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At night I think about things like: how is a Triscuit made? or how do they get that cherry goo in the perfect chocolate casing? …and I found this old article from 1987 with some great answers.

how triscuits and cheerios are made via



I’m having some serious creative envy right now. I love the lettering and illustrations of Mary Kate McDevitt:

The art of Mary Kate McDevitt via #illustration #typographyImages via Mary Kate McDevitt on Etsy



If you could read my recent placemat survey you might have noticed that my biggest fear is the ocean beyond the beach….yep, I don’t go in.  I don’t think I’d even venture in with this wetsuit….but maybe if Boo insisted on going in the ocean I’d outfit her with one.  Very cool invention via Mental Floss:

A Shark Suit via lilblueboo.comPhoto credit YouTube.



These hand drawn detailed murals are incredible by artist Charlotte Mann:

Charlotte Mann Mural via



I’ve talked about my obsession with orphaned photos before. Check out this film on Mark Kologi. Mark has collected and sold millions of forgotten personal photos of complete strangers.



American Blogger…a film in production. Follow along here at Casey Leigh: (Mr. LBB wants that Airstream!)

American Blogger Film via lilblueboo.comPhoto Source: Chris Wiegand on Instagram



Think outside of the “cardboard” box this summer with these great DIY toy ideas:

diy cardboard toys for kids via #diy #toys #tutorial #recycled



If you get a chance check out the new issue of Somerset Home (there’s an LBB project too!):

Somerset Home via



A roundup of girly party ideas on Babble:

Pretty Party ideas for girls via #parties #party

Updated: If I won the lottery I think I would splurge on this….just so I could stare at it’s miniatureness all day. An Underwood typewriter for ants:

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  1. Alice H says

    My dad watches a show on I think the Science Channel called How’s it Made. I watched it with him the other day and it was about making rubber gloves. So very interesting!

  2. Tk says

    Omg! Years ago I bought a photo album of family pictures of total strangers from a thrift shop, no one knew their background…they were way cool and very old, from when railroads were being built by hand. I envisioned myself reuniting it with descendants but I can’t make out the scant handwriting. Im nearly 40 and its one of my favorite things, but my mother gets the heebee jeebees from it LOL