You can tell a lot about a person

Saw this in my Guideposts this morning and it made me laugh….then cringe.  I’ve had some mixed reactions.  But I have learned the key to travel: never check anything in your luggage that couldn’t be replace with a quick trip to the mall.  If there’s anything that can’t be replace: carry it on.

Maya Angelou quote via


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  1. 1
    tahnie says:

    Ah, yes! So true.

    Thank you for this reminder as I pack up for a trip to the National Institutes of Health.


  2. 3
    Cerise says:

    I’ve learned, that while I’ve been traveling since I was 3 months old, I turn into a crazy, HUGE monster when luggage is lost.
    I have zero patience for very nearly everything…except untangling things (in my case mostly yarn), so I’m guessing I would be okay with holiday lights. :o )
    Rain…depends on the temperature. If it’s below 50 and it’s the type of rain that feels like ice and freezes the marrow of your bones…yeah not happy. But in the summer, when it feels as if it hasn’t rained in months (and in Texas is probably hasn’t), the rain is glorious. Even better if there is no thunder and lighting…and you and just run out and dance. I live for days like that. :o )

  3. 5
    Stephanie says:

    Well lost luggage when you have kids is kinda not fun at all.

    I love rain – it is actually raining right now. A big thunderstorm. I love those.

    Tangled lights… No comment

  4. 6
    Kelly says:

    Love rainy days, especially with a good book. It’s the perfect excuse to stay in with your nose in a book and endless cups of tea! Lost luggage, depends on where I am when it’s lost. I had to go to the Universty of Chicago for some horrible medical tests. I did my best impression of a howler monkey on the airline rep. When I was in the British Virgin Islands, hey I had my swimsuit and a toothbrush. What more did I need? By the way, I have found that when I wait long enough for my inner howler monkey to calm down before I speak, people can hear what I am saying. Who knew?

  5. 7
    Beth says:

    This quote makes me cringe and then get angry at the judgement I feel from the author…that definitely says too much about me! lol