Today Boo is still on Spring Break. That means I’m going to have exactly one day to prepare for leaving for SNAP conference in Utah. I’m feeling a little pressure today.  I’ve been watching Boo prance around all morning in her new jean shorts that the Easter Bunny brought her.  She’d been asking for a pair.  She’d also been asking for Anne Frank’s diary.  The Easter Bunny brought her that too. I read her the first few entries last night and I started to get anxiety about the end….that the diary just ends one day and the next day the diaries are scattered through the Secret Annex, thrown aside as if they were trash.  Maybe I could just say “to be continued” when I get to the end.



I found this photo of me on Easter c. 1978ish. Remember the unwrapped chocolate bunnies?


My brother-in-law Jason was baptized yesterday so we went to church with him.  It was really special. Hope you and your family had a good Easter!



  1. says

    Happy Easter. My son is also very interested in Anne Frank and everything surrounding that time. We are heading to Amsterdam this Summer and I have tickets to visit the house. I will send his blog post to Sienna in late June xx

  2. alex says

    You were beautiful and inspiiring in amerrican blogger! I am smitten with the way you share your heart, and story with your readers. I have been encouraged to share my heart. I would be honored if you would follow along on my journey blogging my struggle with Huntington’s disease.
    have a blessed day,