Edited with Love

I have a confession to make…sometimes….when I see someone leaving snark after snark on someone else’s comments just for the heck of it….I just go in and edit them.  I’m the “editor” after all. I reserve the right to spam comments or leave them.

But I always leave them better than I found them.

New and improved.

And I always leave a trace.


How to deal with those meanie trolls: Edit with Love. via Ashley Hackshaw / Lil Blue Boo


The only photo I have of an actual troll is this one:


More comment and email love here.


  1. Ashley Williams says

    I really miss Email Love. Not that I want people to say nasty things to you, because that would mean I condone trollish type behavior, which I do not. But I still miss Email Love.

  2. says

    Ha ha! On the first.
    Waaaah! On the second! A drowned troll? I better not let my husband see that pic (yes, I show him your blog and yes! he loves it too!)
    My darling 10 y/o daughter has a pink haired troll. I love it (reminds me of mine when I was little) but my husband HATEs it! Says it creeps him out and is always staring at him! ha!
    I’m afraid the only inspiration this post would give him would be evil ways to do away with Darling Daughter’s troll!!!
    Not all trolls are evil. 😉 Just sayin’
    ha ha ha
    Love your positivity. Sorry for rambling. No sleep. Need more coffee.

  3. Dottie says

    Ditto to all the positive comments above! It’s uplifting to see someone making the world a better place just by spreading some joy. My hubby is battling Ca right now, winning at the moment (yay!) although there have been a lot of scary times in the last year – anyway, know that your Blog never fails to lift my spirits and hope. Rock on, Ashley!

  4. kathy in colorado says

    You know the feeling you get when you find something that you didn’t realize you misplaced and you go, “oh, I missed you!”…That’s how I felt today when I read your blog. I went back to work full time a little over a year ago and I guess I’ve just been busy….email love is a fave of mine….so good to have found you again!!