What Boo Said – Best of 2013

So yes I keep track of almost every funny thing that Boo says.  Here are some of my favorites from 2013:

Random thoughts by Boo:

Just so you know……it takes 11 months to make a piano.

Do you think we should pray for the devil tonight?

Will you show me some bad drugs one day so if someone tries to sell me drugs I will know not to buy them?

Well you know what John McClain says: “no one’s going to die today.”

The great thing about James Bond is: he never loses.

If Johnny Cash is in heaven then he knows Grandpa.

Dear God, thank you for Iron Man 3, breakfast at Keedy’s, the bank, the Christian Bookstore and my water bottle.

Typewriters are the best invention since the computer!


Made me laugh out loud:

Me: This song reminds me of Brave.
Boo: I’m wearing Brave underwear.

Me: See this guy? He ran the Boston Marathon…he ran for 2 hours straight.
Boo: 2 hours?! without even TURNING?

Me: What should I pack in your lunch?
Boo: Oh I don’t know….chicken balls?

Boo: Oh my gosh….this is the cutest little trashcan!
Me: That is…..a thimble.

Me: Tell me one word that describes you.
Boo: Describable.

Me: Didn’t you want me to straighten your hair this morning?
Boo: No, it’s still too close to the first day of school. I don’t want to confuse anybody.


Sentences Boo wrote in school:


Mommy is going away via lilblueboo.com

I can blow it up via lilblueboo.com


Made me think:

Boo: If babies grow big into grown-ups, and grown-ups have the babies……then who had the FIRST babies?

Boo: I don’t understand….why would someone BUILD a Tower of Terror?!

On constellations:

Boo: Let’s go outside and see the Dipping Spoon.



And of course I couldn’t leave out the house tour (with the controversial gun comment):

And from her Tales from her Kindergarten Diary (find them all here):


And just sweet:

Mr. LBB: She’s a movie star….and he’s just a regular guy….like me.
Boo: Daddy…..you are NOT just a regular guy.

Boo: I think I’d like my room to be the color of your and Daddy’s room.
Me: It already is that color.
Boo: Oh….then….great job. I love it.

Me: I’m so sorry you are coughing so much!
Boo: Thanks Mommy….but it’s not your fault.


What Boo Said - Best of 2013


  1. says

    SO adorable and makes me wish I had a playlist of my boys snippets too- he’s such a connoisseur for words. The other day he described his inability to focus on eating his meal as because his mind was ‘constipated’ with excitement about an upcoming birthday party. Oh babies!

  2. Ramona says

    I love reading these! My favorite May be not wanting to confuse everyone at school. How does she think of these things!? Just love her.

  3. Ellie says

    Too funny!! So glad we get to do this twice…once with our kids and then with the grandchildren!! Babysitting last night: 5 yr old with stick of gum in her hand: “You’re the boss, so can I have this?” :)