Rare Photographs

I found this great coffee table book at the thrift store….it’s a huge collection of rare American photographs and the history of photography:

When I saw this photo I knew I had to have it….to show Boo a REAL Sonora Webster. And to share with you all… since so many of you are fans of Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken! The caption reads:

Pueblo, Colorado, July 4, 1905. Eunice Winkless, a daring amateur who clung to the mane as the horse dived headlong to the pool of water below to claim her prize of $100.

(for some reason the slow-motion version in the movie seemed dreamier?)


A New York tenement in the 1880’s….home to ever-increasing numbers of people. Look at all that laundry!


A rural schoolhouse in Oregon. Two schoolgirls with their lunch pails:


Rag pickers in a New York street. Love all the posters in the background:


What are some of your favorite thrift store finds?


  1. Heather D says

    I have found a couple of beautiful pieces of art at thrift stores. One painting is a Japanese piece that’s over 100 years old,and I paid less than $5. Win!

    I also love to find cool vintage sheets for quilting. My favorite!

    • Lindsay says

      Fun fact! You may already know this, but if it’s truly that old, it’s radioactive! It’s the uranium they used in the orange paint. It’s not enough to hurt you, just enough to up the coolness :)
      Super jealous of your awesome find!
      <3 Lindsay

  2. says

    I love thrifting!! I get sheets, often vintage, to re-use to make new things. Usually clothes, but recently I re-covered my 3yr old’s chair and made a wonderful blanket for her that matches the recovered chair for her new “big girl” room. :)

  3. Tracey says

    Love books like this! My first stop at our thrift shop (after dropping off some donations…that’s my rule) is children’s books. Love old hardcover picture books from the 40’s-70’s, especially Little Golden Books.