I used a scrap piece of wood and sketched my little camera:

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The Dremel Moto Saw took only about 5 minutes to set up….and it attaches to almost any table as an instant jigsaw.  I love that I can just pop it back into it’s case and it goes back into storage until the next project:

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I should have cut on a sample piece of wood first just to get a feel for the machine but I still think it turned out pretty good!  The trick is to go really slow…..especially on your corners.

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For the viewfinder I drilled 4 holes to mark the corners:

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The blade pops out easily so it can be moved inside the wood piece:


After I cut out my camera I sanded all the edges. A nail file is the perfect little detail sander!

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The other pieces I used for the camera are in the picture below. They are all random craft wood pieces that I had laying around. Look around for other things you might be able to use that resemble camera parts…maybe a metal jar lid….buttons etc. I used a wood jar lid, a small wood spool, a large wood toy wheel and a tiny wood toy wheel.


I attached my “lens” with screws and painted the pieces pink:


All the other pieces were painted black:


I used a black acid-free pen to draw my camera detail but you could also use little alphabet stamps:


All the other pieces were glued onto the camera using industrial glue. Then I sprayed the entire camera with a satin clear varnish:


Great as a toy, photo prop or even decor!

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It looks so cute in my camera cabinet:

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I decided to add a camera strap too….I cut apart an old leather belt:

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The strap was attached with screws that I spray painted black:

Takes imagination but Boo has no problem with that! I wish I could borrow some from her!

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I started a new pin board today with power tool projects!


Product Sources:

Dremel Motosaw

1/2″ Wood Spool

Wood Bean Pot (I used the lid)

2 3/4″ Flat Wood Wheel

3/4″ Wood Wheel


A big thanks to Dremel for helping make this project happen! And guess what….they are giving away a Dremel Moto Saw to one lucky reader!

To enter all you have to do is answer the following question:

What would you make using the Dremel Moto-Saw?

Tell me about a project you’ve been wanting to make…or maybe one you think I should make…in a comment below and you’ll have the chance to win a Moto-Saw tool of your own!

One random winner will be picked on July 20, 2013 at 9am Pacific.
U.S. Entries only please.

THE WINNER IS # 22: Christy H.


Dremel Moto-Saw: How It Works
::The first saw of its kind with a detachable coping function, for handheld use!
::Slim, ergonomic and lightweight design (total kit weight of 2.4 pounds)
::Easy to use for first-time scroll saw users who want to work on creative projects at home
::Fast Clamp Base easily attaches to tables, benches and other work surfaces
::Packs up into a compact case for easy storage under a bed or in a closet – perfect for apartment dwellers, or homeowners without a basement or attic


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  1. Isabela says

    I would give it to my husband who would love to use it on various projects around the house. He has wanted one for a long time now. I would really love to surprise him.

  2. Jennifer Leippert says

    I’m not sure which section to post my comment…. so I’m going to copy and paste what I wrote up top in case that wasn’t where I was supposed to write it :)

    I would make a decorative top to the ribbon cabinet I just made last weekend! I would also make some embellishments for my wood pallet signs :)

  3. Candee Weeks says

    I’m a major crafter. I would love to add a dremel to my power tool collection. It would be nice to stop borrowing our out sourcing. :)

  4. Skittle says

    I think I would first try my hand at toy cars for my nephew. Seems like a very cool tool.

  5. Susie Mc says

    This saw would be so great for my small home. That is amazing that it can attach to any table. I’ve been wanting to make a lettered sign, so that would be project numero uno. It would be fun to cut out shapes and let the kids imagination goo!

  6. Fawn says

    I have been wanting to make a custom shaped chalkboard for some interest in my kitchen. This is the tool I have been looking for!

  7. Misty M says

    Oh where would I start?!?! Seriously, I have a gazillion project ideas jumping around in my head that I would love to play around with! For starters…maybe the decorative photo frames that are all of the rave these days…you know, to display pics of my super-d-cute kiddos in 😉

    Thanks for sharing your fun little camera!!! Lookin’ forward to many more fun projects that you share!!!

  8. Rach Johnston says

    I would make a lot of projects, but starting with some pieces of wood my husband wants for his boat, and then move on to pretend car outlines for my son and then pretend house shapes for my girls.

  9. Jenni says

    Oh! The list is long of things I’d make with one of those! I think that I’d start by cutting out some fun shaped picture frames that I’ve seen out there until I because less intimidated to try some finer cuts and then watch out world! (insert maniacal laughter here!) :-)

  10. Denise says

    Just yesterday I saw a table decoration for Fall in the store and thought, “Oh, I could make that, if only I had a saw.” I even took a picture of it so I could attempt to recrerate it, if only I had a saw!

  11. Jean says

    So many projects for this one! I think the first thing would be a fancy headboard for a bed for my daughter’s American Girl doll. Then there are tons of toys, puzzles, and home décor items that I’ve looked at over the years and thought, I wish I had a saw so I could make that!

  12. Gina says

    I would give it to my husband who is an avid r/c airplane modeler! There is no end to the control panels, plane accessories, etc. he could make. And when he got really skilled, I have some dollhouse items just waiting to be made!

  13. says

    I have been wanting a jigsaw for a long time!!! Mostly to make wooden toys for my son but also to do holiday ornaments and decorations. I wonder if you could make wood lawn decorations with the Dremel?

  14. shelley says

    I always wanted a jigsaw when you were a kid. I didn’t have the courage to buy one. I am so glad Boo gets to see and use one someday soon. Love you, mom

  15. Christie R. says

    I would cut out some interesting shapes to use in mixed media projects. I could add them to canvas projects or make wood pieces to be the base of the projects!

  16. Christy H says

    I would love to win this and make a few of these cameras for my kids! Great tutorial.

  17. Carolyn Will says

    I would love the Dremel saw to build a set for my Christmas village houses.

  18. Stacey says

    I would make cute garden art like my grandpa used to do. Cats, pumpkins…he was always tinkering around in his garage.

  19. Lalitha says

    Wow! Thanks for the opportunity to win . I love making things ,mi think i would use it to make childrens toys.doll beds and cars also letters and frames.I can think of so many uses.

  20. Martine says

    I would buy this from you ! So beautiful done.
    Thanks and now finding someone who could make this for me.
    greetings from Belgium, Martine

  21. Roxsana says

    I would love to make some hot air balloons with little baskets for my little girl’ book corner…and maybe even a fairy door or two for the little people that are constantly visiting us…

  22. Tamara says

    I’d like to cut out shapes of wooden things that I could paint. It’s always fun to have a new tool that gives you the ability to create wonders. The ideas are endless! Thanks for the chance to win such a nice scroll saw.

  23. april says

    I would start with some bird shapes to place on the bird houses that real birds ignore :-). Darling camera. Thanks for the opportunity.

  24. Chris says

    I have a Dewalt 788 that I adore- scroll saws are really fun tools. I make lots of wooden toys for the kids- the camera is adorable, and my 3yo will go nuts for one.

    If you can afford going with a larger scroll saw, absolutely worth it- this little Dremel guy is pretty limited. But, it seems like a fun toy for a small investment- and I would love it if there was more women making sawdust!! :)

  25. Carol says

    I love the idea of a handheld saw that clamps to the table. It might work with wood molding to make custom sized frames for all the artwork I have sitting song the house. I can only imagine the potential. Too cool!