Kind of a Casting Video

This was kind of a disaster. I was asked by a production company to put together a casting video and it ended up being 98% outtakes because that’s all I could get. I kept stumbling over my name, anytime I started filming someone would talk in the background, then my camera battery kept dying.

This could be a scene from the movie Fracture:

Anyways it ended up being “kind of” a casting video. I just gave up and put together a bunch of the clips and sent it in anyways.  Mr. LBB says that it’s an accurate depiction of what I would be like on camera so I guess that’s good.  Wait….this is me in real life?!  Can I get a redo?!

My favorite part is when Boo says her painting looks like a “Catfish”….. and when I yell in exasperation at Mr. LBB for interrupting me.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it. At least maybe it will show you more of my “in person” personality…..

Projects featured in this video can be found in the gallery below.


  1. Kathy H says

    that day i took my son over to meet you, we experienced the network crashing Ashley
    when everything was offline & we got the boot lol

  2. jamie says

    THAT VIDEO WAS A SUPER HAPPY LAUGHING PART OF MY DAY {i was scream typing that cause i loved it so much}

  3. Elisa F. says


    hahahaha! The entire thing is so funny, so dear, so perfect!

    The only thing I would change is to give us just 1 or 2 more seconds of you yelling at your husband for interrupting.

  4. Mel says

    FANTASTIC!! Always love to hear the voices behind the blogs I read regularly – makes me feellike I really know you instead of just blog stalking :-)

  5. Valerie Nelson says

    This was sooooo awesome!!!!! ha! Pretty much what I’d want to see in a casting video… real life!

  6. heather says

    I would so watch your show! I love the giraffe part and the husband interruption…too funny!

  7. Samantha says

    I love it because it shows what a creative life you lead (no one can fake that craft storage!) and makes me think your daughter has such a rocking childhood!

  8. June K says

    Love your voices – both Ashley and Boo’s. Loved the video. It was so much fun to watch and listen. :)

  9. Kari C says

    Holy smokes – this just makes me like you even more! And Boo too!

    Do know that I call my son (who is 9) Little Boo because I bought a baby blanket for him about 15 yrs ago (yes, I know 6 years BEFORE he was born) but it says Lil’Boo on it. So my email is boosmama103. So it’s great to know that someone else calls their little sweetie Boo as well.

  10. Julie says

    Love it! Boo is so cute. I used to fly planes, too! And…I wasn’t very good at it either 😉 But, I’m alive after those night solos! LOL 😉

  11. SusanIrene says

    What fun to watch. A tip…if you make another one, please show more of that sweet smile that we see atthe end.

  12. Joy T. says

    You’re beautiful in every way, thanks for keeping life’s real moments in your video! I think it is SO important to share real life with others as opposed to image perfected life only…. all the image perfected stuff just makes me feel totally inept! And we all know that those who appear perfect in every way are probably suffering inside. At least this is my excuse when my house is a mess and my kids are wearing yesterdays pajamas 😛

  13. says

    You’re too cute :) That’s exactly how I do my videos. I can’t get my name right neither :)
    PS. Amazing blog! I’m glad I found you :) Keep up a great job!

  14. susan says

    I just want you to rewind and show how you made the awsome art out of cereal boxes! Awsome!…..oh yeah and the Mona Lisa …..mind blowing. Who cares if you get tongue tied, you got talent coming up with great projects!!

  15. Karen Boyd says

    ” I used to fly planes but I wasn’t any good at it” LMAO!!! Ashley you are a scream! You are exactly as I imagined you to be…never change! <3

  16. Trisha Ashley says

    OMG….I was like, “oh this is pretty neat”, and I was watching it and thinking of how many cool moments you have on record for you daughter and her kids and their kids and so on and so on to watch one day, and then you said, “I used to fly planes…I wasn’t any good at it…” and I just busted out laughing for the next three minutes!!! Thank you!!! So hilarious!

  17. Betsy Cook says

    Are there directions anywhere for the cork giraffe. I would love to make it for my daughter.
    Thanks in advance
    I LOVED the video you and Boo are priceless

  18. Brittany says

    Have you ever been told that you sound like Ellen? Ellen DeGeneres that is.. If I closed my eyes I would have thought she was doing that video!

  19. says

    Oh my goodness I love this video. So cute and funny, quirky and you.
    Love it. Plus I love all of the crafting epicness you showed in this video. (somehow I don’t think that was a word…epicness, but it is now!) Thanks for sharing!

  20. Annie Danielson says

    This just makes me smile! Yes, being in front of a camera can level a girl! Thanks for just keeping’ it real! I’m gonna giggle every time I think about this!